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Scourge the Hedgehog is a 17 year old hedgehog, who is the negative counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog, from Moebius. He is the exact opposite of Sonic in almost all aspects, though primarily noticeable in his speech and personality. He formerly held the throne as the King of Moebius, but has since lost this position when ousted from the throne by his Suppression Squad and exiled.

Basic Stats


  • Evil Sonic (As formerly named by Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Anti Sonic (The Nickname given to him by Sonic before his transformation to Scourge)
  • King Scourge (Used during his role as the King of Moebius)

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Birthday: June 23

Type: EST


Blood Type: O+

Height: 3'3"

Weight: 77 lbs.

Build: Skinny

Residence: Moebius

Occupation: King 

Marital Status: Open

Likes: Being the King of Moebius, Fighting, Proclaiming himself as the Sexy King, and that everyone should respect him.

Dislikes: Sonic, Anyone who dares to get in his way, Obsessive Fans (The ones who focus only on him, being important to their life), the Media.


Hobbies/Talents: Everything that Sonic is talented at, he claims to be better.

Aspirations/Dreams: The Death of his Counterpart, and to rule as the supreme King of all of Moebius, where everyone bows down to himself.

Themesongs: No official themesong has been made to represent Scourge, however, the below songs have been listed due to the player's personal choosing and liking that he feels would fit with Scourge.

Not Ready to Die by Avenged Sevenfold,

Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence,

Genius by Pitchshifter,

F.I.G.H.T. by Unwritten Law.


Scourge, tends to share much of his counterpart's ego, but unlike Sonic, he lacks any known self of modesty, and is usually much more of an arrogant person. In general terms, he tends to be easygoing and morely calmed, HOWEVER, he also tends to be very cruel, often taking the satisfaction and amusement, even if it means at the expense of the others he is with. (or working with for that matter.)

He's had a large relationship with women in the past, and is very well known to be a womanizer. These companions that he has had, however, have only stood with him, mostly due to self-benefit and fear causing a huge role. It's well noticeable that he's had a longer lasting relationship with Fiona, who had always liked Scourge over Sonic, even when she was working with Sonic himself. Fiona is one of the only well known characters that Scourge actually likes, and has stated that her "choosing to be evil" is "hot". Fiona has also provided much assistance for Scourge, such as fleeing for backup when the Supression Squad attacks against him, and to renew his confidence after "becoming a shadow of his former self" while he was imprisoned.

He's seen an increased arrogance ever since his transformation, eventually turning hell bent at being more than just "Evil Sonic" to Sonic's own eyes and mind. He became aware of his own potential, but applied it in a negative fashion, and for his own self-serving matter. He believes to himself that he is better than others who dare to step in his way, and brags how powerful he really is, thus believing to himself that he is quite stronger than his enemies. He heavily dislikes any need to rely on others, and would rather just control and dominate through his intimidation. Scourge is also provoked much easier than other characters, and tends to be a very violent person, which only intensifies if his abilitiy is questioned.




Voice: Scourge's voice is very similar to his counterpart, However, his tone of voice is much more deep and sinister than that of Sonic's. He tends to have a very loud attitude to his voice whenever pissed off, and can also sound very perverted on many cases where he taunts Sonic or talking with Fiona.

Balance: Scourge is very balanced. He does not trip over himself, and is very agile with his own self whilst he is in the action of a fight or a huge battle. If weakened, he is noticeably tired out and harder to stay on his feet (especially after having been demoted from being Super Scourge).

Posture: Scourge is egotistically confident in himself, having the same levels of posture that his counterpart has. He slouches when relaxing or if he's tired.

Stamina: Scourge has a high level of stamina in normal cases. He has a huge upper hand in fights due to his great strength, but can be severely weakened if he power downs from Super Scourge, being too weak to talk or walk properly without heavy panting and breathing.

Hearing: Scourge has no hearing issues. He has excellent hearing abilities, and does not suffer from any hearing damages.

Climbing: Climbing is not a very common factor that is experimented with Scourge. However, he has no issues on being able to climb a ladder, tree, or a brick wall.

Speed: Scourge has supersonic speed abilities that matches his counterpart's ability. He can break the sound barrier and even exceed it at times.

