A design by Z-Sama, the AuDO cybernetic graft is designed to produce crystal clarity in the ears and in general hearing, whether one had hearing difficulty, varying degrees of deafness, or disfunction. The device has two prongs and a cannister-shaped cylinder between them, both incredibly small. The input prong takes the aural vibrations and transmits them through the cylinder, which replicates the hammer-anvil-stirrup purpose, and which translates the vibrations into electronic stimulation to be sent through the brain by the output prong.

The updated version, AuDO2, is capable of receiving aural vibrations and transmitting the electronic impulses to the brain without the cylinder or prong design. A small disc, it carries the benefit of better aesthetics, and can also pick up radio and walkie-talkie feeds.

Chaos InhibitorsEdit

Shadow: A series of four rings, located one-per-limb at their termini. These bracelets and anklets have clasps and hinges included in their otherwise seamless exterior, and have integrated circuitry that gently siphons away energies emanating from the core of his person and wicks it out into a more dispersed radius.

Chaos SiphonEdit


Dimitri's Chaos Siphon

Dimitri: The ambitious Islander's design for the Chaos Siphon was an externalised panel with radiation shielding. A device similar to a vacuum would remove the Chaos Energy through the use of a negative Chaos polarity, thus attracting the positive radiances toward it. However, the Siphon's battery was limited in its capacity, obviously not designed to work with the power of even one Chaos Emerald, let alone 12. The off-switch was the first meter to collapse with the increasing surge of raw power, and with Dimitri's hands hooked into place to hold it steady, the radiation was easily able to course through his body. A prototype.


Finitevus' later version of the Chaos Siphon suit.

Finitevus: Finitevus' design was similar to Dimitri's, though the full-body suit was intended to protect the wearer from Dimitri's mistakes, while better channelling the Chaos Energy. For non-'Chaos Sympathetics', as the ungifted channeler with the modest modecum of ability would be called, any exposure to intense degrees of Chaos Energy could end up easily killing the user. For Finitevus, even with an externalised and separate switch, the full intensity of impure and negative Chaos Energy overloaded even the suit's defences, exposing him to the dangerous and unpredictable radiances.

Siphon ref

Zachary mentions the usage of his Siphon and its effects.


The large-scale Siphon built by the Syndicate.

Dr. Zachary: Zachary's design for the Chaos Siphon was one that involved a rather large basing. It was not intended to be worn, but to actually draw Chaos Emeralds and ambient Chaos Energy in toward a specific location. The result would be the complete destruction of the surrounding zone.

Shadow the Hedgehog: In STC, as a being built out of Chaos Energy, he was able to summon the Emeralds closer toward him, for the end result of annihilation of a zone. He was never successful, but he did demonstrate his ability rather clearly, particularly in the subsequent destruction of the Special Zone.

Future siphon

Lien-Da's new version of the Chaos Siphon

M:XYL: Lien-Da and the Dark Presence were able to create another externalized Chaos Siphon. This version, which looked like a cannon, was used to release King Shadow from his Chaos Prison. It was mentioned that this device took 5 years to construct, and probably without the aid of Dimitri, who was unaware of her whereabouts. Possible aid in construction could have come from Finitevus (who was also the likely father of her child, Rutan), another who had created a viable Chaos Siphon.


Knux Egg-O-Matic

Apparently, even Knuckles has driven it...

Dr. Eggman's personal preference in transportation, in particular when incoporated into 'Boss Battle' mech. The Egg-O-Matic was designed and configured to provide safe, clean, hover-technology in the form of a chair, affording absolute ease and comfort as well as unheard of speeds to fully pose a challenge to a certain hedgehog... SOON

Egon's ShovelEdit

Such a beautiful and simple weapon. Two and a half feet tall, its blade is about 10 inches in diameter and extends for an additional 10 inches of height. The components are iron and wood, easily found and replaced at any hardware store, although he's taken care to sharpen the shovel-blade for much more sinister uses than uprooting a dead stump.

The shovel is capable of inflicting blunt force trauma and deep lacerations; the pre-Genesis tumblr incarnation has proved it his preferred weapon in his cannibalistic ventures. It is uncertain whether the current tumblr version of Egon has or uses such a shovel, but if so, he definitely isn't using it for killing and consuming his fellow Mobians.

