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Turbo Plz


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Saranj, of Keldeza

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Crack Team Up

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Sonic the Comic #161



An extra-terrestrial racer and a worldly alien with a heart full of innocence, Turbo is a young man who just wants to return home to his betrothed and his child . He seeks his lost childhood simultaneously, and equally shows this in his actions without a thought for revenge against his captors. While he might be cocky and arrogant at times, he seems like he has everyone's best interests at heart, and feels strongly about every cause he sets his mind to. If given a reason enough, he could easily make the transition into a hero...

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Tj'lu Kvra (real name)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral moving into Lawful Evil


Type: ESFP

IQ: 96

Blood Type: K-

Height: 4'0"

Weight: 93 lbs.

Build: Slender and streamlined, a little on the thin side

Residence: None

Occupation: Ex-slave and racer

Marital Status: Betrothed

Likes: Heat, the sun, racing, winning, wealth, power

Dislikes: The cold, water in any form, being hungry, cats, being imprisoned or enslaved, losing

Fears: Being recaptured, loss of control over a situation, being unable to understand a situation, failing, SEE WEAKNESSES

Hobbies/Talents: ENTER

Aspirations/Dreams: If given the opportunity to actually claim a dream, Turbo would lean on the side of luxury beyond normal mortal knowledge, a life with no more toil, with which he could go out and lay vengence on whoever crossed him or made him suffer...

Themesongs: Eidolon by Synthetic Dream Foundation

(Joke Theme) E.T. by Katy Perry

Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez and the Scene






Voice: Mid-deep voice exiting the last vestiges of puberty, with a little bit of a rasp to it, and a foreign accent that is gradually losing its place as he becomes more metropolitan.

Balance: Has exceptional balance from the interstellar racing circuit, as any hint of over-correction could end it all. This is aided by his long tail, which sometimes acts as a rudder.

Posture: Turbo has long adopted a servile posture (head ducked down, back hunched in, shoulders drawn toward his chest) to show himself as less of a threat or challenge. Despite this, he seems to have suffered no chronic back problems, and is able to return to a more strikingly heroic posture, particularly when racing. His back is curved in a more dominant S shape than normal Mobians, returning with another curve inward at the neck, which is possibly due to ancestral reptilian DNA.

Stamina: Turbo is well used to being beaten, and can take a few punches, but he is a lightweight who would never last longer than 10 minutes in a serious brawl.

Hearing: His hearing is far better than his eyesight, but it's nowhere near a super-trait. His lizard genes are to blame for that.

Climbing: If given a situation where he would have to climb, his short, blunt claws hidden under his gloves would come in handy, but as all his situations thus far have been on flat or almost level surfaces, there hasn't really been any need to show this off.

Speed: Turbo is astonishingly fast, rivaling the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog, though they've never been able to properly put that question to the test in a fair and balanced race.

Strength: The trade-off between strength and speed is ever present. In order to be able to hit something, he really can't be moving. All energy is transferred between one or the other - very strong punches, or very quick movements, but never at the same time, similar to Sonic, though the Blue Blur has been brawling for quite a bit longer than he has.

Swimming: Turbo's very body is not well adjusted to the concept of swimming, and having gone from a desert planet to space, and finally, to a dead world, all on a racing or brawling circuit in some form or another, he hasn't really encountered the aqua pura. He doesn't know how to swim, and would probably drown in over 2 feet of moving water.

Computers: Turbo understands the basic concepts of computers, but nothing beyond that, and has difficulty using them - ie, knowing where the keys are on the keyboard, accessing files, etc. - to the point where he doesn't deem them worth his time or necessary.

Driving: Turbo has no idea how to.


  • Physical - Turbo is incredibly fast. As he is from another planet, he is adapted to poor-oxygen quality life, and a much stronger gravity, making him lighter on the feet, especially when on the Meteor Field race track. His longer tail gives him greater balance and correction than a shorter tail might, also an advantage in both racing, and fighting. While not raised or trained to be a fighter, he stays away from the flurry of fists unless passions overwhelm him, preferring to make a few good shots that he knows he can make it in.
    Sonic Fight edited-1

    Turbo is fully capable of whupping Sonic's @$$ any day of the week.

