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A rough-and-tumble bouncer with a very poor grasp of basic English dialect, Vladimyr struggled to maintain jobs and support his son as a single parent. Although he had difficulty showing his love properly, he was able to find a strong and true relationship with the unlikely ally of Kormandyr. The addition of the little technomage to their family has stabilized the uneasy interactions and brought warmth back into his approach to Alek.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Vladi (Pronounced Vleh-dee)

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Birthday: ENTER

Type: ISTJ


Blood Type: ENTER

Height: 4'8"

Weight: 100 lb.

Build: Muscular and tall, definitely a powerful tank of a man

Residence: ENTER

Occupation: He works in bars as a strong, silent, and righteously aggressive bartender, having a distinct flair for drinkmixing, and for kicking hoodlums out before they cause a fuss; He does, however, sculpt delicate statues and figurines out of a stubborn white clay that are remarkably realistic and beautiful

Marital Status: Formerly married, but his wife left him

Favourite Food: Vodka

Hobbies/Talents: Sculpting, Making ships in a bottle.

Themesongs: OPTIONAL






Voice: Very deep and strained. Probably from the years of vodka.

Balance: He knows his body well, and his balance is exceptional, although it looks like he lumbers about.

Posture: While unapologetic about his extreme height, he doesn't often get the opportunity to draw himself up properly; most tables, chairs, bar-implements, and doorways were built for a much shorter class of Echidna.

Stamina: He has incredible stamina, particularly if his family is threatened.

Hearing: Significantly drops off when drunk; a childhood illness may have affected hearing in the extremes of the spectrum.

Climbing: ENTER

Speed: ENTER

Strength: His keenest ability, Vladimyr has won more of his jobs on this trait than anything else. He's capable of lifting about twice his weight.

Swimming: ENTER

Computers: He's not very technologically literate, but he does try his best, especially with a technomage for a mate.

Driving: He tends to walk or use public transportation.


Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: Very dark blue

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): Bright deco peach

Eye Colour: A dark orange

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: Long and scruffy. Likes to pull them back.

Nose: Broader and flatter at the head than other Echidnas, a little more prominent, speaking of his East Yurashian heritage

Ears: Pointed and attentive

Tail: Just as long and fluffy as the rest of him is - except, it's not as sensitive, having been crushed and broken a couple times

Other Bodily Features: Vladimyr is exceptionally tall, exceptionally fluffy, and exceptionally handsome. The man is strong like ox!

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: ENTER

Attire: Vladimyr likes to cover up, and generally has a loose white button-down and a pair of either jeans or scrubs on. In his perfect world, they would make clothing for him that could cover him from neck to foot and not encumber him or rip when he laid the pain on some poor bugger. Lately, Kormandyr has been wheedling him into covering less, like casually leaving his button-down.... unbuttoned, showing liberal views of chest and flat stomach line.

Items/Weapons: His fists are like sledgehammers. He don't need no stinking weapons. He does, however, still keep his wedding rings hidden away somewhere: his own, and B**** Wife's. Korma probably got B**** Wife's wedding ring.

Transportation: He either walks, or takes the speedrail around.


  • Kormandyr - Only friend. (AND SUCH A CLOSE ONE, AT THAT)


A great number of people.... most of them bartenders and gay people.

  • Chel-Se - His ex-wife


A native of Ongari, which bordered the kingdom of Siber, Vladimyr actually worked his way to Albion in the most rigorous and cruel jobs that were given to him, no small feat even with his musculature. He longed for a life of opportunity in a new land, given the impoverished situation back home, and he arrived with very little knowledge of the language or customs of Albion, a sore mistake.

Time brought fortune, however. His first job was at a bar where he worked as something of a bouncer, learning a rough pidgin and leaving a reputation of a fierce, no-nonsense man in his wake. Unable to sustain one singular job, he found that by learning a few key skills, like drink-mixing and dirty fighting, he was never at a loss for work. (Or women.)

Another night, another bar, and he found his attentions caught by a demure woman sipping cocktails at the counter. She was most clearly overdressed for the situation, no matter how nice the lounge was (a feathered fascinator and pearls over an evening gown?), but she seemed to find him funny and delightful, and somehow, she wound up spending the night.

Shortly after this encounter, he proposed with a simple ring and a significant investment tied to it. He was fairly certain she would never return to his bar again, and letting her fade away to never be found again was something he felt would be a major mistake. Their wedding was equally simple and unassuming, though she paid for her own wedding dress and rented his suit, another hint to the true wealth she had.

She never had him meet her relatives, never mentioned them in his presence, and seemed altogether happy with their situation, living in his home with him and spending her days shopping about and entertaining herself. A few months into their marriage, they discovered her pregnancy, a condition which only brought more joy when he found it was a boy. The declaration was sent out to all his relatives, despite their inability to come see the child, and he happily endured his wife's pouts, mopes, rants, and untractability, all for the sake of the baby, and certain that it was just a phase. He was more concerned when the birth was not mentioned to or attended by any of her family. The screams were irritating and even a bit harsh in her accusations, but the egg had a strong shell, and when their child hatched, he found it beautiful. Only when he brought it up did she inform him that not only had she never mentioned the birth, but she had never mentioned a marriage to her family, who would doubtlessly see it as a definite division of class.

Vladimyr was wounded by this, but resolved to remain a good husband and bestow as much affection to her as possible. She did seem to get over the cruel period once her son appeared to love her, and she was obsessive in taking photos of him, playing with him, and being around him, even to the exclusion of Vladimyr.

The criticism, moodiness, and even outright fighting began again, shortly after their young Aleksandyr had turned six months old, and while Vladimyr tried to remain gentle and loving, it was clearly wearing him down. He was to the point where he was just promising himself to remain with her for the sake of their son. Finding her actually sleeping around, however, was too far for his love. He pleaded with her, and when pleading didn't work, he yelled at her, but he never raised a hand against her.

She left when Alek was three, ring on the pillow, no note to be found, and taking absolutely nothing with her, not even a single photo of Alek. Vladimyr, still unaccustomed to being a parent, was forced to deal with the fact that he was only ever a dalliance or novelty to her, just like Alek was, while trying to raise a child.

Twenty some years of working alone at his jobs, celibate after having such miserable experiences with the only woman he had loved had turned him bitter. Finding out his son was a homosexual who dressed up as a cat for money? At that point, he decided the only recourse was to kidnap him and send him off to a bootcamp to straighten him out, in more than one way. That was when he met Kormandyr...

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There has been some controversy about how such a man-mountain as Vladimyr came to exist, particularly due to the fact that the Echidna height spectrum rests well below 4'8". One theory is more locational: that because of his origin in either Siber or Ongari, he is actually a mixed breed with Polar Bear or some other native mammal of increased height in his pedigree.