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Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Death, God of Death, Vicky, E/--/ta/--/Nu... (carvings purposefully vandalized)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Birthday: ENTER

Type: INFJ


Blood Type: Vichama typically doesn't have blood, but his shells have been of every type of blood. His godly blood type when he had a corporeal form was BC- with 100% Chaotic Purity.

Height: Vichama can extend from a 4'2" shell to 40 feet or more, depending on how much power he has in him. In his current form, he is a little over 3'9".

Weight: Ethereal, or fluctuating

Build: Body is currently composed of ribbon-like bandages, which provide an outline of a streamlined physique.

Residence: Nameless Arena

Occupation: God of Death

Marital Status: Single

Likes: Harvesting souls as his servants.

Dislikes: Pacts with mortals.

Fears: He doesn't like mortality.

Hobbies/Talents: In addition to his normal bandage ken, he is beginning to learn how to knit, just to deal with the boredom.

Aspirations/Dreams: To kill everyone and everything, and rule over every soul from his burning throne that is Mobius.

Themesongs: OPTIONAL


Arrogant and brash, Vichama believes that after his freedom was obtained, nothing else could stand in his way. He perceives people as selfish and self-absorbed, unable to make sacrifices for the greater good. His view of mortals is heavily slanted and incredibly negative. He can't find anything good about them. To him, gods and mortals alike are entertaining diversions. He wants to draw out everything for as long as possible to eke the most fun out of them, but is quick to destroy what is no longer entertaining. On a one-to-one basis with other gods, he comes off a little whimsical and silly, and can be underestimated because of this, especially with the manner in which he speaks.




Voice: Well-bred and posh, almost like an elitist god.

Balance: ENTER

Posture: ENTER

Stamina: ENTER

Hearing: ENTER

Climbing: ENTER

Speed: ENTER

Strength: ENTER

Swimming: ENTER

Computers: ENTER

Driving: ENTER


  • Mental: ENTER
    • Intelligence: ENTER
    • Sanity: ENTER
    • Learned: ENTER
    • Critical Thinking: ENTER
  • Learned: ENTER
    • Book-smarts: ENTER
    • Street-smarts: ENTER
    • Wisdom: ENTER
  • Special: Can possess weak-willed mortals and use them as bodies or shells.
    • Attacks: ENTER
    • Martial Arts: ENTER
    • Powers: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: ENTER
  • Chaos: ENTER



  • Physical: Vichama actually lacks a corporeal body in both senses. Having lost his mortal host, and having been killed on the Second Circle plane, he is reduced to a few bandages and a mask, unable to so much as leave the Eighth Circle.
    • General: ENTER
    • Ailments: ENTER
    • Allergies: ENTER
  • Mental: ENTER
  • Emotional: ENTER
  • Learned: ENTER
  • Special: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: ENTER
  • Chaos: ENTER




  • Dr. Zachary - Vichama's slave and perhaps one of his few servants left.


  • Dr. Zachary - The echidna he betrayed during their last team up
  • Mephiles the Dark - Despite forcing an alliance of sorts to benefit both parties, it seems that neither really like each other that much


Once, long ago, Vichama was a mortal; a priest and leader of his small tribe of Echidnas. He was wise and just, and his people respected him. While his name was not remembered, his deeds were, and the ruins of a temple lost deep within the jungle on Floating Island would show a bright-faced young ruler with vibrantly orange fur.

This priest, however, grew very ill, and his people did all they could to make him better. Messengers went to the other tribes, or even off-island with air-sails in hopes of reaching some sort of cure. Their tribe was primarily nature worshipping, and so they worked, at first, with balms and remedies made from their surroundings. Shamanic beliefs began to emerge the longer that he was ill, and while he was resistant to these god-and-spirit worships, he soon grew to lead those as well. His accolytes brought him to a strange and vile smelling bath which stained into his very essence, polluting the kind spirit, and staining his fur so dark and brittle that he was often mistaken for a ghoul.

As he grew closer to death, the accolyte-shamans prepared him more and more for his passing. He was covered in bandages and a mask to hide the ghastly appearance that the disease and their 'cures' had done to him. Weight dropped from him like nothing, until he was a bare wisp of a soul, hanging onto precious life. The bandages were painted with runes to ease his soul on, and they made him jewelry out of skulls and bones, and hell-beads, but it didn't seem to do anything other than make him frightening. He was unwilling to die, and unable to live.

As a last ditch effort, his accolytes began to pierce through the fragile layers of the worlds, and between what was good and proper, and what was dark and sinister. Another Echidna, fur just as dark, and eyes almost blank was found and captured, on the cusp of existence himself, but not by natural means. Instead of recognising this abandoned god-figure and bringing him back to health, the accolytes stole his life essence - his very soul - and fused it into the priest, destroying the blind-eyed Echidna in the process. It was painful, the treatment slow to work, but effective once it caught on. Unfortunately for the priest, all vital signs cut out, all traces of recognizable life erradicated.

They embalmed the priest, and entombed him in his temple, unable to breathe, speak, move as long as his mortal body remained tethered, by the very runes that were supposed to bring him relief in death. In his silent torture, he endured the slow rotting and withering of his body, praying for the embalming to have been shoddy, and for the relief to be granted, but horrified to find that all due care had been taken.

After thousands of years of this misery, the collapse of the temple by the encroaching jungle was able to pulverise the brittle bones and taut skin. His only available form was the funereal mask, and the bandages wrapped around the dead body, and he tried to make due. By this point, the Knuckles Tribe had vanquished all other tribes on their island, and amalgomated them all into one uniform nation, worshipping a multitude of gods and spirits, including the elemental spirit Chaos. The new Vichama made a deal with Chief Pochacamac for a full and marked existance on the mortal plane, in return for creating the Master Emerald, easily accomplished with an outpouring of godly blessing upon an otherwise weaker Chaos Emerald.


The taint of his corrupted soul and another's fused in with him led to a degredation of his personality and morals until he was the antithesis of what he formerly stood for, condemning mortals, but forced to use their bodies as shells, as he had been forced to stay with his own body. Another actually matched his situation, one whom he had a little more compassion for - Knuckles the Echidna. He offered the teen a place beside him as his ward, the child forced to reincarnate to guard the Emeralds, as a part of the pact. Unfortunately, Knuckles declined, and he went on a killing streak, taking Echidna souls by the thousands in fell swipes to sustain his growing hunger for bloodshed and death. Much like with his own body, Pochacamac sealed him in the body of a dead warrior. Without any mobility or vitality to his shell, he was unable to do anything. Pochacamac then sealed that body in suspended animation, and buried Vichama's singular temple.

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External InformationEdit

  • For the purposes of canonical events, Vichama can be considered a separate universe version of the character Esytar-Nu from Jack's pantheon. Power-wise, they can be considered compatible, but in terms of agenda, as far as we are aware, Vichama is aggressive and villainous, while Esytar-Nu was pretty pacific and neutral in standing. Vichama will interact, however, with other gods as if he had an awareness of them through Nu's viewpoint, as there is some suggested belief in gods being aware of other versions of themselves....