Flexion Joint CR-001 - CR-005Edit

A design by Z-Sama, the joint designs CR-001 - CR-005 are robotic joints specifically made to replicate the motion and flexion of a standard Mobian arm, the motions at the elbow, which include rotation, flexion, and some degree of give. The joint should respond sympathetically to neural impulses connected through synthetic nerves, and has an extra wrap of receptors that tell the brain faster than any computer diagnostic if there is any issue with the joint in question.

Rather than a simple hinge, the joint is a complex fusion of various components that all seek to externally and internally replicate the muscles necessary to provide such motion, including providing its own power source for such bursts of motion, and making each action as natural as possible.

CR-001 was deemed too bulky, even though, at the time, it was the most advanced joint of its type. CR-002 replaced its brother a year later, a much slimmer model that was roughly the size of a mega blaster, when counted with an electronic arm, but had heating issues. CR-003 was a highly stripped down version, roughly the equivalent of technological bones, and was compatible with other technological components.

Holo-gen TechnologyEdit

Short for Hologram Generator (the process itself is also referred to as 'holo-gen', but is short for Holographic Generation), the concept was pioneered by multiple scientists and science fiction writers over the years, who had different prototypes, but no distinct way to make it applicable, either in the laboratory, or in the commercial field. 'Z-Sama' changed that.

His first work towards a functional model of a Hologram Generator was in his #### doodles:



Mag GravEdit

Magnetic Anti-Gravitation, shorthand Mag Grav. Designed by the Technocracy, the concept is rather simple, but has a host of benefits, particularly in medicine.

While the joint implants no longer work simply with two magnets, the first generation did indeed. These magnetic pogs were imbedded in the tuburcles of major bones and the next subsequent joint, taking the pressure off the knees and elbows by a gentle push up.

The second generation of these implants tied in with the new infrastructure of the city - a highly positive-polarized grid covering every inch of ground. Implantation of the pogs in the wrists prevented falling and breaking one's wrist, as well as other costly injuries, and greatly improved the quality of life.






The Oxy-Vent itself is a device originally designed to be carried in all ambulances. It regulates the flow of oxygen without the need to constantly pump a rubber bag of air into a person's lungs, thus freeing up a pair of hands for an EMT to work on stemming bloodflow or establishing stable conditions until they could reach the hospital.

The original Oxy-Vent was electronically based and worked off of oxygen in the area, an effective and far more natural suction and pump device that kept the body well supplied with oxygen. The idea was also the basis for his Oxy-Vent Mask, which has also been popular.


Oxy-Vent MaskEdit

Based off the ventillation apparatus installed in ambulances to provide oxygen to the accident victim, the Oxy-Vent Mask is a small, lightweight strap-on mask, electrically powered through the emissions of various organic products and enzymes in cartridges, or through a 20 minute charging period, so as to operate even when the power source is down in the ambulance or on the grid. Z-Sama designed this mask to improve the ventillation apparatus situation, since the last model on the market had been in use for a good forty years without any innovation; he also hinted toward a bad experience with ambulances and equipment therein which might have instigated this trend toward rapid medical updates from his logs.

The small plastic button on the side of the mask turns it on, lighting up the mask with a calming blue light, and immediately beginning to intake, filter, and force air to the wearer's lungs. The filter-vents on the sides dispell the carbon-dioxide heavy discharged air, without fogging up the mask. The body of the mask is a gel mold, fitting over both nose and mouth of the user in the most comfortable manner possible. It is viable for a good three hours per charge, or per cartridge.

Rapelling GunEdit

An air-powered compact device easily able to be stowed inside a coat or boot, the rapell gun shoots a three-pronged claw out on a 200 foot nylon cable and allows the user to jump down to safety.


RE-GEN is a small aerosol cannister carried by every military and paramedic unit in Echidnopolis, Albion, and the Hidden City Provinces. Not only does it have healing agents and intense amounts of tranquillizers in it, but it also contains a currently unknown compound which promotes the formation of new skin-layers overtop the wound. The combination of the two is an almost miraculous healing factor, which has saved countless lives.

Restraining CollarEdit


Two forms of the restraining collar are currently well received in the multiverse, despite their ancient basis, and almost inhumane application. Both colloquially referred to as a "shock collar", the locked metal device emits varying intensities of an electronic discharge to warn, incapacitate, or nullify the wearer.


