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This is the page for the Sega Sonic. If you are looking for the STC Sonic, click here.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a 16-year-old hedgehog. He is most famous for his incredible speed and acts of heroism. Almost always up for a good challenge, he is very fond of competition, but all of the popularity that comes wth his hero status often goes to his head. Due to this, while he possesses a friendly, outgoing disposition and is glad to use his abilities for good, he has something of an ego.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Sonic, Blue, Blue Blur

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Birthday: June 23

Type: ESFP

IQ: Average

Blood Type: O+

Height: 3'3"

Weight: 75 lbs

Build: Lean/athletic

Residence: Nomadic

Occupation: Hero

Marital Status: Single

Favourite Food: Chilidogs

Likes: Chilidogs, running, competition with rivals

Dislikes: Oppression, cruelty, greed

Fears: Water, failing his friends, losing when it matters

Hobbies/Talents: Running, napping, breakdancing, eating

Aspirations/Dreams: To continually find new adventures and, simultaneously, opportunities to help others

Themesongs: It Doesn't Matter


Sonic is easygoing, carefree, and generally outgoing with almost everyone he meets. Goodnatured, he prefers to try to see the best in everyone, even when it's hard to find. He isn't one to hold grudges, instead being very quick to forgive. He is something of a thrillseeker, enjoying taking risks and putting himself in dangerous situations just for the fun of it. Sonic also tends to be stubborn, and if he is required to be somewhere that holds no interest for him, is inclined to avoid the situation altogether. This is especially true of dates with a certain pink hedgehog. That stubbornness extends to his competition with rivals and enemies alike. Resilient, he will not easily give in to lose, holding out until the end of a match or confrontation if possible.

Despite his general friendly attitude, Sonic will not hesitate to hide his temper when aggravated, very open about his feelings. If he doesn't agree with an injustice or cruel act, he will immediately take action, always doing what he feels is right. With his sizeable ego, he is perfectly aware of how important he is as a hero. The only reasons Sonic would hide his emotions, such as fear or uncertainty, would be for the benefit of others, accustomed to being a leader and role model. Even so, no matter the circumstances, where water is concerned Sonic is a nervous wreck.


A cocky habit of Sonic's is to rub a finger under his nose when he is feeling especially pleased with himself. To express impatience when forced to remain in one place, he will often shift his weight from one foot to the other, tapping a foot against the ground and folding his arms over his chest. While running at high speeds, he will lean his weight forward, arms extended behind him, that aerodynamic posture allowing him to travel even faster.


Voice: Upbeat and positive, tending to speak playfully (especially when taunting rivals), while not given to muttering or talking under his breath.

Balance: Very good balance even when he is drained, practiced coordination allowing him to remain on his feet even in the worst situations.

Posture: For the majority of the time holds himself very confidently, head raised high and arms loose, his self-assurance considerably evident through that posture, only slouching when tired.

Stamina: Tremendously high where running is concerned, though combat in close quarters puts him at a disadvantage, far more accustomed to using his high stamina for speed-based actions.

Hearing: Fairly acute, he doesn't have any sort of hearing damage.

Climbing: No special talents in this area, but he can manage it with average skill if needed.

Speed: Incredibly fast, able to break the sound barrier and, at times, even exceed that.

Strength: Considerable leg strength, only improved over time with his regular running, all other strength average, but improved drastically with his speed behind it.

Swimming: Sinks like a rock. Due to his fear of the water, he has never even tried to swim, and any attempt to learn would be fruitless as he would panic in the first few seconds.

Computers: Basic knowledge, but by no means high-tech, preferring to leave anything further to Tails.

Driving: Trial-and-error, but rather inconsequential as he can run faster than any vehicle.


  • Physical: Not only does he possess supersonic speed, but Sonic is able to utilize such attacks as the spindash and homing attack with that speed. In addition, his quick reflexes and gracefully nimble movements enable him to dodge attacks with ease. Because all of his own attacks are speed-based, he has the best advantage in open spaces, lacking as much of an advantage in close quarters, though he is able to hold his own for a little while.
  • Mental: Capable of deep thought, but rarely wants to put forth the effort. While he can handle problem-solving if necessary, he would much rather dash headlong into a situation to handle it in a more exciting way, preferably with plenty of speed involved. Still, Sonic is creative, as can be seen through his contribution in skirmishes and inventive taunts.
    • Intelligence: ENTER
    • Sanity: 65%
    • Learned: ENTER
    • Critical Thinking: ENTER
  • Learned: Self-taught in almost everything he knows, Sonic has no real role model of his own. As he has no lack of good fortune, he has always been comfortable with protecting others and receiving their gratitude, often in the form of material gifts and freebies. Because of this, he feels entitled to most of what he gains, rarely having to pay for anything.
    • Book-smarts: Lacking, as he avoided any possible education in favor of acting as a hero.
    • Street-smarts: Having seen his share of the streets through exploration, Sonic is generally familiar with the good and the bad, and all the more dedicated to doing what he can to prevent the latter.
    • Wisdom: Lacking, for the most part too young and stubborn to dwell on common sense.
  • Special: Where possible, he likes to show off his skill due to speed
    • Attacks: ENTER
    • Martial Arts: ---
    • Powers: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: Very good reaction time, developed from natural ability and years of experience.
  • Chaos: Chaos Control with a Chaos emerald, Super form with seven Chaos emeralds.


  • Physical: Greater leg strength than anything else, needing speed behind everything else for full strength
    • General: Needs open space to use his full abilities
    • Ailments: ---
    • Allergies: ---
  • Mental: Rarely thinks a situation through, paying less mind to all of the details in favor of plunging into action
  • Emotional: Considerable need to protect friends and allies
  • Learned: ---
  • Special: ---
  • Instincts/Reflexes: ---
  • Chaos: Needs an emerald to use any Chaos abilities


Plane (Tornado)


Friends: Tails the Fox, Amy, Knuckles the Echidna


Enemies: Dr. Eggman

Rivals: Jet the Hawk, Shadow the Hedgehog


At an early age, Sonic found he loved to run. It hardly took him any time to realize just how fast he was, and he took full advantage of that natural ability, wearing out countless pairs of shoes before he gained more durable, heat-resistant ones. A strong sense of justice and a desire for adventure led him to heroism, loving the thrill that came with the danger and close calls, and the rush of adrenaline with it.

On meeting Tails, considering the fox his adoptive brother, he frequently used his aid, as his prowess with machinery came in handy. Even so, Sonic remained inclined to fight solo whenever he could get away with it, mostly for the reason that there were few others who could keep up with him - and he hardly had any patience to wait.

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