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Roughly about mid-30s when he died





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An alias for a popular painter, 'Zura' or 'Nazo' joined the Order to protect his god. He was close friends with Dimitri up until his death.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Nazo, Zura-sho

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birthday: ENTER

Type: ESFJ


Blood Type: A-

Height: ENTER

Weight: ENTER

Build: Powerful and reserved, Zura has a slightly broader chest than most Echidnas, and this allows him to give the appearance of increased height

Residence: Geneve Atelier, Art District

Occupation: Artist, bodyguard, and member of The Order

Marital Status: Unmarried, but moved from tryst to tryst, until his death

Likes: A fresh clean canvas, the smell of linseed oil and fresh paint, lavender and other arranged flowers, the Byron Brothers

Dislikes: Party poopers, ugly people

Fears: Discovery as a cult member instead of his artistic identity

Hobbies/Talents: Painting, general amateur claywork, songwriting, history buff

Aspirations/Dreams: An easy world where the pressures and expectations do not overwhelm you, do not even matter, and all that is important is that you love and are loved...

Themesongs: OPTIONAL


Zura was trained in a long line of members of The Order, and was fully inducted as a teenager with an enviable build like a gymnast and boxer combined: powerful, broad, sleek, lithe, and in incredible physical shape. While all too eager to wrap himself up in the culture of the organization that he belonged to, he was forced to shape a mild and unassuming persona to blend into society. This was how a man who could arguably be a tank could end up as a simple painter.... Zura, however, managed to find happiness in such an at-odds occupation, and seemed to actually fit in well with it. Over the course of the years, Zura has proven himself both eager and accepting of his surroundings and position, and generally can find something positive in everything. However, should the situation merit it, he will gladly drop his easily assumed demeanor of placable and amicable personality and resume his calm and assassin-minded personality in protecting any of the soul-pieces. Ironically, he himself is one, and really oughtn't be doing this anyway... If Osa had his way, every soul-piece would have their deaths faked and remain under watch in the Order until they all convened.




Voice: ENTER

Balance: ENTER

Posture: Loose and casual, he doesn't look like a fighter, or even much of a threat at a casual glance.

Stamina: ENTER

Hearing: ENTER

Climbing: ENTER

Speed: ENTER

Strength: ENTER

Swimming: One of his exercises, Zura is an exceptional swimmer, and a certified lifeguard.

Computers: Everyone in Osa's group is at least rudimentarily acquainted with computers. While Zura is no hacker like Osa, he can at least shut certain things down or make issues more difficult for the enemy.

Driving: He drives like a maniac and loves to go at high-speeds, whether or not he is being chased.


  • Physical: Zura, despite being a 'mere' artist, had trained himself to the epitome of fitness, in order to protect and defend the Soul-Pieces of Enos-Jakosha. It was later found that this fanatic devotion stemmed from his own reincarnated soul of one of the slave-boy's pieces. He maintained his physique until his death.
  • Mental: ENTER
    • Intelligence: ENTER
    • Sanity: ENTER
    • Learned: ENTER
    • Critical Thinking: ENTER
  • Learned: ENTER
    • Book-smarts: ENTER
    • Street-smarts: ENTER
    • Wisdom: ENTER
  • Special: ENTER
    • Attacks: ENTER
    • Martial Arts: ENTER
    • Powers: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: He has pehnomonal reflexes, from years and years of practice. He drives like a professional racer, in fact, which was important in eluding one of their mysterious assassins early on.
  • Chaos: N/A



  • Physical: For Zura, his main problem was that he was a mere mortal working in the affairs of gods, no matter how strong a mortal he be.
    • General: ENTER
    • Ailments: ENTER
    • Allergies: ENTER
  • Mental: His mental shields were comparatively weak, and he was altogether receptive to Asura's advances, becoming the ideal shell for him.
  • Emotional: Zura was plagued with a curiosity that probably was his undoing. He succumbed to a smooth and soothing voice that promised many things, and eventually overtook him. Additionally, were it not for his devotion for Enerjak and Edmund, he would still be alive, and two other members would have probably taken his position, resulting in a very possible return of the Slave and Enerjak in his lifetime. Additionally, he made a major boo-boo of falling in love with Edmund instead of Dimitri - soulpiece same instead of his divine lover.
  • Learned: ENTER
  • Special: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: ENTER
  • Chaos: Does not actually bear Chaos power. He was briefly possessed by a being that did bear godly power and had great use of the Chaos Force.




  • Dimitri-Na - One of the reincarnations of his godly lover
  • Edmund-Na - One of the reincarnations of the slave-soul, like himself, and for a while, a lover


  • Asura-Ista - The strange voice that overtook him and made him a weapon against his own beloveds


Zura entered the Order as a way of protecting his younger friend.

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External InformationEdit

  • In the original B&D, Zura was described by one character in the introduction as having white fur, but by the character playing Zura, as having red fur. This was corrected in the transferred version.
  • After Zura's death, his soul was transferred about a few more times, with a great deal of 'soul limbo' in between, due to high selection, and eventually transferred to Dr. Zachary who sought out Dr. Finitevus as another soul piece.
  • The name Zura seems to be a personal favourite with Jack or some sort of Easter Egg cookie - The House of Zura and Zura labs are both also named the same...