The power structure in Guardians is heavily skewed in favour of 'Chaotically Endowed' individuals, and they definitely take a good portion of the character base.

Unendowed (0)Edit

At the very bottom of the power heap are the citizens and the Sigil, who may be augmented along with firearms or political power, but don't really compete.

Vaguely Chaotic (1)Edit

Slightly between non-Chaotic individuals and Guardians are the vaguely Chaotic; these are the people that get slight sparking when interacting with the Emeralds, but don't really get any of those benefits. Slightly extended longevity is one of the perks of being somewhat Chaotic, and the Legion has been experimenting along this line to increase the affinity for Chaos Energy in the vaguely Chaotic and non-Chaotic.

Chaotic (2)Edit

Guardians have relatively high Chaotic affinity, and are endowed with spectacular power that results from such affinity. High Chaos affinity is rare and has been suggested to be in some part genetically linked along a recessive strain, with certain families exhibiting this trait very dominantly from generation to generation, and with the occasional outlier individual who manages to have greater affinity than others in their bloodline. It is important to note that exposure the Master Emerald appears to strengthen this affinity, as seen with Riktor; however, without affinity already established, the raw emissions of this radioactive rock can be truly devastating, particularly in regards to gene expression and lifespan.

Avatars and Demi Gods (3)Edit

Avatars and Demi-Gods exist on a higher level than mortal Chaotics, and for the very good reason that their connection to the Chaos Force makes them effectively immortal. The distinct difference between Avatars and Demi-Gods, which has been a point of concern, is that the Avatars are the mortal vessels raised to be used as mouthpieces and puppets for the gods, whereas Demi-Gods are gods that have been demoted for their crimes or viewpoints. Demi-Gods, however, are capable of taking on Avatars as easily as Gods are.

Gods (4)Edit

Gods maintain their full power and position, and their full range of abilities is not limited to their domain. As exhibited by Enerjak in the Archie Comics (a Demi-God, but useful for the demonstration) the main priority was destruction, but the god was capable of teleportation, transportation of various objects, transformation of organic and inorganic matter, reconfiguration, telepathy, and mental persuasion.

There are only seven Gods in existence in the comic, and each of them is very strongly attached to an emotional center or moral center, to the exclusion of all other emotions. No God can exist in exclusion to other Gods.

Spirits (5)Edit

Spirits are the most powerful forces in the world, and for that reason, there are very few of them. They tend to lie dormant, contented to fulfill their purposes without fuss or bother, although, when awoken, they tend to be very difficult enemies to defeat.