The VillageEdit

The location where MAIN CHARACTER is from. It is composed of Mobians, and exists outside the Dreamscape. Unlike the Dreamscape, it seems that magical species and artefacts are very rare, and there is little in the way of study or exploration of these topics. What species there are are cryptozoological in nature, and apparently non-sentient.

The Village is separated from the Dreamscape by a long mountain range, over which Guardians must travel.

The DreamscapeEdit

The location where MAIN CHARACTER is transported to. It appears to be a massive valley bounded by mountain ranges, although no one is certain what lies at the very end of the valley. It is suggested that there was a prosperous country that was located in this area, but communication and records were cut off over 100 years ago.

The Dreamscape is a thriving cornucopia of magical species, many of which are fully sentient and have complex social relations.

Crystal KingdomEdit


The Wasteland/CampEdit

The location where MAIN CHARACTER sets up camp. It is a large, desolate flatland where a great many battles were fought. Though obscured by thick fog, one can see loose, rocky ground and corpses, weapons, and detritus from the battles fought before. Fortunately, upon crossing the river that encircles the area, one can find themselves in a much more arbored scene.

It is suggested that this fog is the more proper boundary for the Dreamscape and the more civilian world beyond it. Certainly, everything that lies within the realm of the fog thus far has been much more magical and lively than the grey world outside it.