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The 28th most powerful technomage currently living (and he is keeping very, very careful count), Corbyn is the father of the 'traitor', Phineas, and has shunned him ever since the little albino left their service. He was allowed to serve the Technocracy through traitorship of his own, working as a double agent to the Chalice, and weaseling out secrets from his abusive lover, Casimyr. While he doesn't show it, he loves his family very much, and regrets his lifestyle and choices deeply.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Cory, Corby, Co-Co, 01000011 01101111 01110010 01100010 01111001 01101110 00001101 00001010, the 'Gothic Prince', Tough Muffin/Sex Muffin

Alignment: Secretly Lawful Neutral, but pretends to be Neutral Evil

Type: ISTJ

IQ: 110

Blood Type: O+

Height: 3'11"

Weight: 91 Ib.

Build: Slender but full build, small shoulders and curved in the tips of shoulders and at the hips; compact

Residence: Hidden Underground Quarters in Albion

Occupation: Sword-master in the Albion Technocracy

Marital Status: Single, Widowed

Hobbies/Talents: Expected to love computers and programming of sorts, and he does, but actually prefers to garden and grow lovely oragnics...Secretly loves to read about different flora. (not even Phineas knows about this)

Themesongs: Only This Moment by Royksopp

Moan (Trentemoller Remix) by Trentemoller


A former pacifist, Corbyn was eager to please as a child, and clung to his father as an inspiration and desperate for any form of affection granted from him; rare, but as valuable to him as a white orchid. While he was never abused as a child, he certainly felt neglected, though this was more Kormandyr's caution about acting around a child he was never prepared for. This neglect, compounded with being set apart from other children, resulted in him being incredibly lonely as a child, and though forced to interact with them from time to time, he began to despair of ever making a friend. He was withdrawn, and slightly anti-social as a barrier to hide his shy nature, and it was doubtful whether anyone realised that he was a bright child with a perky personality, an optimist, and a budding artistic genius; in fact, his father's gentle nickname for him (given with the assumption that it would make Corbyn feel like they had affection and connection) was his 'Gothic Prince'. Despite his efforts to please, however, Corbyn never felt noticed, or successful.

After coming to understand that there was little he could do to please his father, and certainly not by being himself, Corbyn sought to subdue his own impulses, and submit to Kormandyr's authority. A wife was selected, a son was born, and yet this only brought another division. Given the nature of his son's mutation, small, and inconsequential in his eyes, Korma viewed Corbyn as having brought some sort of stain on their family. To make up for this, Corbyn finally gave in completely to his father's will, renouncing pacifism, pushing his own dreams aside, and focusing on building up physical and technomagic skill, eventually faking his own death to proceed through the ranks and follow after his father. His wife's death and his own son's complete turn from their ways brought about the final piece, which forced Corbyn to only see what was before him, and only through a jaded, cynical eye, sneering on the female population, like his father, hacking mercilessly, and without serious regard for the victim (who, usually, was something malevolent, anyway), and taking on such a cold nature with such bouts of depression that he finally deserved the title his father gave him as a child.


Corbyn is focused and detail-oriented. He's prone to shutting himself off when emotional circumstances get too much to bear, and thanks to what could easily be called an abusive environment, he doesn't deal well with interpersonal relationships. Above all else, Corbyn longs for approval and acceptance from his family. He's willing to move into the hypocritical, and ultimately betray his own values for the sake of this goal, and for the values placed by his father and community.


Voice: Sharp and heavier on the family accent compared to Phineas. Clear and just right for giving orders... but rather not use this tone of voice. Likes to speak softly and calmly.

Balance: A little stressed since his ears give him trouble

Posture: Has a bit of a slouch and hates it when he catches himself leaning on things.

Stamina: High endurance

Hearing: Has a little trouble hearing since he was too close to an explosion at an early age.

Climbing: Upper body strength is exceptional, so wouldn't have much trouble

Speed: Quick and agile

Strength: Strength lies in his mind and moreso upper body.

Swimming: Probably cannot, due to the amount of electronics in his body

Computers: Exceeds requirements for a technomage (Which are complex in itself) although at times he seems uninterested.

Driving: Can drive around a hovercar... but very bad at driving. Does not realize this himself, however. As a result, he often puts himself, his passengers, and the other cars on the road in danger. It's not an issue of tracking, stopping, or speed control, but rather, he believes that limits and laws are viewed more like suggestions or guidelines....



Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: Scarlet

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): Shaded tan

Eye Colour: Dark gold

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: The front set of quills are of average Echidna length, and all the back quills are short-cropped

Nose: Echidna style

Ears: Hidden under his spines

Tail: Average Echidna tail

Other Bodily Features: Covered in cybernetics, which trace over his front quills, face, and head, glowing a gentle blue, but appearing dark or black when not actually in use. Eyes are hooded and surrounded by dark shadows almost 360 degrees, serving to make him look even more sinister. His quills are capped with metal, and will usually curl up a little bit. It is possible that he uses the one on his left for communications, but their definitive purpose has not yet been established.

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: Has a strange tattoo on the outer/underside of his right thigh, with three streaks similar to a j or or a curved l on a crest, normally covered by his robes.

Attire: Wears a personally modified Technocracy robe fitted with a loose cowl, red trim, exposed shoulders, sleeves coming down to his middle finger, and slashes up to the hips at the sides, presumably for easier running. His shoes are conventional, black and burgendy, with riveted metal soles. The only ornamentation he seems to wear are the two metallic belts at his hips, with a golden ring-shaped buckle.

Items/Weapons: His very body is a weapon, with the cybernetics within himself enhancing him. Additionally, as a technomage, he is able to control anything with basic processing and circuitry. He has a baton about 10 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter that rests on the right side of one of his belts, but the purpose of this is yet to be determined.

