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The Albion Technocracy first existed as a place for technomages to come and live peacefully, to learn and practice their crafts, and raise their families without threat of extermination. Over time, however, it was corrupted by more ambitious leaders, who built up a military ranking, and set on a course to take control of Albion.

These leaders, who were known as Technokrats, strove to be the ruination of all that was not of them. It was nearly the destruction of the Albion Technocracy itself. Since its near fatal collapse, it has been a long time that the society has taken to pull itself back together and staunch the wounds, rebuilding families and facilities.

Militarily, the Albion Technocracy exists in an underground form, similar to a terrorist organization, inspiring fear, and taking control by the roots, slowly and insidiously. In more legal forms, however, it was responsible for some of the heights of technological progress that Albion ever saw, in its heyday, both by power, and by the great minds that came out of their training. The A-Techna also continues to exist as a haven for the technomages that reside there. Read More...

About the Wiki

The Sonic Society is a forum-based role play with tangential private rps, random artwork, and elaborate character journals! We take the story and characters seriously, but not ourselves, so if you like writing long, prosaic pieces detailing action, adventure, mayhem, and even romance that exemplify the character that you love, and want some place to party down, Sonic Society is the place for you!!!

UPDATE: As of July 1, 2012, the forum and the wiki exist as hosting to role play and events. All role play and event origins will take place on tumblr now, as we've had some issues with getting rpers together and finding long-lasting matches. Continuity still continues along the set worlds and storylines listed, and most tumblr events are taken to be canon along these continuities.

If you were not a member of the original SS group, or through the tumblr-extension, you do not have permission to edit these pages or add information. If you are associated through tumblr, you may have information about your character and au placed on here, or taken down, at your discretion. This is merely a place to keep pertinent information and character logs for centralised information and updates.

UPDATE: As of February 21, 2015, the wiki is making extended efforts to mark, separate, and distinguish Ken Penders-claimed characters, settings, and situations from community creations and Archie canon. The tagging system is our way of representing this claim as-is without impeding or infringing upon our conceptions regarding 'copyright', especially as it pertains to the legal jurisdictions of the roleplay forum and fan-works created here. This is following the same measure of attribution to fandom creators, as well as character attribution to specific media sources from which they originated. Especially as we move toward new-252 Archie canon and Guardians-fanon, the KtE-canon and associated characters have become increasingly dicey in legal usage, and the toxicity of creator reception has ensured that we will limit our involvement with these characters to an accurate description of past usage, and a fitting send-off for the years we enjoyed them. Unless otherwise notified, we will not be placing Penders-claimed creations into public usage in any future forums, events, role-play, community, or fan-works.

About Sonic Society

Sonic Society is a multi-planed, multi-zone text-based role playing game, without the dice or stats to back it up. Similar to other forum-based or chatroom-based rp, there is a basic storyline involving character portrayals through third-person narrative, and interaction is the name of the game. The forum tries to maintain a high standard of excellence though, and so long as the rules are followed, everyone is able to play happily.

In our continuation through Tumblr, there are no longer any barriers to play and thus entry. However, usage and editing of this site is limited to those who those who actually interact with SS-members, or are themselves members. We're getting way too much spam! If you have not contacted the Administrator regarding access to editing and addition of characters, your edits will be summarily removed.

How to Help

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Pages are tagged according to their completion. Some of the pages here have only partial info, missing information related to personal details and character history. The formatting for each page has been added in advance. You can also contact me on the Wiki Forum for comments and suggestions if you're familiar with how Wiki pages work. Things might not look pretty yet, but I'm working on it!

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