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Younger Doctor Kloana-Ze







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Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Finitevus, Fin

Alignment: Neutral Good

Birthday: November 2

Type: INTJ

IQ: 280

Blood Type: B-

Height: 3'9"

Weight: 81 lb

Build: Slim, toned

Residence: Phineas' Brothel

Occupation: General Practice Physician and 'for hire' by night

Marital Status: Single, unmarried

Likes: Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, Papa's lap when he was a child, sleep

Dislikes: Sex acts, bad people, betrayal

Fears: His Papa, the Brotherhood, 'customers'

Hobbies/Talents: ENTER

Aspirations/Dreams: Freedom, control over his own destiny, Papa to be a better man, to be able to help people

Themesongs: (Would be some raunchy tech-dance music, so I'm going with:) & Down by Boys Noize


Kloana was a gentle child who was mainly raised by his father, who hadn't started pimping yet. The picture of innocence, he believed the best in everyone, and never caused a fight... He spent his life trying to please his father, despite the screaming matches and beatings he occasionally received; his singular rebellion was attending university instead of coming into compliance with his father's wishes. His shy and submissive nature continued on through his adult life, and he offered only weak resistance when his father dragged him into his new line of work. His painful transition into his current albino form only strengthened his more desirable traits: he was more comfortable and self-possessed, but he also seemed to enjoy his new profession.




Voice: Soft and hesitant, it's at a higher pitch than the other Finitevus

Balance: ENTER

Posture: ENTER

Stamina: ENTER

Hearing: ENTER

Climbing: ENTER

Speed: ENTER

Strength: Like all Echidnas, he's significantly stronger than other Mobians, but he's considered weaker than most Echidnas

Swimming: ENTER

Computers: ENTER

Driving: ENTER


  • Physical: Kloana is incredibly limber, and has a fairly advanced gymnastic level. This is due to heavy training under his father's orders, so he might make a better piece of merchandise. Most of his limberness is applied in his spinal curve, and in his legs.
  • Mental: ENTER
    • Intelligence: Rather intelligent (if his super-genius IQ is anything to take into consideration) from an early age and considered a prodigy, his father never actually seemed to approve of any sort of intellectual course, and he now uses his brain power in division, half for his studies, and half to determine exactly what is most pleasing to a potential customer.
    • Sanity: 94%
    • Learned: ENTER
    • Critical Thinking: ENTER
  • Learned: ENTER
    • Book-smarts: Kloana graduated from the Albion 'Academe' with a double-major PhD in general practice and advanced physics.
    • Street-smarts: After a few years in the service of his father, this Echidna knows more things about the 'street' than most of the average thugs ever will know. However, he seems to be treated rather decently, and at least gets a good looking and well-paying clientele.
    • Wisdom: ENTER
  • Special: ENTER
    • Attacks: Kloana is non-violent, and so holds no attack base.
    • Martial Arts: Likewise, no martial arts talents whatsoever.
    • Powers: He has no super talents whatsoever.
  • Instincts/Reflexes: His reflexes are worse than his counterpart's, and his father's. He has fairly good reaction time, but not good enough for his father's standards. Reflexes could be further ruined by the acting he has to produce when pleasuring a customer.
  • Chaos: He has no connection to the Chaos Force currently, although it would be the Anarchy Continuum for Moebius.



  • Physical: Kloana is physically very weak. He seems to be the 'white sheep' in a family of black sheep, and does not take after their technomage traits or somewhat vicious nature.
    • General: ENTER
    • Ailments: ENTER
    • Allergies: ENTER
  • Mental: ENTER
  • Emotional: Kloana's 'Trauma Switch' as it were, is triggered by any referrence to his mother, to his night job, or to the fact that he was specifically named and spent his childhood largely under the influence and assumption that he was, indeed, female. It also might be entirely impossible for the little doctor to hate anyone.
  • Learned: ENTER
  • Special: ENTER
  • Instincts/Reflexes: ENTER
  • Chaos: ENTER






  • Egie - His assistant


Mature AUEdit


It actually seems physically impossible for Kloana to hate or be hated by anyone in any form.



Kloana was born as a result of a long-term love affair between Phineas and a 'hostess'. The labour was difficult, and his mother died in the process, leaving him to Phineas, although her extended family voiced objections about this.

He was raised by Phineas alone, and was cut off from his grandparents and great-grandparents, informed that they were dead rather than facing awkward truths. His father was a prominent physician in the community, and well-respected, but as Kloana grew older, he began to hear seedier rumors about his father's activity. When he discovered that his father was effectively the primary supplier and beneficiary for a booming designer drug empire, Kloana cut ties with him and moved far away.

College and Working LifeEdit

He found himself accepted into the Albion Academe based on his transcripts, and naturally excelled in the field of physics. During his time there, he studied the works of the Byron Brothers, and adapted much of this work to current technology, greatly improving it.

His thesis was advanced to the Council, who offered to make a public ceremony and award him for his pioneering work, but he declined because he did not want to risk being discovered and reunited with his father. The physical award and documents were mailed to him quietly, and he graduated early, heading straight into the field.

After several years of working alone, Kloana began a search for an assistant, swamped with the menial work. He eventually settled upon Ego Hayek, whose scores were similar to his own, and who expressed an interest in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Egie's spunk and tenacity were definite draw-factors in their interview, although he wasn't prepared for the punk attire, and he hired the boy without any further qualms. They found mutual attraction, but remained within the bounds of propriety due to rules related to their employer-employee relationship.


Note: accident? generator? Knux?

New MissionEdit

Upon discovery of his great commission, Egie adamantly demanded that he keep his power under wraps and deny any sort of grand goal in life. This was not due to any jealousy or insubordination, but out of genuine fear for his employer's life, and a desire to keep him alive.

Predictably, Finitevus refused.

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Mature Forum AUEdit

Kloana-Ze was born to two unloving parents, and was, to be delicately put, an unwanted child. His father deliberately named him in the female manner, after grandmother and mother. Until he was five years old, and recognised his sexual identity, he was dressed as, referred to, and even registered as a female, including what was written on his birth certificate, and even going to an all girls' daycare.

Early signs of advanced intelligence were found after he was abandoned several times at the aformentioned daycare, and he somehow managed to find his way home by recalling the precise route. These were largely ignored; Phin didn't want to deal with the cumbersome implications of a super-intelligent child, and tried to keep him out of education, but those plans were thwarted. Upon Emi's death, his life and indoctrination were fully in the hands of a pimp, and he fled to university to pursue a more noble calling, unwilling to bend to the machinations of one so evil and monetarily motivated. It was not his choice, however; Phin dragged him back and make his son the prime selection in his new 'harem', the only special treatment a more select clientele.

External InformationEdit

  • Originally, Dr. Kloana-Ze remained in his red-furred version self, perhaps a little mal-adjusted. After Scourge's takeover, certain changes made to the 'continuity' forced him into his analogous white-furred form, though he retained his inherent goodness.
  • 12/1/13 - Changed title from Kloana-Ze to Kloana. The '-Ze' will be a Ze last name, as in 'House of Ze', and will not be part of the title.