Transportation: ENTER


  • Casimyr - A grandfather he knows little about
  • Aleksandyr - A personal friend, despite rarely seeing him
  • Phaedonas - Would consider him a son in law, but doesn't really like him


  • Sasha - An assassin he has often gone toe-to-toe with
  • Casimyr - Possibly his commanding officer, possibly his worst rival, from how they (might) act around each other


Pre-RP: Corbyn was born to Dani-Ka and Kormandyr when Korma was first establishing himself as one of the best mages to ever grace the halls of the Albion Technocracy. An illegitimate child, he was treated two-facedly, respected and denegrated in the same moment for his parentage. As a child, he grew up without knowing his mother, and his father seemed to have difficulty in asserting himself in the traditional Technomage role of a distant and stern father (as he well believed it to be), and the close, intimate father role. Korma clearly took both at some point over the course of raising Corbyn, as the mage recalled both long walks in the park with reading poetry and playtime, and the cold and calculating lessons and early awakening all designed to make him a stronger mage no matter the cost.

Corbyn did not submit to implantation, however, and Kormandyr allowed it to be his own choice, as much as he disliked the thought of letting any son of his go without the precious connection to that which they controlled. He seemed to prefer the beautiful natural world which he had been introduced to as a child, and was a dreamy sort of teen, with high optimism and a high viewpoint of the world and its future.

Corbyn, despite his background, sides more on the organic equation than that of the technophile stance. He was a pacifist who enjoyed sneaking away from the Albion Technocracy to experience nature. His father was never able to force him to join training as a technomage, and he largely ignored his powers, focusing on botany in his private studies, though his father chose his bride Sher-Re from the service of the intelligence aspect - a fully organic Echidna like himself, but one who was closely tied to the Technocracy. She never approved of his actions, but didn't tell his father, for fear of harm coming to one or the other.

The birth of Phineas brought another division between his father and he, due to the child's lack of fur pigmentation, which only brought ridicule and accusations upon the little mage and his child. Allegations about the state of the birth and its unusual circumstances were unpleasant to bring up around his father, to say the least, and he found approval slipping away from him.

Eventually, embittered by the world and desperate to earn his father's love, Corbyn submitted both himself and Phineas to cybernetic implantation and the training process to grow strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and in their birthrights as technomages. His own implantations first occurred before Phineas was born, but were all mild enough to not cause any harm to the unvoided egg. Further implantation occurred in Phineas' developmental years, causing him to remember his father only as a cyborg, never as organic as he was previous. While he had been eager to raise his son in a loving environment, different from the upbringing he received, Corbyn ceded to Korma's judgment, and soon became just as demanding and expecting as his father had been, prioritizing the quality of Phineas' training and combat over a strong father-son relationship.

The strained relations continued into adulthood. Phineas was an early bloomer and excelled on the battlefield, but never acknowledged his father. This lack of consideration extended into romantic affairs, and Corbyn didn't take the news of elopement to an outsider very well. He refused to associate with his son's wife, and made it very clear that he didn't approve of the selection. When Phineas strayed from his path, Corbyn blamed the woman and the infant in her womb for the problems. He celebrated her death, and saw it as their opportunity to return to some state of normal, but their differences really severed ties.

Corbyn faked his death to separate himself from Phineas after his wife's death of cancer from the radiations in the Technocracy and her staunch stance against receiving surgery or implants to save her life. He only blamed this on organic fallacy, and was able to raise in rank to become a Superior without the 'hinderances' of son or wife, though he kept an eye on Phineas and was able to make sure that he too received proper training and care within the Technocracy, though even his face was kept hidden. Despite his bitter nature, he still holds a small amount of love for his first field of study, and has kept a few small plants next to his bed, 2 cacti, a small pot of ordinary grass, and a carefully maintained bonsai tree.

RP: Phineas learned that Corbyn was alive, and the two reunited with unfortunate results. There was veiled accusations of being responsible for the other's spousal death, and what was intended to be a loving return only became an embittered battle.

When they returned Phineas to their shrinking Technocracy, they only resumed their silent feud, neither being quite as civil as they could be. It is presumed that his relationship with Phineas was only one of the reasons why Corbyn turned to Casimyr and became a traitor for the Chalice Heart. Only later was it revealed to be a stunning sacrifice for the benefit of his family; Corbyn effectively went in as a double agent to gather intelligence and throw a wrench in the Chalice's plans. He welcomed his adult grandson, Finitevus, and the modifications to indoctrinate him into the Technocracy. In the aftermath of the Chalice's attacks, Corbyn has taken a long, technology-free sabbatical.

Threads that Corbyn was Mentioned inEdit


  • Corbyn was not depicted on the forum prior to its secondary demise. He was mentioned by Phineas, his son, in casual play on the One-on-One board.


  • Corbyn occasionally posted on tumblr through 'houseofzura', which also included posts from his father, Korma.

Additional InformationEdit

  • Corbyn is easily distracted by little details, particularly in the more sexual situations. In fact, the more sexual the situation is, or the seduction, the more liable he is to be caught up in a detail. This distraction becomes a cemented fixation that lasts for anywhere between 10 seconds to 3 minutes long. This perhaps makes him even easier to seduce.
  • Corbyn is the tallest living member of their family. If his grandfather were still alive, he would be second tallest compared to Casimyr.
  • Corbyn's sensitive region is his lips.
  • Without any evidence, everyone is firmly convinced that Corbyn must be a traitor. There is also belief that he had a hand in the deaths of either his wife or Emi-Li.
  • SPECULATION: From several comments made by Mai and Jack, it is jokingly believed that Phineas must have had a hand in the death of Sher-Re, and Emi's accident was pure revenge from Corbyn.