Character Information


3 cycles old


Male-Presenting Null



SS Debut

Welcome, Mr. Egg-Friend~!

Comic Debut


A certified robot assassin working under Dr. Eggman, Tamago nevertheless has a childish nature totally incongruent with his line of work, which tends to disarm his opponents. A highly inquisitive and puppy-like creature, he carries the universal hatred of his 'siblings', who often plot to do him in or get rid of him as a threat to their standing, and to their reputation as a whole.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Tama, Tamago-san

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Type: N/A

IQ: ~100-105

Blood Type: N/A

Height: 3'0"

Weight: ENTER

Build: ENTER

Residence: Egg Dome

Occupation: Assassin Robot

Marital Status: Unmarried

Favourite Food: Soy Sauce and WD-40

Hobbies/Talents: ENTER

Themesongs:【SONIC THE HEDGEHOG】ハリネズミ+闇でウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) by NicoNico DOUGA, Carmell, and Netamaker like the weeaboo trash he is

【手書き】ソニックの皆さんでケロ⑨destiny 【SONIC】 - Kero ⑨ Destiny: Sonic Version by NicoNico DOUGA, Suwako Moriya, and Ina☆


Very bright and cheerful, Tamago-san acts much like a toddler when it comes to interacting with the world, and doesn't really seem to be cut out for the assassin work he was programmed for. However, he sees missions as a form of play-time, so consequently can come off rather terrifying. Because of his realistic emotions and personality traits, the heroes view him as closer kin to the recent henchbots, and are unwilling to move to destroy him, so he seems totally unaware of the possibility of injury from his own weaponry, or from his enemy's hands.


Eternally youthful.


Voice: Metallic, yet melodic, on a higher pitch than assassin robots usually sport. One would think him full of mirth, or just barely hiding a secret from the way he talks. Also, in a sing-songy voice, with respectful titles at the end of everyone's name, similar to Cream or Bokkun, but in a more weeaboo manner.

Balance: Tamago is very well balanced, but often shows this off with jumping around or 'wobbling' with his arms spread out as far as they can go, like a toddler walking in rainpuddles, or on top of a low-rise concrete divider.

Posture: Tamago's posture is the same preset as all robots serving under Eggman have.

Stamina: If his 'older brother' picks a fight with him, he instantly reverts to a servile mode with no stamina whatsoever. However, on the battlefield, his primary function takes over, and he is really quite long-lasting, similar to Omega.

Hearing: His hearing, like all new robots in Eggman's employ, is phenomenal, able to surpass human hearing at both ends of the spectrum, and thus, incredibly helpful at picking up code frequencies and picking locks.

Climbing: A combination of his strength and balance, Tama climbs very well, so long as he's digging his own grips and footholds. Prior to that strategy, he was always falling because the rocks couldn't support his weight.

Speed: Tamago's speed rivals 'older brother' Metal Sonic. He is still not as fast as the older robot, but he has a few more pounds worth of murdering mechanisms, while Metaru's primary purpose is racing.

Strength: One of his higher points. Since Eggman made every stressor and pumping mechanism strong (the only reason why he happens to be so fast with so much weight), Tamago can take on a good deal of stresses and weight without any real challenge. For his size, however, he's currently been tested for 3 and a half tons, and has only been stopped there at fear of crushing him should he falter in a test.

Swimming: Should not be attempted by the robot. He is not, after all, waterproof.

Computers: This little robot is able to plug in with just about any mainframe, whether wireless or tactile.

Driving: He has no need to drive, with legs and rocket-boots, but he would probably be able to with some degree of proficiency, should he ever download a tutorial. He tried driving the Egg-o-Matic once... big mistake.


  • Mekkion - Brother
  • Oviku/Ovoku/Ovaku - Brother
  • Orbot - Sibling, younger
  • Cubot - Sibling, younger
  • Traconian Akimoto - He worked with this guy before, and holds deep admiration for him


  • Sonic the Hedgehog - His programmed enemy, though he has not had the pleasure of meeting him yet.
  • To some degree Metaru who sees him as a threat to his relationship with Eggman, and wants to kill him so that Metaru can be the only one who receives the love.


