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August 8, 2010




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Mephiles encounters Vichama in the god of death's realm, though the two are dimensionally incompatible, and it is questionable how this meeting exactly took place. Vichama, who seems to have just too much fun with bantering and toying with the other god, manages to hide himself away for a more dramatic entrance. Althought it appears that Vichama already knows why Mephiles was there, he makes a point of guessing his way along, making a game out of the encounter that only continued the angrier that Mephiles got.

Temper quickly rising, Mephiles threatens violence, but the other god cooly informs him that there was nothing that he could do to make him worse off than his current situation, and that even the act of ending him would be a blessing. He offers information in exchange for some form of aid; expounding on this in Mephiles' outburst, he makes it clear that he will deliver up Iblis in return for his freedom and return to the mortal realm by a stronger 'curse', or a summoner and a sacrifice. Mephiles, agreeing to the second, shakes on it.

Vichama creates a piece of tracking equipment called the Heart of Fire, which is keyed into Mephiles' antithesis - Iblis. He expresses that he wants to watch Mephiles 'work for it', and then provides him with the assurance that Iblis is alive, mobile, and closer than Mephiles suspects. He then disappears, leaving Mephiles to rage. Mephiles even threatens to find someone else to give him his brother, leaving Vichama unable to enter the mortal realm again. Vichama, however, is certain that Mephiles will end up working with him.


  • The tracker should lead Mephiles to Silver
  • Vichama will eventually be freed


  • Mephiles: "This is not a simple game, nor speak of my twin in such a manner. Although I suppose that is why you were cast down into such a state....a figment of reality, not really there." pale muzzle wrinkling with distaste. "I do need your help, I have...missed much of time and I need to know where my brother has also been sealed off. Speak quickly. My patience runs thin with your pathetic antics!"
  • Vichama: "Now now little Mephi-wephi... rushing won't get you anywhere..." He paused. "Or, rather, right back where you started..." Another sip from the tea. "Not playing along also might not get you anywhere..." The god waved his 'hand' around. "Nothing you can do to make me worse off than I am...
  • Vichama: He held out a teacup to him. "Cream, sugar?" Siiiip. "Information?? I can't just give it to you... You help me... I help you... Only fair..."
  • Mephiles: "So be it." was his answer, pupils thinning. ...Was it a wise choice to allow Vichama back? Allow him to return? ...His own bitter contempt for the other gods and mortals had him overlook the reasons why the older god was set in this position.
  • Vichama: "Whaaaat, you don't expect me to jussssst tell you? That would spoil all the fuuuuun~! Nooo, I want to watch you woooork for it... The best prizesss are the ones you have to jump through a few hooooopsss for..."
  • Mephiles: "Damned thing....this is no game! I can go and speak with someone else about finding my brother and cease my assistance to you, Vichama and you are left damned in your sentence."
  • Vichama: Vichama smirked to himself. All operations proceeding as usual. Pawn unwilling, but still at least going with the deal. After all, they shook on it...

Key EventsEdit

  • Introduction of the Nameless Arena
  • First appearance of Vichama in the new forums
  • Vichama offers to trade off the location of Iblis for his own return to the mortal realm; Mephiles agrees
  • Vichama muses over Mephiles' rage, considering him a pawn in his games

Background InformationEdit

Resurrection follows the Vichama Arc from the STC Online comic. In it, the mysterious warrior character present in the Syndicate previous to events in the Arc is revealed to be the God of Death, returned with all his vengeful spirits under his control. Vichama seeks to kill the universe, and his power, strangely enough, existed in full as long as Knuckles was alive, and as long as the Master Emerald remained superior. Since he had hexed the crystals in the Island to regenerate Knuckles upon death, at the agreement of Knucles' father, Chief Pachachamac, he was able to reasonably retain godhood. But after Knuckles destroyed those crystals, and thus, his immortality, Vichama's spirits turned on him, and he was wisked into 'nothingness'.


  • Vichama showcases an interesting ability not before seen in the comic of creating objects out of thin air. The first object he demonstrates this with is a teacup and Darjeeling tea. The second object he creates is the Heart of Fire.
  • Mephiles now has a mouth. It just hides.