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Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Wechy, W

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birthday: April 16

Type: ENTP

IQ: 137

Blood Type: AN-

Height: 3'5"

Weight: 84 lb

Build: ENTER

Birthplace: Vrrzardi

Residence: Zohonar, Teghesadi

Occupation: Hacker, Programmer, Code Analyst (breaker)

Marital Status: ENTER

Hobbies/Talents: ENTER

Themesongs: OPTIONAL




Cynical, rebellious, disenchanted with Society, doubts in much goodness of Mobian race/ humanity, somewhat destructive, delights in the misery of others (schadenfreude), has a strange sense of humor, quite a coward, ‘anti-social’, awkward, reacts well to flattery and persuasion, easily angered, harbours resentment, anger, arrogance and cockiness, overestimation of his abilities and reputation, great sense of betrayal (in that thinks that people betray him for the slightest of reasons), stocks up in a sense of vendetta and revenge to the highest and coldest degree, sometimes clinical and cold, probably from spending too much time with emotionless computers.


Voice: ENTER

Balance: ENTER

Posture: ENTER

Stamina: ENTER

Hearing: ENTER

Climbing: ENTER

Speed: ENTER

Strength: ENTER

Swimming: ENTER

Computers: Obviously, he's very good with them

Driving: ENTER


Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: Pale, pale grey (almost to a white) with thick red-pink streaks

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): Muzzle is a slightly darker sand than other Echidnas, with long black slash just under eyes and running over nose-area into cheeks

Eye Colour: Black

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: Dreadlocking spines, thick red-pink streaks

Nose: Echidna style

Ears: Under Spines

Tail: Longer than Echidnas' by a little, with what appears to be a fin

Other Bodily Features: In addition to his striped dreadlocks, he also has very fishy looking fins just underneath

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: He appears to have the Guardian mark, in black, but this could be something that he has applied himself, since there is red marking underneath it sometimes.

Attire: Red ‘mitten’ gloves, without knuckles, strapped cuffs with black and gold embellishment, orange socks, Grey, white, black and gold shoes with buckles hidden in ‘lego block’.

Items/Weapons: Laptop computer, webcam, likes controlling robots and turrets in particular

Transportation: None, walks or hacks a monorail or something similar


  • Physical: Is good at hiding. Knows his way around a keyboard, and is an inexperienced Hacker in the original sense, or ‘Haxxor’ as the Nocturne called it, able to connect with technology and bend it to his will with less difficulty than normal hackers, and sometimes, without even touching the keyboard or making a keystroke. He calls this ‘Pinging’. This is not the same as technomagik, being that technomagik is more precise, can extend to Chaos Energy, alter the will of the user of computers, assemble components, reassemble, and so forth.
  • Mental: ENTER
    • Intelligence: ENTER
    • Sanity: ENTER
    • Learned: ENTER
    • Critical Thinking: ENTER
  • Learned: ENTER
    • Book-smarts: ENTER
    • Street-smarts: ENTER
    • Wisdom: ENTER
  • Special: Hiding, Viruses, Bugs, controlling computers and accessing their defence mechanisms…
    • Attacks: ENTER
    • Martial Arts: ENTER
  • Powers: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: ENTER
  • Chaos: ENTER


Practically blind from unexplained incident, and wears filtered goggles to protect what little vision he has. Already had weak vision as a side effect from genetic breeding program. Weaker than most, as he spends more time harnessing mental power than physical power. Does not do well against any type of physical attack, or magical, unless he has some way of making technology protect him. Was also originally much more receptive to manipulation merely by his inexperience and inability to reason out intent and ulterior motives.