Where there is a void, there soon is something to fill it. And in a world with no Scratch and Grounder, no Coconuts, no Sleet and Dingo, no Bokkun, and certainly a world in which Orbot and Cubot hadn't yet come into existence, there was Tamago. 

Tamago was initially a more personal project, a fusion of Metal Sonic's tried and true aesthetic combined with Eggman's preferences. Designed as a learning robot, he was outfitted with medium-range firepower to bring the balance between the E-series and the Metal Sonic line, hopefully bridging intelligence with loyalty, compromising a little of speed for a little strength, a little firepower for a little maneuverability. The end result was to be an advanced class of assassin, capable of precise targeting and speedy elimination, all while able to praise the glory of the Eggman Empire. Eggman codenamed this project 'Tamago-san', literally 'Egg-friend', clearly marking a new point of divergence from the Sonic imitations.

While the conception was lofty, the result failed to meet the impatient roboticist's expectations. Tamago was indeed a learning robot, with one of the most advanced AIs in existence, outstripping Nicole in terms of processing and believability. He was in every way comparable to a Mobian brain, with a range of emotions, lateral thinking, and cognition, all traits Eggman was looking for in an idealized assassin. However, with his very early stages of development, Tamago mirrored the developmental traits of a toddler, processing an incredible amount of new information about the world with little pre-cognition to understand the world around him, and still working to understand how he related to it. Alongside this perceived lack of understanding was a serious immaturity; Tamago was programmed to see Eggman not only as a creator, but as a father-figure, an object of affection, in an effort to combat the Metal series's pronounced independence and churlishness. The Tamago prototype doted on Eggman like a son, using a cutesy mish-mash of English and Japanese to convey his affections.

Instead of creating a calculating murder-machine, Eggman had spawned an innocent, naive, under-developed AI that distilled all of his weeaboo traits into an almost repulsive physical form. Viewing this as yet another failure, Eggman deactivated his weapon tracks and placed him into long-term storage, where Tamago was further deprived of mental and physical stimulations and forced to put himself into extended sleep modes to endure the lengthy period of time. With the intellect of a toddler and nothing to encourage development along, Tamago didn't even know enough to pin guilt and loathing on Eggman, and when discovered, only returned to his happiness and his deep devotion to his creator and his fellow creations.

External InformationEdit

The version of the Eggman Empire which Tamago was built into is a fusion of Archie and SEGA forms, in which there are multiple Metal Sonics in the series:

  • Metal Sonic V.1 - called 'Mekkion' by Tamago, not to be confused with the actual Mecha Sonic; this version is a legacy build more for nostalgia purposes than actual use and as such is not equipped with any modern upgrades
  • Metal Sonic V.2 - called 'Ovaku' by Tamago, this version formed the pronounced features of 'Neo Metal Sonic' circa Sonic Heroes, and is the most rebellious and self-effacing of his 'siblings'
  • Metal Sonic V.2.5 - currently Shard although previously mis-named Mecha Sonic; both Version 2s were dependent upon 'power gem' batteries, and this version was stabilized
  • Metal Sonic V.3* - called 'Metaru' by Tamago, the most current Metal Sonic, synonymous with the present forms in both game and comic

/*For the purposes of the discussion of Sonic Society Archives, the various subsets of Version 3 will not be detailed out here, and are not considered integral to the series information for both the character and the Metal Sonic line. Further information on this build can be found here.

The Metal Sonic line does not include earlier prototypes like Pseudo Sonic and the Silver Sonics, which were unrefined versions leading up to this more successful release. Tamago considers these subsets from the Metal Sonic line his 'siblings', and doesn't appear to have familiarity with any other Badnik or assistant-bot, due to his period of creation.

Metal Sonic V.0, the original prototype, does not appear to be around, although V.1 and V.2 continue to exist as legacy builds. Tamago calls him 'Haipa', possibly a transliteration of 'Hyper'.