The story is composed of five arcs, originally moving a little closer to the pre-Reboot (canon prior to issue #252) Archie universe in line with Flynn's point of pick-up, now moving from that storyframe to new-252 universe at the conclusion of the fifth arc. Each arc has its own main villain or problem that Knuckles encounters, and each its own movement toward maturation of the character. The initial idea was to re-create a history for Knuckles that would fall in line with Flynn's direction for the character, especially the Enerjak: Reborn arc and its aftermath. Guardians will parallel that event in its own god arc, borrowing liberally from the Knuckles-Finitevus-Dimitri dichotomy. Regretably, thanks to the universal white-out, this project now represents a lost history, a Byronic tragedy of its own: 'Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair'; for all of this growth, development, and reach, the Guardians timeline must inevitably be erased to proceed with the current canonical progression of the story.

As each issue is produced, each will receive its own page with a full plot summary, quotations, related characters, and other information. This page is dedicated to arc plots and summaries, and general overview of the story.


We're introduced to Knuckles, the current Guardian of the Master Emerald, an arcane and ineffable power source that keeps the Floating Island aloft. He's returning from a period of solitude!

A Seedy UnderweavingEdit


A Long Distant PastEdit


Ships in the NightEdit