Strength: Scourge has a large amount of strength, even greater than of his counterpart. For example, in STH #161, he was able to knock down Sonic and Shadow himself, with no assistance.

Swimming: Unlike his Counterpart, Scourge has excellent swimming skills, and is able to face the water without fear, unlike Sonic.

Computers: Scourge has a standard knowledge in the Computer area, however this is not to his interest, and is usually left to Anti-Miles.

Driving: In the past, Scourge has driven a motorbike as part of his Anti Freedom Fighters gang, and has some driving skill. However, in normal terms, he does not drive a vehicle since he can outrun any vehicle.


  • Physical: Scourge is able to possess Supersonic speed like his counterpart, and is also able to utilize the spindash and homing attack at the same Speed he can possess. Scourge has quick reflexes and his sharp and nimble movements enable him to dodge attacks like they were nothing. Since his main attacks are all speed based, he has a large advantage in open spaces, but can also back himself up with his powerful attacking when Speed is not a factor.
  • Mental: He rarely wants to put forth the effort into Mental thought. While he has the power to handle problem-solving, he would much rather excite the scene by entering in with violence, especially if it involves Sonic.
    • Intelligence: ENTER
    • Sanity: 50%
    • Learned: ENTER
    • Critical Thinking: ENTER
  • Learned: Scourge sees himself as his own role model. He does not care to protect others and give them their gratitude, whatever it may be of. To himself, he rarely ever sees himself to have to pay for anything.
    • Book-smarts: He does not have any interest in education, as he finds it rather boring and stupid.
    • Street-smarts: Scourge knows his roots to the back of his head, but will just use his surroundings to whichever suiting he likes.
    • Wisdom: His wisdom lacks considerably like his counterpart, as he does not dwell on Common Sense.
  • Special: Scourge has no major special abilities, asides from showing off his skills to make people believe, that he's better than them.
    • Attacks: ENTER
    • Martial Arts: ENTER
    • Powers: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: Scourge has excellent reaction time, developed from his natural ability , and experience that he has built up through the years.
  • Chaos: Scourge is capable of Chaos Control with the use of a Chaos Emerald, his Super form, unlike Sonic, is not powered by all 7 Chaos Emeralds, rather being powered by Anarchy Beryl.


  • Physical: Scourge has great strength in general, however, he needs to use too much of this strength in order to keep his enemies down.
    • General: ENTER
    • Ailments: ENTER
    • Allergies: ENTER
  • Mental: Scourge does not think of the situtations when at combat, as he'd rather just get right into Violence to get his energy pumping.
  • Emotional: Scourge has absolutely no interest to have any emotional feelings to help out the ones he work with, when they are in need.
  • Learned: ENTER
  • Special: can get discouraged
  • Instincts/Reflexes: has to go straight to violence without thinking most of the time
  • Chaos: Scourge Cannot do a Chaos Control, without the need of an Emerald. He enjoys an endless rush as Super Scourge, but is drained when powering down.





Enemies: Sonic

Rivals: The Freedom Fighters


As Anti Sonic at the age of 7, his father had been contributing highly to the Great Peace. Anti Sonic felt that his "old man", Anti Jules, was nothing more but a man of "empty words", and had been largely ignored from his father, even during a Ceremony. After Moebius fell into a large decline, Anti Sonic had seized power, first starting with the death of his father. He would later become the leader of the Anti Freedom Fighters, who unlike their counterpart, was an evil organization who only had Dr. Kintobor as their opposition.

In later life, Anti Sonic's organization had disappeared into nothing, yet he was still determined to prove that he was better than his counterpart. One of his plan's was to lay his hands on the Master Emerald (along with Rouge the Bat), although being Caught by Locke. Whilst Rouge took most of the heat from the Guardian, this allowed Anti Sonic to summon power from the Emerald, proclaiming it as his own "birthday gift". Having been able to obtain a transformation from the emerald, his fur turned green, and had devloped twin scars from a powerful punch by Locke. Anti Sonic's new power however, helped him put Locke into submission, and had went on to get his revenge on Sonic, now using his new power, and declaring himself as a "real scourge", this giving him the name, Scourge the Hedgehog.

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