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The Perverts Anonymous is a comedy-based comic set around the lives of the comic artists and general perverts that the creators are, in fursona form. The fictional group was founded as a way of linking and forming bonds with the other members, though, apparently, it appeared to be a help-group. Each character, however is uniquely zany and overpowered each in their own way, with different problems and plights that make for a good deal of jokes (usually at their expense). De facto leader of the group Mephiles, who envisioned and created the group is, in reality, the God of Darkness, though no one believes him, and he's certainly never been able to spit his name out, or get a word in edgewise for a looong while. C.I.Sane, an alias for the more tender name of Cecil works in the daylight as a pimp, but cannot run away from his past as a witch. Mai, a strange hybrid with familiar markings, has a very well-known father, and also apparently holds dual jobs as a cyborg war machine, and Satan on the weekends. Jet, a shy but lovable Panuki, hides a dark and frightening secret beneath her fluffy exterior. And amnesia-ridden, overly clumsy Jack, the newest member of the group, and the perceived weakest link might have to come to terms with a horrible past of her own... Their newest member, Lazlo, maybe the only thing in the universe that comes close to paralleling Jack's clumsiness, is having a fun time integrating with the group in spite of significant language barriers, and is the tying force in the cohesiveness of the group.

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