Prior to any factionalization, Echidnas were spread over several continents, each with little communication. There was a thriving group in what is modern Mazuri (Efrika) and Downunda with the majority of the Echidnas located there, although some exploration led to colonies on smaller islands like Uulme and Takanda, as well as some colonization of Soumerca and modern Angel Island. Group formation was in small 'townships', all unconnected, all with their own variation on dialects.


At some point, Angel Island was lifted high into the sky, and sustained by the power of the Master Emerald, which was religiously connected to the spirit Chaos. The islanders struggled to survive in their new conditions, cut off from the outside world in such an abrupt way, and adapted remarkably with the blessings of the gods and spirits around them. They built great stone temples to their patrons, and magnificent cities that blended nature with the unnatural. Oftentimes using only simple instruments like the plum-bob and logs, they were able to create mathematically precise structures that needed no mortar, complex algorithms, almanacs, and ritual calendars that could predict celestial events.

One particular group was set to protect the Emerald. While each new warrior-priest was selected by a specific signal from the stone, they realised that the system didn't afford much in the way of room for error if the Guardian were to be injured or killed in the line of duty before passing his mantle down. It was discovered that the Emerald reacted to those most sensitive to it, and a group of Guardians was formed, each making sure to reproduce with other Chaotically-sensitive individuals in hopes of passing the honor along to their child.


As time passed, the Angel Island Echidnas began to separate themselves into groups based upon certain ideals and religious practices. One of the largest was the Nocturnus, a group which separated the mathematical and scientific fields from their religious connections, and sought to take over the island. While their power was impressive, their impiety wasn't, and they were overtaken.

Knuckles TribeEdit

The Knuckles Tribe, a prominent faction, eventually subsumed the majority of other tribes and focused on improving the infrastructures surrounding their villages, including improved access to water, expanding construction projects, and codifying their doctrine in murals and primitive texts. As a unified people, they eventually began to edge out other species groups on the island, particularly thanks to renewed competition for resources, and they broke treaties left and right with their new military might.

They made the same mistake as the Nocturnus when they went against the authority of one of their patrons, and they were nearly wiped from existence by the rages of Chaos. Survivors numbered in the hundreds, and for a time it seemed as if their civilization was gone. No contact was reported from the island, and as it hung above the cloud layer, the people below began to forget it was ever real...



Although both cultures tended to be isolationist, Elba's society grew to be more inclusive and tolerant of the other species on their island, and borrowed heavily from the polity of the wolf-dog and Chameleon languages.

Angel IslandEdit

The culture of Angel Island differed widely in the various tribes coexisting on it. Their early policies resulted in seclusion and segregation of other people-groups on the island.


Ancient EchidnianEdit

Ancient Echidnian written text worked on a glyphic system with over 50-300 characters over separate dynastic movements.

Mid Era Glyphic SystemEdit

The text was heavily modified by foreign writings and the need for simplification for more common usage.

Modern TextEdit