A shapeshifting race. Its members are incredibly solitary by nature; while they are inquisitive and adventurous, and love playing tricks on travelers, they keep very strict control of their territory, and mate very rarely. Phooka mate for life, and it is very rare for a phooka to survive their mate's demise. A phooka finding a secondary mate after rejection or demise is unheard of.

Phooka are aggressive, and their tricks can be very dangerous. They have no capacity to understand the worth of their subjects or the nature of their pranks, and their long lifespan breeds further lack of concern. Mobian life is so short to them.


A beautiful plant-based species located in the Forest. They are strong allies with the Zaa. They have one Guardian or Knight amongst them; the great majority of them are defenceless and more occupied with spring-time and play. It is suggested they have variable lifespans, with some of the more annual-based floral Robus believed to die with the coming cold. Luckily, a combination of magic and extreme population blooms ensure that the Robus will not die out anytime soon.


A bee-like race located in the Forest. Their primary means of communication is a combination of soft buzzing noises and language in the motion and frequency of wing-movements. Headed by a Matriarch, they are kept in line by pheromonal control.