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Watchers in the Jungle

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An emotionally volatile and easily enflamed young demon, Traconian was separated from his home world and thrust onto Mobius' Floating Island, where he currently stalks the native fauna and the occasional fugitive Echidna to sustain himself. All he wants to do is return home, and he really will side with anyone in order to do so.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Trac, Tracko, Tracky

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Birthday: ENTER

Type: INTJ (Maybe)

IQ: 116

Blood Type: B-

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 123

Build: Mild build, slender

Residence: Angel Island (For the moment)

Occupation: none

Marital Status: Married

Likes: (dunno atm xD) Mischief, pranking, playing with his food

Dislikes: (Also dunno) Injustice, his older brother

Fears: Water, darkness


Aspirations/Dreams: Return home

Themesongs: Heart of Courage - Two steps from hell, Gravity Hurts - Someone...Dunno who it's by xD; !


Traconian has a foul mouth most days and a even fouler temper which is quick to ignite. However most days he's a little more reserved and quiet, tries to keep away from public locations in search of solitude. He will seek out trouble when his mind is stagnating, cause fights just to bring back the excitement his demonic instincts strive for. Pessimistic to the end with the odd moments of the 'glass if half-full'. Stubborn and headstrong, when he sets himself on his way there is very little to drive him off course. Hard for him to be befriended but when the connection is made he is loyal if still a cussing sack of meat, if it ever came to it he will forfeit his life for a friend.


Anthromorphic, having a far taller stature than most mobians. His fur is thick over his chest and down his back(more like a mane), tufting out around his elbows, knees, buttock, and around his feet. Patterned splotches cover much of his body that resemble a leopard. Brown fur accents the black leopard print whilte white fur dominates much of his stomach, arms, legs, tail, and face. Oddly enough he is granted a set of wings that span out 24' total, the backs of such wings being mostly brown with decorative black tips while the underside is more plush and white, also having the same black tips. Messy brown hair covers over his head, thick and long, extends out onto his back and into the mane. Bears retractible thin black curved claws both on his back feet and on his hands, designed to shred and kill. Normally he wears nothing but at times will be adorned with a simple green loincloth or poncho, neither on at the same don't look down when he's wearing his poncho, nothing is covering anything down there.


Voice: Dark undertone to his words, deep but not too deep. Having a slight feel of youth to his voice but also that of a killer.

Balance: Near perfect sense of balance, but can at times trip himself up with his tail or wings.

Posture: Poor posture, slouches due to his wings.

Stamina: Moderate stamina, can run long distances if he paces himself but in short bursts of speed can he tire out rather quickly, so he relies upon his wings to ease his usual lacking stamina.

Hearing: Excellent hearing, ears curved and articulated, allowing him to pin point his prey easily.

Climbing: Claws curved and perfect for scaling up trees, if working on rocks these claws tend to wear down. Thus he prefers the use of his wings when scaling up cliffs and mountains.

Speed: Very swift and easily vanishes within thick canopies or underbrush. Doesn't have the speed of Sonic, slower than a cheetah.

Strength: Poor when in hand to hand combat, relies on speed and quick light blows. Or fights dirty with claws and teeth.

Swimming: Can only manage a very sloppy doggy paddle, cannot swim very well.

Computers: "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" - Dr. Eggy

Driving: "I wouldn't trust him behind the wheel if my life depended on it!" - Dr. Eggy


  • Physical: Attacks are similiar at times to kick boxing or boxing, lingering into kung fu styled attacks. Depending on the individual he is fighting.
  • Mental: ENTER
    • Intelligence: Average
    • Sanity: Poor, at times is lost and his own magic takes over in the shape of a monster.
    • Learned: (???)
    • Critical Thinking: poor, doesn't focus much beyond the present and during fights.
  • Learned: ENTER
    • Book-smarts: Doesn't read very often.
    • Street-smarts: Knows how to survive in the wilderness, avoids cities at all costs.
    • Wisdom: Intelligent in some aspects then lacking in many others.
  • Special:
    • Attacks: (stated above Ox; )
    • Martial Arts: (stated above)

      Trac's Demon Form

    • Powers: Orbs of raw energy, black magic. Summoning of physical black magic that can be summoned in large liquid like blobs or formed into solid objects. Traconian is able to turn into his more feral demon form, which helps him increase his attack power and rage. This form, however, is more unstable than the other.
  • Instincts/Reflexes: Lightning fast
  • Chaos: His own insanity brings on a powerful beast, his own body taken over and controlled by the black magic he possesses.


  • Physical: Water and cold
    • General: Water is the polar opposite of his birthed element, being a demon of fire and molten rock.
    • Ailments: Traconian is plagued with some sort of disease that preys upon his usage of magic. The more he exerts himself, the more it acts out against him, consuming him and tainting him. It also causes him to throw up. This limits the amount of actual magic-damage that he can inflict. (symptoms include attacks of harsh burning in chest, difficulty breathing, stabbing pains in the adombinal region. Vomiting of blood.)
    • Allergies: None
  • Mental: Very fragile sense of sanity, easily broken with his rage.
  • Emotional: Anger is his own emotional weakness, clouds his judgement.
  • Learned: (???)
  • Special: Magic weakens him and could kill him
  • Instincts/Reflexes: (stated above)
  • Chaos: (...?)


His own poncho and loincloth, possesses a sword but nothing else beyond this.



Kex - Older insane brother, located back on his home planet (One bad dude)


Born and raised within a different realm, a group of worlds in a far off star system. Born in the realm of the dead, ruled by demons and other monsters that sits against the dark side of a gas giant. He is taken before his eyes were open, hours after his own birth. A cult of death lords (reapers) raise him till the age of one which is when he became a bit too much for them to handle on their own, cast out into a family of anthros. This is where he lives to the age of 4 when they are slaughtered in his brother's enraged attempt to kill him. He's driven off into the dying, diseased forests that are filled with monsters that rival the things in nightmares. He lives and thrives for a full year before being picked up by a miss matched group of mercs. This is where he lives and is taught the finer ways of society, how to fight...and grows to fall in love with another. In his older years through all the fights and struggles against his brother does in one battle is he flung from his world. Sent away and plummeting into Angel Island. Dissoriented and angered...this is where he lives. Idly stalking and killing off the weird big headed creatures for food. Living in solitude while attempting with his own magic to return home, continuing to do so after being stuck upon this strange new planet for nearly a year. But for the moment he is amused with a fleeing white echidna...chased down by another he has seen on the regular occassion traversing the woods he now calls home.

Threads that Traconian was inEdit

Watchers in the Jungle STARTING DATE - ENDING DATE

External InformationEdit

In the Sonic Society environment, Traconian complies with a few of the rules set in place with really minimal changes, such as being able to walk free without a poncho thanks to a pouch, not ripping limbs off people or gutting them, and not dropping the alphabet-bombs to fit every situation. This state might not be entirely natural for him, but he also becomes quite a cutie pie.