  • Mental - No great thinker, Turbo follows a strict moral code. Or, he very well tries to. His unique situation in the hands of slavers has left him little choice in shying away from the dirtier or more soulless jobs, and this has taken its told on his mentality. One bad day could lead to a breakdown or a total snap in control, and with a powerhouse like the Saranj, this would be catastrophic. He has, however, had a will to comply beaten into him, and this servile attitude of a slave is not easily broken.
    • Intelligence - Turbo is aware of the difference between good and evil, and how easy it is to fall into one or another. Unlike most of the other people inhabiting his world, which still seems rather simplified, he believes in a shades-of-grey principle, which shows a lot of intellectual maturity on his part. Perhaps his reasoning is a little stilted, as he is still rather selfish, but that can be blamed on the environment he grew up in. He would never call himself a super-genius, but he is definitely in the crafty catagory.
    • Sanity - ~63%
    • Learned - ENTER
    • Critical Thinking - ENTER
  • Learned - The little alien hasn't been given much in the way of training. Through the course of multiple beatings and rounds of starvation, he learned to do whatever it took to keep living, even sacrificing his standards. A decent soul at heart, he learned to compartmentalise and take a different standpoint between the battlefield, the racetrack, or the cage. Should ever he meet a force stronger than him that he is unwilling to face, his show of cockiness is replaced by a deep desire to cede voluntarily and change masters to this clearly stronger one who might offer him greater protection.
    • Book-smarts - Turbo doesn't have much in the way of a formal education, as he was taken from his home at around the age of 12.
    • Street-smarts - While he never grew up on the streets, Turbo knows the master mentality very well, and how to work around or manipulate those who have control of him or have the power in order to improve his conditions or get his way. This sort of thinking, incidentally, might put him in the very position to one day make himself a slave master, in a vicious cycle.
    • Wisdom - ENTER
  • Special - Turbo doesn't possess any special moves on the race track or in the ring. His anatomy, reminiscent of reptiles, allows him to scale walls with his claws, and he is able to sense heatforms.
    • Attacks - ENTER
    • Martial Arts - ENTER
    • Powers - ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes - His reflexes are excellent, and with his speed, he is easily able to avoid common attacks. When faced with a situation he's unable to control, however, instinct turns him to tunnel down under the sand or rocks, an option which is sometimes impossible and will leave him there staring at the ground blankly for a few moments before he jogs himself back to full awareness. Instinct has a greater mark on him, since his species developed differently from those of Mobius, and his fighting is more freeform, as well as his reaction to the ground beneath his feet, and every step he takes after.
  • Chaos - Has no connection whatsoever with the Chaos Force or any of its applications, as he heralds from a foreign world.


  • Physical - As a result of being poorly nourished, Turbo doesn't pack that much weight to his punches. He is bout to series of blackouts and weakness the longer he goes without food, despite his species' ability to survive over three months without seeing food, and slightly over two without water. Continuing this way slows him down, and the further he goes without, the more likely he is to slip into a catatonic 'hybernation' state. Turbo is also dependent on warmth, to a larger degree than anyone would suspect, and one of the reasons why he takes so little time on the Meteor Circuits is because he is aware of his own mortality in the harsh chill of space - a time normally at half an hour in uncomfortable conditions becomes under 12 minutes in space.
    • General: His body actually was never designed to run the way he has been trained to do. Someday, this is going to come back and have serious repercussions. Saranj racers typically last 10-15 years on the circuits, before spinal or bone injuries or degredation force him off the circuits, or even potentially disable him in a rather permanent manner.
    • Ailments: ENTER
    • Allergies: ENTER
  • Mental - Turbo was kidnapped before being wed to his betrothed, and the mental stress of this alone, as well as what expectations his society had placed on him, would be enough to cause anyone serious issues. This was aggravated by his immediate enslavement, and subsequent mishandling on the part of countless masters. Turbo has, by this point, almost entirely given up hope of ever seeing betrothed or child again. His current mental strain has not been resolved, and the smallest of things could mean the breaking point for the already volatile Saranj.

Due to severe treatment at an early age, Turbo has a host of fears plaguing him, among which are Aichmophobia, Mastigophobia, Chiraptophobia, Merinthophobia, Agraphobia, Hedonophobia, Rhabdophobia, Tocophobia, and Erotophobia.

  • Emotional - He would like to think himself emotionally secure, but he is just as prone to them as the rest of intelligent life. Turbo had a bad habit of bottling things up and remaining subservient, and this has taken a toll on him, affecting his physical health. He has also kept unresolved trauma hidden away.
  • Learned: ENTER
  • Special: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: ENTER
  • Chaos: Turbo doesn't have any particular affinity for the Chaos Force, and this means that while his enemies can use it naturally in their attacks, he must deal without, or find a way to avoid it.




  • Chels - His betrothed. Named for the purpose of giving a name to the character. Will never be used as an NPC.
  • Sulari - His child. Named for the purpose of giving a name to the character. Will never be used as an NPC.
  • Dyna - His mother. Named for the purpose of giving a name to the character. Will never be used as an NPC.
  • Ana - His dear friend and his nesting-mate. He recently revealed that though he had not recognized Ana in his grown form, after so many years apart, he still felt the same strange soul-pull toward him; they were and are, after all, laotong, which is almost comparable to Soul Touch.
  • Chalice Heart - Considered a Hidden Alliance that other characters will not be made aware of. This will occur later in the rp.
  • Black Doom - Another Hidden Alliance that will occur later, but this has already been mentioned before
  • Kachi - Another one of his children.
  • Dreamwalker - His child with Spectre in his AU journal; Dreamwalker was pronounced to be Moritori Rex's son, though, to protect him.


  • The Vargz - His latest captors who forced him to race for them
  • Fate



Turbo, known as Tj'lu Kvra, grew up on the planet Keldeza, his people very fast and well-suited to high temperatures and long-term lack of water. He was raised by his mother, Dyna, while he had no interaction with his father, and never knew his name, a common tale in his tribe, though possibly thought that his father was a shaman.

