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Common Appearance


Late 20s to 30s


Gender Neutral, Originally Presumed Male


Probable Echidna

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Comic Debut


A very aloof and mysterious internet entity, Z-Sama has set themself out as a formidable force against technological institutions, hacking past previously impregnable firewalls and systems in pursuit of an almost socialist ideal for free technology and progress.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Z

Alignment: Neutral Good

Birthday: Unknown

Type: INTP

IQ: Unknown

Blood Type: AB-

Height: About 3'9", from a comment they let on

Weight: Unknown, believed average

Build: Unknown, believed to be rather thin

Residence: Believed Albion Area, or Metro Angel Island

Occupation: Inventor, Hacker, Techno-Anarchist

Marital Status: Probably Unmarried

Hobbies/Talents: Creating fantastic fusions of biology and techology. Z-Sama once mentioned working as an Anatomy teacher. As the level and location of this was never mentioned, they could be among tens of thousands of teachers.

Themesongs: OPTIONAL


Z-Sama focuses on having as little personality as possible, and for the most part, this is reflected in their posts and updates, but not even screens and modems and bits and bites can separate them from the Mobian nature of the 'man' behind the screen. They has a very dry, very archaic sense of humor, though they also find amusement in the vain efforts of Dr. Zachary. They seem to use a new text-to-voice program currently in beta (unreleased to the general public until it's absolutely flawless, but even then, they might take a few key points out to make it impossible to impersonate them) which produces an androgynous voice, tending to be mid-tenor to mezzo soprano, with a pleasant quality to it that takes the bite out of their text and gives it more of a personality (it has modulation and variances unseen in regular text-to-voice programs which make it seem one electronic filter away from a natural voice), and has been well acclaimed since they began to use it.




A nameless, faceless entity, Z-Sama apparently has had cyborganic components installed in him at some period of time. He has also suggested that he has dark fur, and orange eyes. Z-Sama is very intelligent, and has a soft, gravelly voice.



Dr. Zachary - |-|@><><0|2 |>|21|\/||_|5


Z-sama is an anonymous presence that appeared about 5 years before the events of the RP occurred. He provided free blueprints and instructions on inventions advancing the field of robotics, cybernetics, surgery, and medicine. Apparently a proficient with the computer, he has been the bane and blessing of every technophilic society as he has both hacked and raided their information storehouses, but also provided the basis for extensive upgrades and restructuring.

Z-sama believes that information should be accessable to everyone, for the benefit of everyone. He has claimed no political or religious leaning, and has repeatedly stated that he just wants to make the world a better place for everyone. Not everyone is always happy with this 'evening of the playing field', but the gradual consensus is gratitude over the numerous original contributions the unnamed creator has put forth.

Ironically, his own privacy is probably his most valued asset, and he has been careful to protect it. Z-sama uploads from some sort of personal datapad, and seems to constantly moves location. Equipped with a scrambler that hasn't been made available, his IP and location have nevertheless been rendered unaccessable. He accepts no invitations to come speak in front of people, but he will chat with users for a total of 5 minutes (no more, no less), and has notably accepted several 'requests' as challenges toward building difficult pieces of machinery toward problems.

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External InformationEdit

  • Dr. Zachary hates Z-sama, perhaps for taking the 'Z' name, or for claiming to be a greater scientist than he himself is. Maybe jealousy comes into play - as Dr. Zachary has become disgraced and viewed in less and less of high esteem, he might view Z-sama as a threat or someone unworthy of the hype and success, but why he would single him out is unknown.
  • There is no established connection between Zachary and Z-sama. The two appear to be opposite ends of the spectrum, and would have no reason to interact. Notably, Zachary has not implemented a single one of Z-sama's inventions on himself (that would be for others to upgrade him with, though).
  • There is some speculation that Z-sama is an alias for Zachary as an outlet to do what he did before his life was ruined, and that Zachary's venomous exterior is a front for the same compassionate doctor that he was before his accident.
  • There is speculation that Zachary and Z-sama are Jekyll and Hyde, unaware that they are each other. On the same vein, that Zachary and Z-sama are separate personalities that choose not to know that they share the same form, and have a harboured and intense hatred stemming from sharing the same form.
  • Z-Sama has mentioned that they had two sets of parents, one which died early in their life, and another surrogate set which were considered unusual.
  • This entry originally used male pronouns to address Z-Sama, following the expression on the main tumblr blog, however, Z personally prefers gender neutral pronouns, and as a result the neutral pronouns are going into effect throughout the system. Z might currently be wearing Zachary's body on blog, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're now male, only that they are probably male-bodied, assuming no alterations made.