Mobius by Aaron The Hybrid

Mobius PrimeEdit

Also Known as the Archie Sonic continuity or STH. In the system of 'Circles', it is the Second Circle.


  • Eurish
    • Kingdom of Mercia
      • Deerwood Forest
      • Emerald Sea
      • Never Lake
    • Albion - The jewel of the Echidnian civilization, Albion was arguably the capital of all their societies, and in fact was the place where the Empress resided and conducted her empire back in the time of Ancient Albion. The country takes up an entire island, and is generally accessible by a hidden stone bridge from Mercia.
      • Albion Ruins - The remnant of the former country of Albion, what is more interesting is what has been unearthed: the mostly-intact remains of a former, more powerful Echidnian empire previous to Ancient Albion which threatens to call into question all history thus far.
    • Ongari - The source of one of the original Technocracy pockets, the members of which later migrated to the Albion Technocracy as the hunts increased. The small country is generally neglected, though it borders Mercia and Yukrai in the east. Ongari tends to get harsher winters than Albion and Mercia, and as one travels further east, it gets all the harsher.
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The first version map of Angel Island and the zones it encompasses

  • Angel Island - Formerly called Floating Island, Angel Island encompasses all prominent Echidna settlements that existed on Downunda. It's lush beauty and size also contains almost every climate zone available to Mobius.
    • Echidnopolis - The seat of the Echidnian settlements on the island, Echidnopolis remains separated from the wilderness by carefully prepared barriers, and hosts a wealth of technology and progress within its walls. Once regressed, it has again come to prosper with new creations to take the place of the ones taken from them, and it was agreed that such progress could not be hindered.
    • Nekronopolis - A dead land composed of an unnaturally symmetrical and perfect obsidian landscape, the Nekronopolis was created by the Enerjak to suit his needs, and remained standing once he was gone as a testament to his power.
    • Twilight Zone - A frosty environment with a temporal cycle equivalent to 4 generations for every single generation produced in the pocket dimension, the Twilight Zone is closely tied to Angel Island, and should only really be accessed from the land mass. In recent events, the number of puncture points and ventures from the zone has begun to induce panic in the continuum, and the zone is beginning to attempt to merge with Angel Island again, much the same as the Dingos' Pocket Dimension attempted to take the same position as that of Echidnopolis.
  • Northamer
    • Acorn Kingdom
      • Knothole
      • New Mobotropolis
    • Eggman Empire
      • Robotropolis
      • Eggdome
    • Southern Baronies - Not far from the Acorn Kingdom, the Southern Baronies established their independence as separate territories after a long civil war. It is composed of several grouped territories or provinces. A large portion of the population appears to be rabbits, but also includes oppossums, hares, jackalopes, pikas, armadillos, prairie dogs, foxes, some coyotes, desert foxes, and snakes.
    • Badlands
    • Forbidden Zone
    • Great Canyon
    • Great Desert
      • Sandblast City (Controlled by Dr. Eggman)
    • Great Forest
    • Great Unknown
    • Mobian Jungle
    • Feral Forest
    • Furville
    • Gravestone
    • Leung West
    • Megapolis
    • New Megapolis
    • Oil Ocean Refinery (Controlled by Dr. Eggman)
    • Old Megapolis
    • West Robotropolis
  • Soumerca
    • Mystic Ruins
    • Great Rainforest
    • Guardian Mountain
    • Lost Temple of Shazamazon
    • Knuckles Clan Colony
    • Mysterious Cat Country
    • Wolf Pack Clan
    • Station Square
      • G.U.N. HQ
  • Efrika
  • Yurashia
    • Dragon Kingdom
      • Haunted Lake
      • Iron Fortress
      • Mount Stormtop
      • Kar Leung
      • Kar Lau/Leung Kar
      • Stormtop Village
    • Siber
    • Yukrai
  • Downunda
    • The Crater - A large, almost continental crater about 5 km deep, this was the original site where Angel Island once resided.
    • Emerald Mines - The mines where the original 12 Master Emeralds were dug from during the days of Dr. Angel-La and the White Comet. This mine has been long guarded by a small faction of The Order in order to keep it from the greedy hands of those who would seek to misuse the power. It is believed that the mine was destroyed; this was, however, a grand set-up to keep its continued existence secret.
    • Ancient Settlements - Believed to be established during the Forgotten War, these settlements were the base of Dr. Moreau's experiments and activities. Underground carvings and murals suggest that they are far older than the original estimate, calling into question the revisions of history, and the truth of Echidna involvement.
  • Northern Tundra
    • Frozen North Sea
    • Walrus Island
    • Iceborough
  • Southern Tundra
    • Icecaps
    • Taltanis - The great nexus of the southern civilization. 