  • Physical: Has little physical strength.
    • General: ENTER
    • Ailments: ENTER
    • Allergies: Likely would get a good dose of hay-fever from little exposure to pollens.
  • Mental: Is slowly building up walls against a good dose of well-reasoned manipulation.
  • Emotional: ENTER
  • Learned: ENTER
  • Special: Disabling his tech or his goggles can easily put him out of the fight.
  • Instincts/Reflexes: Maladapted as a fighter. Can get too focused and ignore his peripherals completely.
  • Chaos: ENTER


None Known, but has always been a bit of a loner, possibly because of the wholesale disappearance/slaughter of known Echidna race. Where the remnant of Nocturnus Clan have disappeared to without him is a mystery. (perhaps explained later)


Other hackers? Anyone he’s hacked?


Back Story: (assuming closer to an Archie past?) Wechnia was brought up in the hyper-technological remnant of the Nocturnus Clan, born in a test-tube as a part of the genetic breeding program, designed to attempt to bring other useful traits to their DNA, such as gills, but ultimately being disbanded due to ethics questions, and a lack of willing subjects and funds. Being uncertain who his real parents were, he was raised by a strict older couple, in Vrrzardi, a mish-mashed city of refugees. Because he was left with only the basic of necessities, and kept that way for most of his juvenile life, he daydreamed of luxury, often at the expense of people like his 'parents', or at the end of an adventure.

A child unimpressed with Society as a whole, the boy sought originally to better it with his natural talents. While no sign of brilliance seemed to manifest in secondary school, he was at least writing and computer proficient by Grade Three. He began to realize his capabilities outside of school, and began to pay more attention to that than school itself, leading to teachers becoming worried and ultimately holding him in contempt, while the children exiling him from any social circle. This explains his social awkwardness and inability to interact with Mobians to the extent he can with computers. Because, to his mind, he was superior with technology, idea, and ambition, he considered himself better than them, their presence unnecessary, and grew quite an ego, as well as an arrogance he hasn’t outgrown.

This extended into a web-persona, an unnamed hacker who would humiliate and then turn around to mock and proclaim himself as the best. While initially awkward at hacking, he developed proficiency by practice. He left home at the age of 15 after concern with his family, the school, and legal repercussions over hacking and other mis-demeanors began to surround him, suspicions only seeming to be confirmed by his disappearance.

He hired himself out as a tech mercenary, trying not to make himself visible, but still make a presence. It was by this that he made a living and supported himself, in addition to his visible persona’s programming work. It is also believed that around this time, the incident, likely an electrical fire, occurred which sustained him significant injuries to his eyesight, and also garnered him some of his deepest fears. He was able to halt tissue degradation and damage with crudely created ‘electro-eye goggles’, but not reverse the process or fix things. While aware of the Dark Legion’s presence, he never considered them a viable option to his 'business', and would have probably considered any offers of joining as a lackey insulting to his intelligence, and stance on retaining as much organic tissue as possible.

Around the age of 22, he left his homeland for unknown reasons to make a new life for himself 'outside'. He continued business legitimate and under the table there with a variety of jobs, most frequently working as a programmer or a code breaker (like spy organizations operate). He was able to hide away while the rest of the Echidna population disappeared, and resumed life, but found things difficult without a clientele. Thusly, he has expanded his talents to other areas of technology to stave off boredom, as well as spreading his availability to a wider Mobian base. It has been noted, however, that recently, he seems to have a difficulty recollecting his childhood up to the age of 16, when he was well into hacking and technology. Whether this is intended, to banish painful memories, or something beyond his control (certainly not amnesia >.<) is yet to be ascertained. It could be the fact that he found out something about his birth, or parents, that was perhaps not the best thing to have, and has kept hushed on all his past to not bring this to light. This could be related to the long-gone Nocturnus Clan faction left in the Twilight Cage, however, being that he knows little about Echidnian history, this seems unlikely.

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External InformationEdit

  • Wechnia (also called Wechina), was the product of a palette glitch in the Sonic and Knuckles video game. He has been adored by fans, and was considered Knuckles' 'anti-form'. The name comes from a portmanteu of 'White' and 'Echidna'.