• Black Doom and Professor Gerald
    • Alliance strength level: 2
      • Gerald requested Doom's assistance to produce Shadow the Hedgehog. Doom only agreed on the condition that he would receive the Chaos Emeralds (and potentially Shadow's servitude later) in exchange. Both schemed one another's downfalls behind each other's backs. They both lost all contact after Shadow's creation.
  • Dark Legion and the Technocracy
    • Alliance strength level: 4
      • These two factions are on very good terms; with a 'sibling' relationship, as the Dark Legion initially stemmed from the Technocracy.
  • Technocracy and Albion Technocracy
    • Alliance strength level: 2
      • These two have cooled relations to each other from the distance, and the A-Techna believes itself to be the superior guild.
  • Albion Technocracy and the Chalice Heart
    • Alliance strength level: 0
      • They have an alliance only in name, and are more like actively fighting against each other at this point, albeit never mentioning this in any negotiations or contact.



  • Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik
    • Affiliation strength level: 4
      • While it is true that the two have had a long standing affiliation which includes the rebirth of Metal Sonic multiple times, Metal has been known to betray Robotnik on occasion for his own ambitions.
  • Tamago and Dr. Robotnik
    • Affiliation strength level: 5
      • Unlike Metal Sonic, however, Tamago has undying loyalty to his master, though this is probably because programming wise, he is at the stage of a 4 year old Mobian.
  • Egon and Dr. Finitevus
    • Affiliation strength level: 3
      • Egon is rather loyal to his employer, but is still looking for traces of where he disappeared to, after he escaped euthanization and the destruction of Albion.
  • Aleksandyr and Dr. Phineas
    • Affiliation strength level: 3
      • These two enjoy working with each other, and well-compliment each other.
  • Turbo and Black Doom
    • Affiliation strength level: 6
      • Turbo would give his life and more in the service of Black Doom, a man he greatly admires and perhaps even obsesses over.



  • Dr. Zachary and Dr. Phineas
    • Friendship strength level: 4
      • Phineas tends to form strong friendships with any nice and decent person he meets. This bond is particularly powerful because of Zach's albinism. Additionally, Phin might see Zach as a 'case' to make him better and nicer... more trusting.
  • Tails the Fox and Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Friendship strength level: 5
      • These two have been friends since they were children, Sonic sometimes acting in the role of an almost substitute father or brother. He provides the platonic, familial love and stability, while Tails returns with the stability of warm food and readily working equipment. This bond is unbreakable.
  • Turbo and Dr. Phineas
    • Friendship strength level: 3
      • These make a strange pair, but Phineas was quite the compassionate fellow, and since saving the 'little' Saranj (taller than him?), he has gained a rather loyal advocate who occasionally makes him nest mate, generally in the wintertime, when it is more economical to share a bed than try and up the furnace.


Description: Enter

  • Dr. Zachary and Z-Sama
    • Enmity strength level: 5 one way, 2 the other
      • Zachary's hatred of Z-Sama is almost obscene. The mysterious hacker, however, seems to only find mild amusement in what he considers an unnecessary rivalry, and might poke fun from time to time.
  • Black Doom and Shadow the Hedgehog
    • Enmity strength level: 5
      • Doom tried to destroy the Earth and the human race, and Shadow killed Black Doom's alien form and wiped out the entire Black Arms race...but no hard feelings, right? (The possibility of their alliance isn't completely impossible, though...)
  • Tobor and Moritori Rex
    • Enmity strength level: 3
      • Moritori Rex doesn't exactly hate Tobor, Tobor is slowly forgetting, and since they are starting to be civil toward each other, it's not a completely horrible relationship.
  • Pimp Phineas and Dr. Kloana-Ze, Dr. Phineas, Corbyn, and Kormandyr
    • Enmity strength level: 4
      • Pimp Phineas finds it something of amusing that he is so hated on this other side of the line, while his son and extended relations find him a grotty little creature and want no association.


Description: Romance is the typical dating and onward scene without the termination in annulment or marriage yet. As for Bromance, a more controversial but 'fun' word to use, it both describes the tight bond that true siblings have, as well as the veeeery close compatriotism that close, long-term male friends have. Particularly between warriors.


  • Turbo and Chels
    • Romance strength level: 3
      • While Turbo understands the tight bond that his betrothal has left him in, he never actually wanted to marry her. Duty, however, bids that he do his best to love her.


  • Turbo and Ana
    • Bromance strength level: 2 one way, 6 the other
      • While Turbo has all but forgotten his childhood friend and nest mate, Ana has devoted the rest of his life to finding Turbo...
  • Mephiles and Iblis
    • Bromance strength level: 5
      • These two brothers are inseparable. Mephiles was willing to destroy everything to be with his brother again, including killing strangers who had nothing to do with the sins of Soleanna.
  • Black Doom and Black Fate
    • Bromance strength level: 1 one way, 3.5 the other
      • Fate has harrassed his little brother since day one, but it's escalated into sexual harrassment and beyond. (This is purely to see his little brother squirm and weaken under his grip, though Fate does hold some sort of attachment to him.) Doom hates him and his acts to no end and resists him as much as possible, which doesn't usually end in his favor...
  • Kormandyr and Vladimyr
    • Bromance strength level: 6
      • These two are the definitive bros. When you think of bros, you must think of Korma and Vladi. They're so bro, they're g, but don't tell them that, or Korma will cap you.


DESCRIPTION: Pairs that never wed, and possibly had no romance, but produced offspring or had a sexual relationship.

  • Kormandyr and ????
    • Mating strength level: 3
      • Kormandyr was satisfied with the child she produced for him. However, he disliked her intensely as a person, and it wasn't until his marriage that they finally became closer to friends.
  • Spectre and Melissa-Ka/Caterine-Na
    • Mating strength level: 4
      • These two were at least civil and friendly with each other while they were engaged in sexual practices, and Melissa bore him his darling child...



  • Dr. Phineas and Emi-Li
    • Marriage strength level: 6
      • Phineas' love for his wife is unending and undying. Sadly, she wasn't.
  • Corbyn and Sher-Re
    • Marriage strength level: 4
      • They had a long and comfortable marriage, until she died of cancer.
  • Tobor and Voni-Ca
    • Marriage strength level: 4
      • Their love was strong enough that she knew that he was still alive, and elsewhere, even though Moritori had taken his place... still, not strong enough to actively listen to that...
  • Moritori Rex and ????
    • Marriage strength level: 1
      • He was a good husband to her, but inattentive at times, and she was dead by the time he could return to her...
  • Dr. Zachary and Sue-Zi/Courtney
    • Marriage strength level: 0
      • Her love for him was only skin deep. While she admired his compassion and gentleness, she went so far as to sleep with one of the surgeons and demand a divorce after seeing his new state. He wasn't exactly pleased...
  • Luger and Mari-Su
    • Marriage strength level: 4
      • They had a comfortable and happy relationship until her death.
  • Luger and Merin-Da
    • Marriage strength level: 3
      • She loved him devotedly, but his ease and speed at remarriage after her demise suggests he was probably cheating...