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Approx. 2,500 Earth years




Nyxian, no official classification

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As a disowned member of a divine family, Black Fate is Black Doom's older "twin" brother. After trying to assassinate Guardian Nyx, he was imprisoned with a life sentence, only to easily break out soon afterward. He pursues Black Doom with the intent on persuading him to his side in truly killing Nyx and conquering the universe. He is in possession of an army, and, like Doom, he can reproduce asexually, but prefers not to.

He often takes the form of a hedgehog, though born in appearance similar to that of Doom's alien form; he does this to "level the playing field" with his brother, especially during fights, but also enjoys the mobility and lighter weight of hedgehogs.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Fate, Keres, The Sexiest Creature Alive

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: ESTP

IQ: 397

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 102 cm / 3'4"

Weight: 36kg / 80lb.

Build: Slender

Residence: Nowhere permanent currently

Occupation: None, really; usually threatens or bargains for money, and is certainly successful with his gift of strength and other powers

Marital Status: Single, never plans to marry

Hobbies/Talents: Hobbies normally include indecent things, but he does enjoy drawing natural subjects in ink with a brush. Can read extremely fast, mold fire into shapes and figures, and can identify weak points on a person after being with them for a few minutes.

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Though he's disowned and has been frowned upon his entire life, Fate has maintained a carefree attitude, almost to the point of being dangerous if it wasn't for his strength. He's acted far too much on his whims and answering openly to anything, which normally starts a riot, especially in bars, and he's able to kill every single life form in the entire establishment without breaking much of a sweat.

His goal in life is something to that of Black Doom's: to conquer the universe. However, he is only interested in doing so for the power, fame, and glory, whereas Doom wants to bring order and perfection to the universe. Many times Fate has tried to persuade Black Doom to his side, and unfortunately, Fate doesn't take "no" for an answer. He would have already attempted to kill Doom himself by now, but something nags at him telling him not to do so...

Fate is a very arrogant person, to say the least. When walking into a room, he expects to be at least acknowledged as a superior, and generally doesn't tolerate disobedience. (In some situations, of course, this is amusing to him.) He wishes to be held higher than his brother, and if Doom ever joined his side, the power would definitely not be divided equally.

As far as affection goes, Fate normally has no genuine feeling of it, instead he has an attachment to messing with others and seeing them squirm around so much, he can't leave their side for too long. It's no secret that he's something of a pervert, and he's known to have raped or had affairs with several people, significantly his brother and nephew. He can also have vulgar tendencies, not caring about watching his language or behavior in public.

Not often does Fate get genuinely upset about something, but something that throws him into a fit of rage is the name of his mother or how he failed to kill her.


Sly, cunning, mischevious, dark, resentful, sadistic, likes to play with emotions/minds, demented, very perverted, strong (emotionally/physically), uncaring/apathetic, blunt, sarcastic, intelligent, witty, blood-thirsty, carefree (in comparison to his brother), possessive, forceful, boastful, envious, quick/sharp.


Voice: Higher than Doom's, but very velvety and rich when he speaks. His true yelling voice is only used when things in his head start getting out of control, so his voice cracks often then. His laugh is normally a dark chuckle, but can escalate to a bit more demonic...

Balance: High, as he has discovered his hedgehog body before his brother, so he has had more time to accustom himself.

Posture: Has perfect posture, but doesn't demonstrate it often, usually slumping (especially when seated) and doing whatever he likes.

Stamina: Significantly more than Black Doom's, for the same reason as stated above.

Hearing: Piqued due to his hedgehog ears

Climbing: Slow, but he'll endure and try his hardest

Speed: Quick, but not as fast as his brother.

Strength: Debatably stronger than Black Doom physically, which upsets him even more to know that he was given his "stupid" fire powers instead of Chaos.

Swimming: Can't swim.

Computers: He can get around them, but has some trouble

Driving: Can drive, but prefers walking


Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: Black

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): Medium beige

Eye Colour: Purple, bright fuchsia (third)

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: Double-pointed, jagged purple tips

Nose: Long, black

Ears: Normal hedgehog ears

Tail: Normal hedgehog tail

Other Bodily Features: Eye tips are purple, double-pointed. (Often boasts his hedgehog features, acknowledging himself as more attractive than his little brother.)

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: None

Attire: Long black robe, high slits on the side trimmed with purple satin and pointed cuffs. Also significant is his belt/sash at the waist; this is very similar to Doom's scarf, but is worn in a different fashion, most likely as a keepsake of he and Doom's relationship.

Items/Weapons: No weapons, but was given the ability to produce/control fire, which is significant, especially when fighting his brother. (His fire counteracts Doom's dark streams from the ground completely, while some of his fire remains, rendering that attack of Doom's useless.)

Transportation: None


  • Nyx - biological mother
  • Hypnos, Nemisis, Thanatos, Apate, Eris, Oizys, Oneiroi, Hesperides - biological siblings (unimportant, will not be used in RPs)


  • Nyx - really hates her for a multitude of reasons; she granted Black Doom Chaos powers instead of he, she wishes for peace and balance in the universe, she rules parts of the universe, etc. He brutally and completely destroyed his Star of Nyx (the symbol of his relation to her) before attacking her.
  • Black Doom - at some points, especially when he refuses to cooperate with Fate
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Shadow usually sides with Black Doom in any conflict involving Fate, though he really doesn't want him for an enemy.


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