Anarchy BerylEdit

The counterpart of Chaos Emeralds on Moebius, Anarchy Beryl is a more crude-form of Chaos Emeralds, and probably require more maturation to develop into more powerful emeralds. This same form is, to a degree, available on Mobius as well, but it is not nearly as potent or as widely available as it is on Moebius.

Ancient OnyxEdit

Belived to be the Black Chaos Emerald, the Onyx was the original storage site for Chaos in the Archie Continuity. Its power is still unknown, but it is believed to work on emotions more than on a more tactile level.

Chaos EmeraldsEdit

Generally, there are 7 types of Chaos Emeralds; large gemstones that act as a storehouse for Chaos Energy.

  • White/Silver/Grey
  • Yellow/Gold
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Green

There were other Emeralds in addition to these. For example, at one point, there was an Orange Emerald in existence, but this appears to have been wiped out.

FOR THE PURPOSES OF SS, THE CONDITION OF THE EMERALDS ARE STANDARD OVER ALL CONTINUITIES. THUSLY, THE EXPLANATION OF MULTIPLE EMERALDS FUSING INTO ONE IN THE ARCHIE CONTINUITY MUST BE DISCOUNTED. Each dimension has one full set of Chaos Emeralds in existence, the beautifully cut and polished pieces that we all know well. In the Archie Continuity and the Archie Continuity alone is there a hidden Emerald Mines located in Downunda.

Heart of FireEdit

A tracking device created by Vichama to help Mephiles the Dark find his missing brother's (Iblis') soul.

Master EmeraldEdit

The large rock with a substantial amount of Chaos Energy generation, guarded by Knuckles the Echidna. This fabulous gemstone was one of 12 original gems in the Archie Continuity, while in the others, the single largest Chaos Emerald ever dug out of the earth.

Given proper conditions and a specific nutrient mix added, the Master Emerald will actually begin to grow new offshoots from its base, providing equal quality Emeralds with less energy contained.

Currently, the Master Emerald also stores the water god Chaos and the priestess Tikal.

Phineas' StaffEdit

A typical technomage staff, Dr. Phineas actually preferred using one before he was damaged in a fight, and he used it as a conduit for his power. The staff is created from fairly thin and hollow alloy of titanium and iridium, a rarer element known for its facets and conductive properties (as well as the rainbow like sheen from which it takes its name), and is filled with further cybernetics that allow it to connect with its bearer (and only its bearer, mind) as well as with inanimate technology. The cybernetics are packed tightly in a mold of magitek-infused soft-metal, unique to each mage based on their preferences for connection, power, control, and weight of their staff. The individual head is added to the staff, and then the whole thing is painted with a resistant, light-neutralizing, non-chipping spray that gives the beautiful sleek feel, and yet matte appearance.

Phineas stopped using his staff after renouncing his status as a technomage, but it's never far from hand, able to be summoned whenever he has need of it just through willing it to return to his hand. Long thought to have been hidden in his cane, it has since been proven by Dr. Zachary to be fully hardwood.

Piko Piko MalletEdit

Wielded by Amy and Rosie, the Piko Piko Mallet has been seen in 2 forms, that of a blunt-headed weapon of force, and that of a spiked article of destruction and injury. Both females are able to draw the mallets out of thin air as many times as they so desire, though they cannot wield more than one mallet at the same time.

The mallets are not invulnerable to wear, breakage, or distress, but are still incredibly durable, on par with other items of more magical value than the mallets themselves. It is unknown at this time how either girl is able to summon their weapons, though it is believed to be tied to their capacity for extreme emotion.

Pimp Phineas' StaffEdit

Similar to Dr. Phineas's staff, Pimp Phineas's staff was created in the same manner that all technomages' were, and it also looks similar to his counterpart's staff. Several differences become prominent from the inside of the staff, as his soft-metals included more iridium in a crude state, and small particulates believed to be ground Beryl, the initial form of early Chaos Emeralds. This makes him, on the whole, far more powerful with his staff than Dr. Phineas is with his.

Soul TouchEdit

Not technically an artifact, but with most belief in it consigned to ancient times, the Soul Touch is a mechanism by which Echidnas supposedly find their perfect mates and blissful union. It was said to be directed and sanctioned by the gods, and there may actually have been truth in this statement at some point, but it is quite clear that the current God of Destiny cares little for the romance of the mortals.

The Soul Touch is only supposed to affect Echidnas, and closely related species. It feels like an intense crush, and is generally initiated between the destined lovers by looking each other in the eyes. The effects of the Soul Touch come in between already established unions, and the strength of it depends. There were roughly about 6 matched of Soul Touch in fellow Echidna, by estimate a few years back; however, due to mass extermination of the Echidna breed, it may be knocked back down to a manageable 1 match-per-person, if assuming that everyone would be affected by it at some point.

Soul Touch may be broken if interest and love lags. While an intensely physical and spiritual connection, it requires upkeep on the romantic and platonic levels to maintain the relationship. Significant alteration of the personality or drive of an Echidna has also been said to weaken or completely sever the bond between soulmates. For those whom it affects most strongly, it is described as an almost tangible bond that connects the two Echidnas, both around each other, and around their hearts. Resistance to the Soul Touch only serves to increase the 'pressure' of such a call - squeezing sensations about the heart, chest pain, light-headedness - and this includes removing oneself more than 2 miles away from your 'Touched' bondmate.

Recent information has come to light that suggests that the Soul Touch does not differentiate between gender. Previous to this, it was believed that the matches were created to best provide for the next generation of Echidnas, producing healthy and strong offspring. However, if same-gender Soul Touch phenomenon is not just a random act of nature or the spite of the gods, it is possibly more a perfect match for personality types and romance match, or physical compatibility. Among those claiming to have been soul-bonded are Edmund and Dimitri.

There have been instances of unwanted Soul Touch between individuals that had no lost love, between families that operated on different sides of the political spectrum, and so forth. And with at least 1 case in a thousand of reported Soul Touch between an underaged individual and an older man or woman, the true legality and validity of the effect has come under harsh scrutiny, particularly since there is no way to truly identify or measure whether Soul Touch is in effect; it could be a very easy scapegoat for child-molesters and charismatics. The issue proclaimed is not that Soul Touch was there, but that it was acted upon when one party could not give a rational and adult consent, or when the parents or guardians could not give consent for them. (Another gaping flaw in the Touched argument, when the attraction becomes that irresistable as to override any wait or dignity; the children give what consent they can, and defend the bond strongly, but it still comes off as rather in poor taste...)

Scepter of DarknessEdit

The device used to capture Mephiles the Dark for 10 years.

Time StonesEdit

Generally, there are 7 types of Time Stones; large gemstones that act as a conduit through the Chaos Force to manipulate the time stream.

  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Green

They were protected on Little Planet by an unknown Guardianship (possibly the Templar Knights), and with a specific destination in mind, and the ability to access this energy conduit, one could theoretically time travel, although with possibly catastrophic effects upon the present and future for all parties concerned. It is theorized that using these actually transports the bearer to an alternate dimension, or constructs a splinter dimension from the intention of the alteration.