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After the dethronement of King Scourge, the green hedgehog flees into the forest to survive. His Suppression Squad has betrayed him, and the locals no longer support him. He fears for his life. Due to the approaching winter conditions, he tries to find shelter, bitterly moaning about the revolt and trying to think of ways to get his kingdom back.

Myles, the current true voice of power for Moebius, watches Scourge leaving from the roof of the Citadel. He plans some sort of bid to truly take over Moebius, instead of having to answer to the Squad, and figures that Scourge will be the ideal pawn. He heads out into the Great Forest with survival gear as an offering to the cold former king. His initial plan was to bring him daily provisions to survive and gain the trust of Scourge.

As it begins to rain, he attracts the attention of the wayward king, who doesn't believe his lies, but appreciates the gift of food and blankets. Myles makes his plea voiced, and also claims that he is lost, thus posing no threat to him; rather, needing his help and willing to get him back to the throne in exchange for a return to his cushy home.

For the mean time, with Scourge being an absolute brat and Myles simpering along, the fox agrees to show him a hidden cabin where they could stay and keep out of the rain and out of sight while formulating their return. Scourge is still suspicious and asks for proof that Myles isn't simply lying about being lost and needing his help. Myles continues the dramatics, unable to actually prove that he is lost, but trying to make a case for it in words. He offers Scourge the brains to his brawn; a plan to rouse the Squad out of the seat of power and restore Scourge to his rightful place. While Scourge doesn't believe it, he's willing to take what Myles can give him, for now.

Myles quickly proves that he isn't as lost and helpless as he initially told the hedgehog; he's able to determine where north is, brought a compass, and sets off in the direction he believes the safe house to be; until he realises he really is lost. Scourge, who thinks himself to be underestimated by the little brat, supplies him with the direction he needs, though the two almost come to blows thanks to Myles' vitriolic burst. They quickly dissolve into silence, unused to, and unfavouring the current company.

With one burst of action, Scourge actually shows Myles that he found the place before him, throwing the kid into a hill in the process. What remains is to be found in the next thread...


  • Scourge attempts to get throne back.
  • Myles will doublecross.


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Soon to Come

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  • The first roleplay involving Scourge on the new forums, this thread acted as a reset on the last Scourge's timeline
  • Scourge has been dethroned and has fled, like in the comics, but instead of being captured, has been living in the forest in Moebius


Soon to Come