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Mobius AlphaEdit

Also Known as the STC continuity.

  • Keldeza - A planet about 2 galaxies away from Mobius (quickly accessible generally by either using warp-track technology, or some other alien device that would allow another form of teleportation), Keldeza is the home planet of Turbo, and is essentially a hunting ground for new slaves.
  • The Docks
  • Robotropolis
  • Secret Base - The place where Sonic and his freedom fighting group hide and live.
  • Floating Island
    • Hidden City - An entire spray of main cities and their satellites, the Hidden City principalities or provinces are totally unknown to Knuckles as they are located in the Forbidden Zone and have cloaking technology hiding all trace of their presence, for their own protection.
    • Ruins
    • Emerald Shrine


Mobius BetaEdit

Also Known as the SEGA Sonic continuity or Gameverse.

  • Green Hill Zone
    • Emerald Hill Zone
    • Splash Hill Zone
    • Forest Falls Zone
  • Casino Night Zone
    • Carnival Night Zone
    • Casino Street Zone
    • Casinopolis
  • Angel Island Zone
    • Mushroom Hill Zone
    • Flying Battery Zone
    • Sandopolis Zone
    • Lava Reef Zone
    • Hidden Palace Zone
    • Sky Sanctuary Zone
  • Robotropolis
    • Scrap Brain Zone
    • Launch Base Zone
    • Chemical Plant Zone
    • Oil Ocean Zone
    • Sky Chase Zone
    • Wing Fortress Zone
    • Death Egg Zone
    • Metallic Madness
    • Mad Gear Zone
    • E.G.G. Station Zone
    • Speed Highway
    • Sky Deck
    • Hot Shelter
    • Egg Utopia
    • Death Yard Zone
    • Terminal Velocity Zone


A twisted version of Mobius (STH continuity) where good is bad and bad is good, baby!


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Special ZoneEdit

The origin and realm of the Chaos Emeralds, the source of the Chaos Force, and the realm of the gods, in each level.


  • Gehenna (0)
  • First Circle
    • River of Souls
    • The Plains
  • Third Circle
    • ????
  • Fourth Circle
    • Aieryz Wood
      • Quiet Glade
      • The Hills and Meadow
    • The River
    • The Gardens
      • Nu's Grotto
    • The Commons
      • The Council Room
      • The Courtroom
    • The Domiciles
    • The Mountain
  • Eighth Circle - ???? The Special Zone?

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Alternate Universe MobiusEdit

A close amalgom of Prime and Beta, AU Mobius has several parallels that encompass this section. All of them share the same landmarks and terrain, the same territory lines and similar struggles.

Important to note is that the island is still referred to as Floating Island, not Angel Island. Hidden City principalities are located in the Forbidden Zone on Floating Island, but are known and well trafficked, instead of how they were formerly hidden by holographic generators.

Shattered Mirror MobiusEdit

The Shattered Mirror Universe follows Sonic Universe #25-28 arc range, in the parallel dimension (titled 'Fractured Mirror') where Enerjak is supreme dictator, and the last remnant of free people, called Freedom Fighters, led by that version of Knuckles' daughter, going under the name Jani-Ca.

Unlike the Fractured Mirror dimension, in Shattered Mirror, there is no interference from Silver, and development of other important characters goes unimpeded, warping everyone around Enerjak (like the epicenter of a large quake).

Important Landmarks Paralleled:

  • Floating Island/Angel Island --> Onyx Isle
    • Echidnopolis/Haven --> Nekronopolis and the Shadow Realms
  • Station Square --> Debris Crater
  • Robotropolis --> Hazard Center

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Dark Tendril UniverseEdit

Along a similar continuity as the AU Mobius, Asura slowly but surely begins 'collecting' the albinos that he finds... all of them...