Character Information
Mai the Bunchidna


Approximately 17 years out of stasis





Comic Debut

PA #1





She's kooky and crazy, mysterious, and a little spooky, but no matter what, this Bunchidna is a true friend. You may find yourself scratching your head and wondering how she came to be, or exactly why she just set that thing on fire, but these are questions beyond the mortal comprehesion. Just sit back and enjoy and Don't Make Puns. 

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Mai, NEVER MARIA, Experiment 069

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Type: A surprising INTP

IQ: 146

Blood Type: ENTER

Height: ENTER

Weight: ENTER

Build: ENTER

Residence: The PA House

Occupation: Ex-mercenary, and Satan on the weekends

Marital Status: Single and Loving It~

Favorite Food: Sugar snap peas, Extra spicy chips, Boys

Hobbies/Talents: She sews her own puppets and plushies, a special talent taught to her at an early age by Uncle Ista, an imaginary friend that her father could never see...

Themesongs: Joke Theme: TAAANK!!


Crazy. Do not attempt to find a personality. There is only the void.

The void of death.

Oh... gods... the void... O____________________________________O

She'll steal your soul.




Voice: A strange high-rasp, like her voice is almost baby-doll sweet, with rasp and gravel thrown in for kicks. Makes her seem all the more creepy.

Balance: She has exceptional balance, but sometimes walks with legs straight and arms out, like she's trying to balance on something, even tilting around above the hips.

Posture: Mai has a typical teenager slouch, a little bit improved, which hides the deadly trigger of a panther.

Stamina: ENTER

Vertigo is not fun

Hearing: Very sharp hearing, thanks to bunny ears. Strangely not very good in listening when others are talking to her... mostly because she likes to daydream and not listen.

Climbing: ENTER

Speed: Quick and agile thanks to years of... hard work.

Strength: Not the strongest... But has been told on many occasions she had quite the 'iron grip'.

Swimming: Can swim, but not very good at it. Likes to float around in the water and pretend she's dead.

Computers: ENTER

Driving: ENTER


Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: A very, very light shade of grey.

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): A soft peach.

Eye Colour: Right- Yellow, Left - Teal/turquoise. Looks to be a natural case of Heterochromia, but had gotten into trouble with her father and... no more eye. The left eye is actually a cybernetic implant. She could have gotten the left yellow to match the right, but this was her choice.

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: Dreadlocks that come to a little past her shoulders... Usually seen playing with them when bored.

Nose: Small, a little rounded.

Ears: Pink bunny ears. They are indeed real, and her only set of ears.

Tail: A big fluffy bunny tail. Not an echidna tail.

Other Bodily Features: Very sharp teeth... usually seen grinning widely.

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: A familar tattoo like feature on her left dreadlock.

Attire: Usually consists of graphic tees, any sort of pants, and is never seen without her squared glasses or her collar. She likes to put spiral stickers on her clothing and on her, and will even try to sneak them onto her friends and family when they aren't looking, sort of like marking them.

Snapshot 20110414

Mai likes playing with stuffed animals..

Items/Weapons: Mai keeps around at least two or three plushies (or poppets) on her at any given time, often members of PA, but also her own father and grandfather... she also has a set of multicoloured pins hidden away. Also likes to whip out a crobar at any given time.

Transportation: Likes to hit people while driving.


  • The Perverts Anonymous - The 'support' group she now attends
  • C.I.Sane - A man she respects but doesn't admire
  • Corbyn - Barely knows her great-grandfather
  • Edmund - Possible other father?


  • Dr. Finitevus - Even if she might not realise it, she has a great deal of repressed anger and fear of this man for all the experimentation and ruining her childhood.


Pre-PA: Experiment 069 was kept inside Compound Delta, Cell 13 for the first 8 years of her life. What she was born and designed for is unknown, though as soon as her body was mature enough, she underwent several painful and long surgeries that she has no awareness of, turning her body into a cyborg weapon. At some point, she escaped.

Experiment 069 was on her own for the first time in her life, and stumbled into the red-light district, where she soon learned all that she needed to know about life from a strange purple weasel in an incredible outfit going under the street name of Fabian. (She also narrowly missed meeting her father and the rest of her family, who were hitting the red-light together to get a safe return of Alek, and for personal evening out.) Fabian helped her attain her fabulous fashion style, and treated her almost as a daughter, letting her camp out in his loft for a few weeks, eat all the cheap ramen she was hungry for, and read his collection of dirty manga. It was also this perverted mentor that helped her finally shed her Experiment name, and go for her preferred one of Mai.

Under the conviction that she shouldn't leech off of the kind transvestite, she departed, and determined that she should probably go to the strange place called School - once again finding the need to hold down a home and find some sort of job to feed herself. The PA clubhouse - located on the campus of the first school she walked onto - cheerfully took her in, once she had responded to their almost 'help group'-like advertisement. She grew to view them as a second family, and doted on C.I.Sane as her replacement Fabian.

At the destruction of their house, Mai and the PA crew turned their gaze to an abandoned warehouse, which was quickly turned into a setting almost as awesome (her own addition was a technological hive accessible by secret tunnels under the warehouse).

This is one possible history for her - I dunno, it sounded cool.

Comic AppearancesEdit


  • Mai marks a third generation of albino, and a fourth with gold eyes.
  • Jackie once implied that Mai had more than one father, mentioning something about an Edmund File she read once...
  • As she was artificially created, it is implied by her serial number that Mai had at least 68 other siblings who probably terminated at some point and time, or were considered unacceptable.