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The timeline of the first version of SS followed closely to a comic that its moderators had created to accompany it, as well as Archie plotlines from 2000-2006ish. To start, it was largely Archie-based with a little bleed-over from STC, thus, the inclusion of Dr. Zachary in a world which previously had not recognized him. There was an alteration in the conditional truths of this timeline due to a long-term plot by Dr. Eggman, in which certain relationships and life events were proven to be part of a simulation designed to demotivate the heroes or keep them out of his plans. This simulation became the 'dominant reality' for a series of life-model androids patterned off key members of the team: namely, Sonic-R and Knuckles-R. Post-simulation then dealt with these new third-party figures, as well as modifications to Dr. Eggman's regime. The simulation detail acted as a form of 'reboot' for the removal of several roleplayers and a significant accumulation of fan-characters, like the woefully named Knuxgilvie. Additional characterization of the Yuku board was significant tangents related to 'what if' shipping threads. These were initially also supposed to be depicted in comic form, but in-fighting between moderators led to the dissolution of comic representation, and of the board itself. The board was unfortunately wiped on Yuku during one of their non-activity sweeps, and has been lost to time.


Sonic and Knuckles fell deeply in love with each other, but had difficulty expressing their sexuality, much less their crushes on each other. Mere happenstance allowed them to bridge the gap and form the deep connecting love-bond with each other. Their marriage was managed by their teammates and friends, and they contentedly split time between Angel Island and a home in the Acorn Kingdom. Surprisingly, the announcement, the course of their courtship, and their marriage didn't appear to damage any of the friendships or relationships that they had with characters like Julie-Su, Tikal, Sally, Fiona, Mina, or Amy Rose.

Tails found an abandoned kit and adopted her, his ensuing years of teen parenthood making him a desirable partner for a number of women, including Mina. The child was in fact his future offspring with Mina, sent back for her protection and as a way of ensuring that she and he would get together.

Dr. Finitevus and Dr. Zachary entered into a romance as well (one that apparently extended into real life), recognizing their similarities and the high possibility for a dimensional alignment that allowed what might almost certainly be alternate versions of themselves to come in contact with each other and fall in love, but this presumptive self-cest did little more than turn them on.

Not everything was quite as rosy as young hearts and romance. Sonic and Knuckles's respective countries seemed quite willing to exploit their relationship for political power or benefits. Knuckles was hit with a heavy burden as his family tried to break his marriage up for the sake of an heir, and in one impulsive move, wished himself temporary femininity as 'Nookie' to conceive a child. Sonic didn't approve of this decision, but he adored the strange little mutant offspring they had produced, and they named the child 'Knuxgilvie' as a hideous mash-up of their names and their love.

Among other misadventures, they discovered in a 25YL future that torture, manipulation, complacency, and rejection had turned Sonic into an evil tyrant who took over from Dr. Eggman and became perhaps even more effective in his vengeance plot against the Acorns; Knuckles had become the Enerjak to prevent the island from falling and being used as a weapon, and resultingly consigned himself to isolation on the island for his part. Their adult son Knuxgilvie was torn between bringing the family back together and winning back freedom for Mobius, and it was a difficult reality for the married pair to swallow.


The team awoke to regular enmity with Dr. Eggman, and the pain of awareness that their children and their marriages were nothing more than a digital sham intended to imprison them. They fought bravely and won their escape. A second version of the team escaped in turn, informed that they were chasing their metallic duplicates who had imprisoned them and stolen their children. They headed off in confrontation, with a strange 2-week period as neither team could accurately identify which were the imposters. Eventually, the second team subjugated the first and brought them back to Eggman for the safe return of their children, where they were informed that their whole lives were lies and they were the imposters. Most gave their lives to fight against Eggman and ensure the freedom of their biological counterparts; the false Knuckles and Sonic survived and fled, just as loving as they were in their simulated reality.

Thus began a long series of traps and manipulations designed to subvert the will of Eggman's most hated nemesis...

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Originally centered as one mono-AU, this is under a significant rehaul as multiple small, self-contained AUs are instead given their dues. See further down this list.

HEARTS - Outside-Forum Treat


The New Inmate

The Intercessory

Turbo's Blog

Dark Tendril UniverseEdit

Dark Tendril Main Page

Journal Sources for the Dark Tendril (no concrete timeline):

There have been additions of Tumblr blogs supporting this continuity, including one for Corbyn and Korma which assures that neither met or went with their intended mate, resulting in much sorrow


Features Airgne, Wizard Fini, and Prince Knuckles.