Turbo was an adventurous child, and actually got himself stranded on another tribe's territory from time to time, meeting the strange and slightly older Ana, of whom there was mutual attraction and liking towards. By the age of six, he was moved out of his mother's tent, and found himself nesting with Ana on neutral territory, both able to be a part of their tribes, and continue on their training into their chosen professions, but able at the same time to forge a strong friendship with each other. Both strongly desired that the ceremony would find them to be suitable mates, so they could be wed, but when Turbo was called into 'consideration', they refused to accept his choice of a Saranj from another tribe, and chose instead an older girl from his own tribe. At the age of ten, he was betrothed to Chels and gave her the egglet (now quibbet) Sulari. Ana refused to attend the pledge of betrothal, and never approved of this pairing, stating that he would rather defy convention and the goddesses themselves than ever give Turbo up.

Sadly, they never had the chance to see anything come of it. Ana disappeared shortly after Sulari's hatching, never to be heard from again. At the age of twelve, Turbo was kidnapped by slavers and sold into servitude as a racer, unable to be wed to Chels, but unable to call their betrothal off (a difficult enough issue as it was, with the internal pressures of the tribe, and the fact that she had delivered him a quibbet), leaving their union in a rather difficult position. Turbo's masters were cruel and demanding, forcing serious physical pain to cause him to run in a bipedal manner, and enacting more changes and surgeries upon him for pure asthetics. Despite this, his ego rose to the challenge of the race and he quickly made himself a name in the underground interstellar racing circuit, particularly in the deadly meteor fields, especially when he was told that they had taken his mother, betrothed, and child, and threatened harm if he did not cooperate to the best of his abilities. (This was likely a lie.)

He first met up with Sonic when they placed the hedgehog as his adversary in the meteor fields races. Taking a little admiration from the hedgehog's cocky attitude, he was still certain that he would win, and he tried to warn Sonic about the conditions of the racing. Even for a beginner, Turbo found Sonic's natural speed admirable, in conditions that were completely unnatural to him, and he had to push himself harder than normal in order to surpass him. Should Sonic have been a bit more adept and used to the environment, he would have no doubt lost. As it was, Sonic helped free him from the Vargz, before vanishing off into the ethers, job completed. Turbo never forgot it.

He soon discovered where his family was being held, and "convinced" the slavers to free them. Their reunion was tearful but brief. Turbo soon went off in search of more adventures and thrills.


RP HistoryEdit

Turbo has been stranded on Mobius after escaping from slavery, and is currently searching for Sonic in order to return to his home. Aided by Super Sonic, Turbo tracked him as far as the docks, but was attacked by a vicious monster with a poison bite. He has been dragged away by this unnamed monster.

RP Future [Hidden History]Edit

Turbo was rescued by a strange and occultic society known as the Chalice Heart. Believed to be an Echidna, if by another form, he was welcomed with open arms and given a place in the society once they heard his plight.

Spurred on by promises of what a life in the Chalice could offer, he turned his back on his past, and was slowly brainwashed into a more perfect servant of the Chalice, eventually forgetting his original goal of returning to Keldeza for a new life of pleasure, luxury, and debauchery. The Chalice trained him to be one of their warriors, giving him the martial prowess, and an improved education. Turbo has shown remarkable aptitude, particularly when little incentive was needed, as his mental condition was already conducive to reprogramming and a new purpose.

Turbo has shown promise of raising through the ranks quickly, and is losing out his morals and integrity - in short, the last remnants of who he was.

Twilight Cage AUEdit

Following his betrayal at the hands of Super Sonic, Turbo was accidentally taken to the Twilight Cage along with a sampling of the area, thanks to a test-run of the 'Q-Gun'.


Black Arms AUEdit

Unaware of the destruction of his planet at the hands of Black Doom and the Black Arms, Turbo continued to wander about in the hopes of returning to Keldeza. Another capture brought him into the hands of the exacting alien leader, who took a liking to the racer. Compelled to inform him of the fate of his planet, Black Doom nevertheless offered Turbo a place in his ranks for his intense devotion and loyalty to something he just met five minutes before (though the roots of what was more like an obsession ran deeper indeed than even Doom knew). While saddened by the deaths of his loved ones, he took comfort in the fact that at least a few hundred, if not thousands remained alive in captivity, and Turbo took on the offer gratefully, with the newly created rank of Mei-ka, or little lieutenant.

Threads that Turbo was inEdit

  • Crack Team-Up 6/11/10 - Abandoned [Ended as of 11/24/13 due to lack of activity]

External InformationEdit

STC Wikia Entry

  • Turbo is almost religious in his cleaning. This is most likely a result of his culture, which placed a heavy emphasis on the cleansing of the body being tied to the cleansing of the soul, but also, due to many years of slavery, Turbo always feels like he carries the taint and grime of that occupation with him.
  • Turbo appeared in STC #161 and 162 in his debut role, and in STCO Back to School Special (in a cameo role) and #251.