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Kormandyr is the current patriarch and leader of his family, having taken over the role from his father, Casimyr. A hard and demanding figure, he expects nothing less but perfection from his family and himself, and often is more derisive than needs be in an effort to promote work and committment. He has a set of standards that might even be impossible for he himself to follow, but there is no one truer or more loyal to his family than Korma is. Despite his short stature, there is a great deal of righteous outrage in his form, and should one of his children be harmed, you can well expect the hellfire to rain.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: the Commander, Korma, Kor, Karma, Karma-Zu, Tough Cookie/Sex Cookie

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Type: ISFJ

IQ: presumed about 98; difficult to tell with his poor grasp of the Common tongue

Blood Type: B+

Height: 3'2"

Weight: ~45 lbs.

Build: Thin and lithe, doesn't show his age

Residence: Private quarters in the A-Techna, located somewhere in Albion

Occupation: Technomage, warrior

Marital Status: Single, never married, never plans to (he did have a sexual encounter with Dani-Ka, in order to produce Corbyn)

Favourite Food: Paprika hendl

Hobbies/Talents: Knitting, traditional mah-jong, various martial arts exercises, running, origami, cooking

Themesongs: Construction of the Underworld by Synthetic Dream Foundation

Joke Theme: Make Love (Unofficial Truce Remix) by Daft Punk


Kormandyr is very harsh and demanding. He has a strong hatred for women, but moreso for homosexuals. In a perfect world, heirs would grow on trees, or come into existence merely by the thought. And those unclean 'fairer sex' would not exist. Man-only world, please! It is unsure why Kormandyr holds these values. In typical A-Techna fashion, he was raised rather singularly by his father after the age of 6, but it is believed by then that he had already obtained at least some form of his current prejudices. Why this would have occurred is unknown - perhaps his mother had beat him, or, alternatively, was altogether kind and noble, the object of his father's scorn, and Kormandyr merely copied what he saw fit.

As for his hatred of albinos, it was a rather common prejudice in his time-period, but it doesn't seem to apply. Accounts from Superior Kappa, an officer who worked alongside him, detail some sort of half-hinted romance with a light-furred Pilus (a rather high rank in the cohorts) with a sordid affair and a broken heart at the end, though this doesn't seem likely, considering Kormandyr's sour disposition. More likely would have to be the circumstances of Phineas' birth, details of which have never come to light. (Corbyn probably carried.)

Kormandyr is a perfectionist. He believes in purity of the bloodline, and the continuing of a legacy. Because of this, he submitted to a one-night go with an A-Techna whore in order to provide him with a son. The mysogynist probably would have killed the child if it were female. Currently rather high-class, he doesn't have to enter battle, but continues to train, delighting in the adrenaline surge, and the thrill of battle. He upgrades frequently, and holds a deep and abiding love for technomagery and being 'higher' than regular Mobians. It was probably due to any deemed 'genetic inferiority' or 'fluke' that Phineas was albino, which is the most likely reason why Kormandyr would detest his grandson. He also believes his own son to be weak, but is delighted with the actions of great-grandson Dr. Finitevus, regardless of his fur-colour, because of such actions, and the 'glory of the Technocracy'...

In privacy, Korma has shown a rather childish side, including pouting, using less-authoritative or adult language, and serious sugar cravings, perhaps a personality trait shared with Edmund and Enerjak. Close and thick with Vladimyr, the only man possibly ever to see this unusual childish side, it could be attributed to the need for something more powerful and protective in his life, or a ruined childhood at the hands of his father.


Extremely and unfortunately misogynistic.


Voice: Rough and thick with the family's accent. Sharp when giving orders and intimidates without even trying. (Which could be one of the many reasons why he isn't married.)

Balance: His balance is absolutely perfect, and should he fall, he definitely has Mag Grav to avoid injury.

Posture: Upright yet relaxed. Never to the point where he would be caught off guard. He stands in a manner which is most comfortable to him, while being able to spring into action or to the defencive at any moment.

Stamina: For such a little warrior, Kormandyr has the stamina of an ox, and it seems not even a mortal wound would keep him down if he were in battle rage. He is far more open with his inner stamina, though, around Vladimyr, and will prove himself weaker around him, in private, than the tough face that he presents to his enemies and A-Techna.

Hearing: His hearing is far sharper than regular Echidnas, and even his own technomage peers. In particular, he seems adept at picking out insinuations of homosexuality, and is quick to punish.

Climbing: His climbing skill is similar to Knuckles'; while not a lizard, he combines an incredibly limber body with an indominitable will, and exceptional strength, and forces his way up that mountain whether it wants him to or not.

Speed: Not as fast as his children, but can get up to a good enough speed.

Strength: Unlike his children, his strength lays within his actual body AND his mind. Excellent at offensive attacks.

Swimming: Does not, and cannot swim. Wouldn't admit this though. Later confirmed that he actually is proficient in swimming, and had a two-fronted fallacy, finding the act of swimming too girly...

Computers: A tad old fasioned, but definitely knows his way around a computer.

Driving: Thinks that driving is one of the mortal sins next to unlawful carnal knowledge, murder, and disobedient children.


Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: Deep Crimson

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): Dark Gold

Eye Colour: Formerly an earthen brown, now copper with silver streaks

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: Unlike the rest of his attire and personality, his quills are almost unruly and messy looking. This is not by neglect, but how his quills grow - crazy and tangly

Nose: Short and triangular, more delicate looking than a normal Echidna

Ears: Shorter, easier to hide than other Echidnas, and consequently, doesn't seem so embarrassed, but rather blasse about events

Tail: Just as wild as his quills, a little longer than an average Echidna

Other Bodily Features: Kormandyr is the shortest of his entire family, with Finitevus coming in second place. Compared to other technomages, he looks almost like a child or a doll, but he makes up for it with an overly violent and exceptionally depraved nature.

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: Scars are indeed littered along his body, more so on his chest and back, which is usually hidden with his robe. At the time when he obtained these wounds, he could have healed them so they wouldn't scar his body, but chose not to, as a reminder not to lose himself in a battle. Few scars on his face, but a notable one stands out, which runs from his right temple to his jawline. Additional white points are located subtly in the crook of his arm, due to a childhood full of blood tests and bleeding, as well as a sadistic usage of catheters.

Attire: Somewhat contrary, one would think, to his disposition, Kormandyr's robes are tight, and scarce. A high-pressed collar comes all the way up to his jawbone, a thin streak of either blue or green at the very edge, and his sleeves are tightly fitted at the wrist, coming to mid-palm, with a hole for the thumb, but otherwise, the traditional robe hem is actually just under his ribcage, ragged trails of the original length coming out from the back to create almost a mockery of coat-tails - or, what once was coat-tails, but had a little fun in the battlefield. Instead of muted or matte black, the robe is shiny, with a rippling feel to it, interwoven with technology, particularly nanites, which help to keep it bulletproof, and reasonably safe from most assaults and shots. The coloured lining is silk, fine and comfortable. He likes to keep his legs free, as a highly mobile warrior with an emphasis on kicking and spinning. Additionally, the overall tightness prevents snagging or tripping.

Items/Weapons: ENTER

Transportation: ENTER


  • Casimyr - His father. Only briefly mentioned.
  • Vanessa-Se - His mother. Only briefly mentioned.
  • Corbyn - His disappointment of a son.
  • Dr. Phineas - His disappointment of a grandson, a filthy white-furred mongrel.
  • Dr. Finitevus - The only good thing that has come out of their family.
  • Vladimyr - His one friend, and a fellow bro; Kormandyr is particularly close to him.
  • Denali - His second child, and 'tumor'.
  • Vanessa-Zu - His third child, who terminated early in complications.
  • Sasha - His lover from the cadets, now dead.


  • Pimp Phineas - Has crossed paths with his grandson's counterpart a few times... hates him with a passion. (And for a good reason too)
  • Casimyr - His father, an abusive and malicious soul
  • Sasha - Ended up betraying him, and has often brough him to the edge of death working as Casimyr's 'Dog'


Pre-Albion TechnocracyEdit

Korma's earliest unaltered memories have him living nomadically in a yurt with his father and his father's consort, struggling through the harsh winters of Siber, and constantly on the move away from the villagers that hated technomages and would kill them. He was only preserved from abortion through the strength of the woman's character and her determination against it, and Casimyr rewarded the disobedience with 'punishments' and violence beyond the pale. Before he turned six years old, his father beat his mother to death, and made Korma assist him in burying the woman in the hard, thin permafrost. From that point onward, Casimyr's abuse came direct to his small shoulders, and he matured young.

Perhaps it was his great misfortune, but this early maturation also triggered the development of his technomage gene, drawing Casimyr's attention and amusement in turn.

External InformationEdit

  • He once mentioned that his full title was Kormandyr, of The House of Zura. This could possibly be the same Zura that Edmund knew, though the likelihood of him moving from Echidnopolis is slight.
  • Additionally, while he was supposed to be the last known and oldest member of his family tree, he has mentioned his father, Casimyr, and his mother, Vanessa-Se. Further information has revealed that his father immigrated from East Yurashia (exact location unknown) with his mother when he was about 5 years old, to the Albion Technocracy, in an effort to survive against a smaller purge attacking their region. His father was about 200 at the time, while his mother was barely past her teenage years, and was never married to Casimyr.
    • It is insinuated that his mother was, in fact, a prostitute, or someone from a technocult dedicated to 'servicing' technomages, probably from slavery. This could be another reason he is so worked up about purity of blood and the weak and attrocious nature of women.
      • But he watched his mother get beaten to death in front of him by his father at an equally early age.... and he preferred his mother.... so.... *shrug*
  • Kormandyr clocks in as the shortest in his family, including Teen/Adult form Mai. Second shortest is Finitevus, while Corbyn is the tallest living member of their family.
    • There is some controversy as to how Kormandyr could possibly be so short, with the general consensus (in secret, of course) that the bleedings, beatings, harsh regimen of exercises, and poor nutrition imposed by Casimyr contributed to his small stature.
  • He gets his habit of calling close friends in the A-Techna (friends? Korma has friends?) 'Komrade' from his father.