The use of the gold-coloured Restraining Collar against Scourge the Hedgehog

In Mobius Prime, the No Zone requires and regulates the use of restraining collars against all incoming convicts. A gold coloured and rounded object with no visible nodes or locks, the collar was designed to be asthetically pleasing, to appear more like a ring than a collar. Whether this campaign has actually made wearing them more bearable to the convicts remains to be seen. These restraining collars also have the curious ability to constrict, also making them a potentially lethal weapon in a manner of choking devices.

In Mobius Beta, however, the collars were used almost exclusively on the slave population to prevent disobedience or running away. The collars are generally black with various silver panellings on it, which light up to warn the bearer, or during an 'obedience session'. It is impossible for the bearer to remove their own shock collar, but a heavy and quick close-range assault from outside can generally break the collar.

Scepter of DarknessEdit

The weapon in fact used to cage Mephiles the Dark.




A nigh-medieval appliance intended to be used on ankles, with the general implication of some degree or another of permanent injury. Unlike common shackles, clamps are looser rings made of either metal or treated hardwood, almost orbitting the ankle bone. It is placed in a manner where the natural motions of the ankle are prohibited; the front of the ring prevents the foot from making an upward motion, and an additional measure is taken out on the ankle bone itself.

On both sides of the ring, near the opening and the hinge, are two large, thick screws. These are screwed in tightly into the flesh, and, depending on the malice of the master, might stop there as a firm irritant, or might break through skin and bone entirely. Most prefer to screw it in midway through, resulting in definite skin breakage and some degree of shattering and breakage to the bone. The screws are made of the same material as the shackles, and can only be inserted or removed with a special tool; no normal chisel or screwdriver could have a chance at them. Additional measures are taken to prevent removal by tarring over the screws.

An uncommon but still valid alteration to the clamps allow it to act in some manner as a shackle: two loops, one on each side, which are usually placed around or on top of the screws, allowing the owner to add chains and connect the legs or the arms to the legs. However, the main point of the clamps have always been the screws, which leave the slave only able to walk a zombie-like, pained shuffle about the place.

The clamps are most commonly used on the Saranj, a race known for their unwillingness to be submissive, and their unnatural speed. It is believed that at one point these clamps were used on Turbo and Ana, though both were able to remove theirs before serious injury, and have no visible alteration of ability to show for it, unlike their unfortunate brethren.


Speed RailEdit

The speed rail, a construct of the now-ancient Echidnian civilization, was an above-ground, clean transit, running on a combination of direct solar power, and the excess solar energy stored in batteries for access all periods of day and night, and all weather situations. It utilized magnets to keep the rail as friction free as possible, and an electronic navigation system operating from a master control center which kept accidents from occurring, and modulated the speed for the safest and fastest available travel.

The speed rail usually took between 3 to 30 cars, each with the carrying capacity of about 40 people. Each car contained 10 rows of benches in two columns, benches back to back to conserve spacing, able to seat 2 people. Tables were located at every face-to-face bench junction, and small luggage was able to be stowed above the seats, in a metal rack, or below.

The speed rail attained speeds of up to 300 miles per hour, and generally cost about $3 a ticket, between two adjacent stations, a mere matter of adding up the number of stations the distance requires for total cost. Cars usually showed up at stations every 15 minutes, and the speed rail had a fine and long-standing reputation of cleanliness, polity, and integrity.

It was improved upon by the Byron Brothers previous to their work on the Chaos Siphon

Sub-Dermal SensorsEdit

As its name suggests, these sensors are located just under the skin. The mechanics are linked into the nerves, instead of a power source, and either provide or amplify sensations such as moisture, temperature, and pressure. Comprised of a thin sheet of circuitry and connected sensors, altogether thinner than a piece of rice paper, they were designed by a 'Z-sama' to provide sensation to burn victims and others without the ability to feel through other accidents. In the paper accompanying the blueprints and diagrams, 'Z-sama' discussed how to implant these cybernetics along with tissue or skin grafts.

Since their arrival, the Technocracy and the Chalice Heart have both effectively integrated the new technology, to positive results, and this technology has also surfaced in making even metal upgrades feel more like their flesh counterparts.

