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100541311 - The Chalice Heart has been at it again. 4 days, 4000 miles. Their campaign is relentless, their drive unmatched, their goal unknown. I stand as the last between the Old Gates and their arrival, the only thing between them and Albion. I fear it is not enough. I fear that when the time comes, I cannot fulfill my dedication to the utmost, as others have required. Greatness is asked, but I do not know if I can give my life, when the time calls for it.

They come.

-Guardian Alabaster

115110611 - I have watched many things in the course of my long life, but it is a rare thing to admit having seen the rise and the fall of the Great Pillars in your lifetime. An old sage is disregarded, but the temple priests are with their celestial masters now. They have done their utmost. The Temple of Lao Tzi has been sacked, Juing Say is burning, and I write now what will not be written later. An old sage is disregarded, but the words he writes are treasured more than long lands of rice, and last longer than the bamboo forests.

I must proclaim now, with the ritual instruments and the Heart of Lao Tzi in their hands, the pagan invaders will bring a dark cloud to our bright land. Even now, a cloud is made from what was a thousand year city, a cloud that is breathed, and burns the lungs of the young and the old.

-Master Yu Fua

228100711 - Tree Song and Gentle Blossom have been taken today. The last of our strange race - our own sisters and brothers, with the different hair, and who came from the white pearls birthed and hatched in four days... These were those who were among us, who were of our tribe with as much right as the impeccable blooded Jade Mirth and the old-woman Running River.

Others who looked like them have been taking our sweet little ones. I saw some of them come to take the children, but it was called off as the Great Jaguar attacking the weak. But then when Wind Melody and Bright Fern and Bright Fern's brothers disappeared on evidence of struggle, we became worried.

The strange ones soon made their presence known; they called themselves nomadic traders, and we welcomed them as they were, unknowing. Their leader was a man called... something we could not pronounce, but we called him Gray Fire because of his unusual eyes. He seemed to be able to convince people of things with his voice and those eyes, and we understood from the teachings of the spirits that this man had a Haji in his soul; a demon able to hypnotize and sway people to his will.

When we saw his numbers grow, no matter how religious he appeared, we wanted no more of him; for he was taking our own and warping their minds. We told him to take his people and leave our lands, for we had no need of his kind, and they went.

... And then they disappeared in greater quantity. Our dear brethren have all gone, all of them, and the forest is silent. I have one white pearl left with us, and it is secret, and my own... perhaps we shall have one last of the darlings with us... I do not know why Gray Fire would take only our hard-furred ones. Maybe he takes their souls.

May the trees have mercy on them. They do not deserve this.

-Quiet Spring

0908110511 - This is the last entry that I shall make. My heart can no longer resist the call; my brain has never more been so confused, and instinct so clear. It is as if I walk the days a daze, a shade of my former self, and upon the stroke of the witching hour, find myself in such firm resolves as would not the firmest earthquake attempt shake. Their promises are not empty. Their pleasures have been seen and tasted. Forgive me, Father.

Forgive me, young Turquoise. You will grow up with the knowledge that your father has been weak. Too weak. And yet on the off-chance that they should prove false to me? That they should ill-use one who they seduced so thoroughly? I shall destroy them - destroy myself, for in the destruction of the Chalice, I must count myself in the measure, in my fallen and weak nature. Maybe then your father will have redeemed himself in your eyes. But for now, sweet... I must taste again the sweet fruits of their too-tempting graces.

-Guardian (Name Smeared) - You should find me by the name Vendicti, if you must search


The first leader and creator the of Chalice Heart was Kaillis, who pulled the group together shortly after 1040 when the gods began to disappear.


--And created their motto 'Cor Aut Mors', Heart or Death. --


  • Life is worthless, meaningless, and an illusion. Members are expected to put the will of the Chalice above their own plans and cast away the shell if necessary.
  • It is better to die than to betray the secrets of the Chalice.
  • Those who are not of the Chalice are infidels, to be cut down as needed. It is not of any one particular member to discern whether they are worthy to be inducted in, and the price of revealing even the very existence of the Chalice is met with painful death for all parties involved.

(static hiss, faint noise of shouting and gunshots in the background)

  • Members are inducted into the principles of self-indulgence: to love thyself, indulge in their own desires, feed their cravings, meet their curiosities, and generally follow a hedonistic lifestyle. Ironically, the lower members practice denial and self-control in ceding to the will of the Chalice, and only the higher ranking members seem to have that freedom of excess and pleasures.


Soon to Come


(static, faint, as if coming off an old radio)

--And in the course of doing so, their old friends, now foes, the Albion Techn-- (static)

--All to the power of the great-- (transmission cut)


Known themselves as the Chalice, collectively.


  • Guardian ???? alias Vendicti - Kaillis' Dog
  • Gula - Returns (going after escaped initiates)
  • Bluda - Assassinations and Scouting
  • Zultig and Danzig - Secretarial

Suspected Members:


(The appearance of an old, wearied Echidna, in a ceremonial robe, sepia toned and flickering on the hologram.)

When the Chalice first formed, the initiation of their followers and acolytes was essential both to the continued well-being of the cult, but also to their very fuction, as bodies, as blind sheep to be led about and manipulated as they so wished. A society so sub rosa that even the bud of existence was wholy unknown, it became a distinct matter of utmost caution and delicate maneuvering to snare and initiate wholesome and innocent youth to their dark and pagan ways--

(static, the image of the Echidna disappearing for a few seconds, and a crackling noise like an old record adding to the vocals.)

--The very end of the occult rites of entry was the slaughter and consumption of a still beating, warm heart. Original entry rites, as recorded in their passages, state that the first few generations of members actually had captured one of their own kind, Echidna same, for the fell deed, particularly delighting if they happened to be a priest, and most delight in the consumption of an Auroran's heart. As the years passed, and Echidna supremancy solidified, they turned their eyes to other Mobian cardial flesh, and an added measure of torturous action took turn when playing out their initiation, ensuring that said pitiable prisoner was both alive and lucid when having their heart cut from their bodies. Current members instead opt for the most generous and humane option yet--


--It was in this manner that required members to speak exclusively in a code, both to ensure privacy and the true membership of the fellow Chalice. This code was created from the old scribe-writing, before the Purge, and their motto is only another facet of this code. The motto, in fact --


--Upon initiation, members receive their Chalice garb, a uniform required for all members. The lowest level live in barracks, aspiring for the day when they prove worthy of luxury, the same luxury they were tempted in with. A few, rare members are shepherded right into the lap of luxury, but those self-same members are not required to even pay any attention to the ideals; members like these are selected more for their abilities than for their ease of brainwashing, and since not cannon-fodder, are to be enticed into remaining for--

(static, a rushed sort of noise and a high, distant whistling)


There have been suggestions that the Chalice and the Albion Technocracy once were together, like sister organizations, during the purges. The two are currently enemies, however.