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Ch.1 - We meet the first three characters, Edmund and Dimitri, a pair of twin brothers and geniuses, and Isa, the quiet and moody lab assistant to Dimitri. Dimitri reveals quickly how crushed he is that his love for his brother cannot be accepted, since he loves him in an uncommon manner. Isa offers to give him a way for his love to be made right, and perhaps blinded with the thought, Dimitri follows him into a room with a wide array of strange equipment, and a pod with an iconic symbol on it. After being gased with a strange chemical, Dimitri is forced into a reverie of dark thoughts, and breaks the pod as he transitions into... something else, emerging as a very different looking Echidna. This Echidna, Enerjak, doesn't seem to have a full understanding or memory of his situation, but he follows Isa compliantly, and kidnaps Edmund, who is happy to see his brother until the situation appears dangerous. Enerjak returns to the labs with Edmund in tow, who, due to his glasses having been broken and left behind, has no idea who has kidnapped him. Isa attempts to enact the same process on Edmund, but the machine breaks. Unable to accept failure, Isa suggests cutting Edmund up and examining him in autopsy, or trying harsher methods to turn him into a Nobody, the same creature that Dimitri has become, and that he himself is. Reaching for the innocent Echidna, Isa is surprised to find himself stopped from a new figure, inky black and barely articulate, who is set on protecting Edmund. This new figure, Dimitri's Heartless, is bound to Edmund because Edmund gave Dimitri his heart; this at once gives Edmund immunity to the corruption process, and has freed Dimitri's Heartless from Isa's control.


A full 13 members will staff the Organization, including Dimitri and Ista.


Soon to Come


Heartless - The corrupted hearts of the victims, the Heartless are almost visual representations of complete corruption. Some look a little like cancer, but most of them are carbon black creatures with limited (if any) sentience and articulation. They generally do the bidding of their master or their Nobody.

Nobodies - The shells of the victims of the corruption process, the Nobodies actually are the creatures with no hearts in them, unlike the misleading Heartless. Due to their lack of hearts, Nobodies have no emotions, and coldly analytical, they seek to overthrow the world. Nobodies see Heartless as pets.

Thralls - The soulbound of the victims; Thralls actually have a special status. They can only exist if they have given their hearts away to another. Normally, this means simple romance, but when their partner, or person who possesses their heart becomes Heartless and Nobody, their heart gains a strange protection. No aging or sickness would ever plague them, and they find immunity to the corruption process, as they no longer have a heart. A mortal wound to their bodies, however, turns them into less sentient, similarly devoted creatures comparable to Heartless.

Keyblade - SOON

Hearts - The hearts mentioned in the story are not physical hearts (which Asura still enjoys dining on, for the flavour), but are representations of the soul and goodness of a person. When this inner self is corrupted by fear, jealousy, anger, lust, or similar emotional detriments, it becomes prey to a more visceral corruption from Asura, and can be removed or altered.

Purity - Aside from becoming a Thrall (risky in itself for the eventuality of losing sentience and becoming monsteous), retaining the purity of one's heart is the best protection one has against losing one's self to the darkness. Purity, for the purposes of the comic, is usually expressed in a percentage.

Corruption - Any form of emotional detriment, or forbidden knowledge that warps the character of a person, and brings damage to a pure heart. Enough corruption or emotional instability can leave the heart vulnerable to being consumed by the darkness. Corruption is usually expressed as black vines or tentacles over the white heart.


The Admin Jack is in charge of conceptualising, art, script, and lettering.