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God-centered cult and protectorate


Echidnopolis and Albion


Continuing, but underground

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Familiar Chant: "May his name be praised, may his commands be obeyed, and may he live on in our memory." This is repeated at the start and end of every session, usually, when Enos-Jakosha is mentioned.

The Order has a form of ritual cleansing that occurs upon entrance of the facilities, partly to come before their god in worship purified, and partly for sanitation reasons. Particularly with how... close.... certain members become, perfect sanitation and cleansing is encouraged beyond worship.

Fellow members of the Order are encouraged to form strong bonds with each other as brothers and sisters, but some also take it further by forming relationships on a more physical level. There are a few complications if the members are married, but all encounters take place on premises, in quarters, and do not extend beyond the Order facilities. Additionally, with the suggestion of keeping hoods down and identities fully concealed except for initiation, these encounters may be the only times that their real faces might be seen. Bonds like this between members are said to be deeper, more personal and intimate, and more fulfilling than other relationships, and it is thought that an increased process of Soul Touch between members contributes to this, overriding even marital bliss.

The Order might have a slight rivalry with the Arms of Aurora, which was the more predominant cult, but which also was one of the factions responsible for hunting down and illegalizing the worship of their Enerjak.


The Order came into being after the persecution and destruction of the Temple of Enos-Jakosha, and the removal of the temple and priesthood from legal standing. Forced to worship in secret, the few remaining priests and the faithful noticed with alarm that the texts and customs were being bluntly eradicated even from history itself, and they coalesced to keep the worship surviving, even if for a little while.

The head priest became the leader of the Order, and began to circulate the teachings and speculations about the Book of Prophecies, opened and public to true worshippers for the first time. Major conventions were disregarded in order to keep themselves alive; they poured over the dense scripts and tiny Ancient Echidnian texts, struggling through Order-taught courses in able to fully read it, and trying to comprehend what the loss of their god meant for them.

In the interim, the priests and worshippers took on codenames to leave messages for each other, wary of authorities that would literally exterminate them on site. It was the first head priest that took on the codename of Osa, and appointed all followers with Ancient Echidnian letters as their own codenames. Shortly after taking on codenames, they discovered one of the less well-known prophecies hidden in one of the pieces of ritual equipment. The cleaned and illuminated text revealed that there were three pieces each of their god, and their god's "companion"; should these pieces be reunited, their god would return, in all of his glory. That became the mission of the Order.

Several generations went by, but the hatred and suspicion of the defiled god and his worshippers only remained. When offered the opportunity to move from volatile Albion to Downunda, they took it, and every member of the then-tiny Order emigrated from Albion to the new colony, taking the only known texts remaining of the Book of Prophecies (all splinters of the full volume), and all of their ritual equipment.

They found Echidnopolis a perfect place to blend in, and laboured hard to build the settlement into an incredible city, working in hidden passages and determining a system of houses and places to hold their meetings. (This area, currently known as the Old District, is really the only part of the original restructuring still present; though the brick and copper style buildings are out of date and style, they mysteriously still remain by the financial power of a few strong and well-known investors....)

Well hidden as upstanding members of society, members of the Order never acknowledged each other in public for any connection other than social ties, and this was reinforced by making each member wear long, flowing robes that concealed their features; this was for their own safety as members of the Order, and to ensure that even if one of them was captured, they would be unable to point out any member.

After years and decades of careful hiding, they began to loosen their worries, and quietly recruit on university campuses, bringing in new blood into their Order as well as grooming the children of their members for a new turnover. Among these recruits was the young but promising Dimitri, who was easily swayed by them, had a proficient understanding in Ancient Echidnian, and had long been fascinated by the worship of Enos-Jakosha, and how a god could be reviled and forgotten in such short amount of time, a complete turnabout of how it was before. He was long a member of the Order before discovering himself to be a portion of the fallen god.


To ressurect the purest form of Enerjak, whom they worship.


Excerpt from the last Osa's Will: ...Should you read this, you will know I have not passed from this realm, like my fathers before me, but have joined the cult of Death, a position which I fear I have craved too long, and which bears fruit the likes of which I feel I shall never see in the Order of the Enerjak. (Page 4)

Aye, the Enerjak, most hated and reviled of the gods... the name is suited to him. And so I pass on to my higher calling in another priesthood. I beg of you, whoever reads this, not to reveal this... indiscretion to the followers, pure of heart and will as they are. This is their path, unlike mine. I have fulfilled my part. The Enerjak we have created is not failed, and has not been destroyed, so do not pass him off as such. A mere consultation of any one of the books I have left behind for my selected 'heir' would show rather more of an incubation period. Patience, children. You might never taste the goal in your lifetime, but at his awakening, you will have the cold logic of the man we have trained, and we shall have, through one selection of genetic manipulation, the perfect key to locating the others. Just stay by his side. (Page 4,5)

I have lied to Menniker, child that he is, and having watched his father 'die' as he did. To Menniker, and to Steppenwolf, who should never know the truth of how his father sacrificed and made an ultimate decision regarding his brother... Steppenwolf has already been raised in some knowledge of protecting the few Emeralds left... ensure that the child becomes a true Guardian, and use the untimely death of his father as fuel, if need be. Menniker has plans for the Order... a much better leader than your truant and nigh treasonous Osa might be.... (Ah sweet Death, your rites which [obscured])... (Page 12)

Ensure also that at some point, our society and the fledgeling guardian should once again reunite. It is not proper that they have been separated by this most clandestine of events, with little knowledge of the true depth of the situation. Included in my will are plans for the... base, which I have optimistically titled 'Sanctuary'. It should be the final and permanent resting place for our much wearied followers... the museum which has often been hidden and trekked about, the history and lore that must, above all else, remain.... the fallen bodies, recovered someday of... your ancestors. (Page 13 - 15)

And maybe they may train as one, protecting that Emerald, guarding the mines on the spinning world below... fully knowledgable in our long and impressive history... The schism no longer need divide... not more than one generation, I think. Let them know. (Page 18)



  • Uta
  • Jata
  • Shaezer-Ku a.k.a. 'Osa'




  • Albion Technocracy - Another Sister-Society, they actually trained each Osa in hacking and other technology manipulation... assuming that each Osa is in some part a technomage.... (we won't really press that matter too much, evidently they weren't trained to be mages...)