Dr. Phineas, Corbyn, Kormandyr, and Pimp Phineas all have sub-dermal sensors visible in certain areas of their body.


The TornadoEdit

Sonic's Plane. MORE SOON

Warp RingsEdit

Warp Ring

One of Finitevus' Warp Rings

Dr. Finitevus' personal mode of transportation, and a handy aid in battle for changing the plane and aspect at which events occur, similar to the technology behind the portal gun in the eponomous video games, Finitevus apparently created them out of pure Chaos Energy, according to Mr. Ian Flynn.

Warp Rings defy physics, but in and of that expression, a matter of the power of Chaos Energy when used and manipulated properly. It takes a great deal of both imagination and intellect in order to appropriately calculate the specific angle and trajectory that the paired rings need to be in order to inflict damage on his enemy, not only from himself, but from his enemies as well.


A single Warp Ring is all that is needed for travel within when the user is completely through...

He has a total of 16 Warp Rings on his body at all time. Four each to a limb, set in what appear to be ring holders, or leg warmers, over each limb, from wrist to elbow. They can be ejected and retracted at any moment by a thought, but two must be on the playing field at all time, according to initial thought. Recent evidence has proved that only one is necessary when travelling, though two are necessary when they are close enough, in order to complete the circuit.

Current owners of Warp Rings other than Finitevus' main 16 include:

  • Dr. Zachary: 3, considered bangles, representations of their begrudging friendship

Whisper BladesEdit

Long, thin, lightweight swords with a strange almost alumminum appearance to them, the Whisper Blades are so named for their electronic function that allows them to vibrate at incredibly rapid speeds. Thusly equipped, the blades cleanly slice through their intended target with little to no resistance, and only a whisper of noise as it slices air and flesh alike.

The material is forged to be as lightweight and resonant as possible, and its alloy nature results in a very difficult time to dull them. Swords are poured rather than hammered, and a specific mold and process is required to allow the .25 cm thick blade to store the wirings and terminals needed to cause it to vibrate. Additional holes in the blade itself increase its feather-weight, though it becomes more difficult to clean.

Whisper Blades were outlawed by the Technocracy (the only makers and owners of these blades) shortly before the reign of the Magisters. They were confiscated and melted down. Owners of these blades have a very expensive black market property on their hands, as well as the best blades in the world, if not their known galaxy.


  • Casimyr was confirmed to carry them
  • Sasha bears 2 abnormally long Whisper Blades
  • Corbyn has a rather complete collection of these blades, a few earned from battles with rogue technomages, and has converted his very favourites to be sheathed in long batons, only a button flick away from rapid spring, or retraction.


Zachary's ArmEdit

The crude technology previously replacing the doctor's arm was primarily centered around a rather large ion cannon, capable of three shots of high-intenisty supercharged ionic particles before overheating. A detachable sight allowed long range precision shots, and several channels located around the barrel worked to cool it. Mobility was achieved mainly through visible gears and mechanisms, and the wires were left open to the outside, rather than under any sort of superficial casing.

Upgraded by the Chalice Heart, a much sleeker cannon was cooled by nitro, and the cooling time adjusted to roughly 5 seconds, making shooting nearly limitless. The cannon was powered by a shard of the Master Emerald, and this allowed the ionic charges even greater power and destructive ability.

The new arm cannon retracts into a natural looking, fully-articulated hand, with sensors delicate enough to register pressure and temperature. The anterior face of the arm acts as a data pad and keyboard, while hooked in to his electronic eye. It also maintains the power levels and registers how much energy he has until the next recharge is necessitated.

A terminal located at his elbow hosts the outlet for him to plug in and recharge.

Zachary's EyesEdit

After his accident, Zachary was forced to replace both of his eyes in emergency surgery after one literally melted out of his socket, and the other was seriously damaged by blunt force trauma and less-significant burns. The outside framework of the eye is made of a light airplane-grade plating similar to ceramic which reflects light well enough. The red colouration of the irises are made of an industrial pigmentation used in military technology and known for its refraction capabilities and ease of vision - previously used for stealth planes and other experimental technology. The iris in itself has zoom fuctions similar to that of a camera to mimic the dialation and contraction of the pupils, and this has only a small whirring noise, scarcely audible. The dialation and contraction occurs at normal organic levels and requires no conscious thought to operate.