Dark Legion Stats

Creation Date

600 years in the past


Technophilic cult


Angel Island


Thriving, but splintered into factions in the wake of the disappearance of the Grandmasters

Current Leader

Grandmaster Moritori Rex

SS Debut

Unexpected Allies

Comic Debut



Soon to Come


Created shortly after the fall of Dimitri, the first modern Enerjak, by those who supported the retainment of the technology and culture of Echidnopolis over abstaining from technology. The leader of the Dark Legion was Menniker, who assumed the role and did the most recruitment after he received a pyrokinetic message coupled with strong psychic links that urged him to action at the site of Dimitri's grave.

The Dark Legion had strong ties to The Order, a society that was quickly fading with the supposed deaths of Enerjak, Edmund, Zura, and Osa in the event that was quickly becoming known as The Catastrophe. Osa, who had been something of a mentor to Menniker, had passed on all leadership to the young and grieving Echidna, and the large majority of the members of the cult moved on to the Dark Legion at the termination of the Order's existence.

The Dark Legion gained some flack when Steppenwolf began interferring and directly attacking with hostile intent. They returned fire with fire, an action which made them appear like the aggressors. It probably didn't help that Menniker was under enough stress to actually order fire on an aggressor instead of talking things over with his cousin. Admittedly, while the two were on opposing sides in the technological debates and mandates, talking alone would have done the two parties a world of good. Instead, Steppenwolf locked his cousin and the entire fledgeling society in a pocket zone called the Twilight Zone.

The Dark Legion quietly thrived and grew, developing technology far superior to their families and friends in Echidnopolis. They returned in full force and kept their return secret, with Menniker himself leading the forefront of the campaign against Echidnopolis. They had hijacked a nuclear weapon with intent to use it against the Dingos and Echidnopolis. The launch was thwarted when Guardian Aaron prematurely detonated the bomb in midair, miraculously not setting off the nuclear package, but securing Menniker's and his deaths.

Moritori Rex, son of Menniker, took the lead in his stead, with the help of numerous advisors, as the child was just a teenager at the time, and the Legion tripled in technological advancements during his interim as the Grandmaster. Moritori had grander designs, and put them into place when he lauched a massive attack on Echidnopolis, designed solely for a distraction as he managed to convincingly steal Guardian Tobor's identity and actually 'become' him.

For years, Moritori pretended to be Tobor, sending back valuable information and disseminating rumors and travesties to the general public while his own son, Luger put up a front as the new Grandmaster. Luger was more interested in ensuring the prosperity of his people instead of returning to the mainland, and his singular assault was turned back at his own command instead of proceeding due to the declining health of his wife.

Disappointed, with all his years of hard work put to ruin by a single woman, Moritori turned to a younger generation for what he perceived would be better leadership, and selected Kragok as his preferred second in command, unless Luger could prove himself better in his father's eyes. The chance was not to be had, as the Grandmaster was assassinated by his own people in an unexplained and unsought incident, and Kragok took control, fully bringing his people back into their natural zone.

The Dark Legion existed on Angel Island for several years as direct enemies to The Brotherhood of Guardians, seeing the return of the Dingos, the god Enerjak, the fall of Enerjak and the return of Dimitri, and the brief traitorism of Knuckles the Echidna in his search for knowledge.

Ultimately, after a series of betrayals and incidents that wiped out a good 80% of all remaining Echidnas, the Dark Legion fragmented into two factions, and were little threat to Dr. Finitevus when he booted the only serious forces against him into the Twilight Zone again, isolating Moritori Rex, Kragok, Luger, a splinter fragment of both of the Legion's factions, and the remnants of the Brotherhood, without any means of escape.


Soon to Come


Soon to Come


  • Luger - Current acting Grandmaster
  • Gozen - A highly lauded sniper
  • Cobar - One of their proteges, Cobar was given the monetary assistance and implants needed to further his education. While he isn't an extremist as they're commonly known for being, he is only proof that they have more mild interests and a compassion toward their fellow Echidna.