Finitevus is a bokor; Egon is a young college student in med school. A chance mention has the eager Echidna looking to expand his knowledge of natural cures and medicines, and seeks out the guidance of the witch-doctor to help him understand and apply it to traditional medicine. His plans go horribly astray.


Finitevus is a headmaster and tutor for 2 rich children, his family themselves are rich, and he slums with dingos. (Boyfriends include Klaus, Fritz, and 2 other Dingos.)


  • Finitevus has been turned into an Echidna-Fish hybrid, which Rutherford and Egon must care for.
  • Egon is turned into a were-Dingo, cause unknown. In this form, he apparently knows and applies the Dingo dialect like his first-hand language, but also sets himself apart from traditional Dingos by being a darker, stronger, and bulkier type that interestingly enough disappeared after the 16th century.
  • The albino becomes a breeding-obsessive bug. He takes on several paramours and it is suggested that his children are part of a workforce to take over the world.

Cherry Blossoms/Dark WorldEdit

Finitevus is a vampire of mythological proportions; Knuckles is his undead mate, Zachary a ghoul, and Egon a thrall/SPOILERS.

Dark World is contained within these stories:

  • Bloodbath
  • Eternity

Cherry Blossoms is contained within a trilogy, with a spinoff intended:

  • Worth It
  • 30 Years
  • Grey Ending
  • Dead Beat


Finitevus has managed to cleanse the world. Comes with three flavours:

  • Egon Died - contained in the url as Old!Finitevus; the wonders of Chaos have left their mark on Finitevus and allowed him to see the end to his great commission. Egon, however, was not so lucky....
  • Egon is Crazy - the gift of eternal life and solitude has left Egon a little unhinged, and he remains inside his small, closed off 'garden', for fear of the paradise outside his home
  • They're both Cats - contained in the fic 'Savage Love'. Not considered relevant to the larger plot.


Silly old fuddy-duddies

Contained within:

  • Give it Up


Egon messes with this time zone and causes the deaths of everyone working with Finitevus but the man himself, who is charged with negligence and second degree murder. This is a tumblr-related AU tied in to a single url, and is fairly self-contained. It should have no affect on the larger time-stream and game.


Finitevus is the font of the Byrons' twin Enerjak phenomenon.

This is a comic-based storyline, much like HEARTS, and will have the updates posted here, and possibly on tumblr.

Forum Spin-Off:


Egon committed suicide; now he is a ghost and the leader of the last fragment of Echidnian society. Features Hughes and Welles and Cavendish and Laurie.


Egon receives super-powers at the expense of his sight/consciousness; he is exploited to the death. A later fiction suggests that this was a horrible bedtime story.

Contained within:

  • Bright
  • Blind
  • BlindAura -- An Adventure in Bright


Egon takes Finitevus' place; the man becomes the father of Ashi-Le's child.

In a world where a moment of folly is a lifetime of repercussions, Finitevus accepts the responsibility for his error and performs an absolutely noble and decent gesture by wedding the very physicist he accidentally knocked up, preserving her honour and gaining admiration among his colleagues for the great catch (although he'd been so blind to her devotion before). For Egon, however, it meant the constant misery of a broken heart pining for a man that he absolutely could not have, and this drove him to drastic measures.

Contained within these stories:

  • Topsy
  • Sunshine
  • Strangers (dubious canon)
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Shutters

Considered canon outside these fictions:

  • Smoke's adoption of a pet cat (which later died)
  • Smoke's affinity for dressing like a woman, at times


Egon is trans*-positive.

Contained within these stories:

  • Choices
  • Return
  • Sharing is Caring
  • MLOP - My Little Office Party (Prologue)
  • Form and Function

Off-Set MoebiusEdit

All of the tumblrs are 'actually' acting roles, and the actors are far different than their on-screen counterparts. Most dominant in this is Mai!Finitevus, and the Scourge-twins.


Egon is sent off to prison after being captured, and endures a five-month sentence before Finitevus discovers something interesting about his assistant and offers him the role again.

Pill Pusher/Kitchen ConniptionEdit

Egon and Wynmacher are each main characters of vintage arcade games who try to survive in an invasion gone viral.

Spiral UniverseEdit

To Be Announced.