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Lord Black Doom (Zeio-samokai) is the vengeful resurrected leader of the Black Arms. Often interpreted as a blood-thirsty tyrant, he resumes his position as galactic ruler almost instantly after he is brought back to life (mistakenly) as a hedgehog.

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  • Zeio - "Doom" (Shiimari)
  • Samokai - suffix, pronoun for "father" or "master" (Shiimari)
  • Lord Doom
  • Moros - by siblings and mother

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Birthday: January 17

Type: ESTJ

IQ: 400

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 104cm / 3'5"

Weight: 36kg / 80lb

Build: Slim, streamlined

Residence: Black Comet

Occupation: Galactic ruler and planetary conquerer

Marital Status: Single, never plans to marry

Favourite Food: Ramen, Paacho

Likes: The Black Arms, darkness, the stars or the cosmos in general, herbal tea, ramen, meditation, Chaos (force and god), domination and conquest, manipulating others, blood, pain and death of others.

Dislikes: Shadow the Hedgehog, any person who opposes his rule or him directly, humanity, arrogance, females, weaklings, sympathy, physical contact, bright lights, loud noises, sweet things.

Fears: Failure, to die permanently, being bested or proven wrong.

Hobbies/Talents: Speaks and writes several hundred languages fluently, calligraphy

Aspirations/Dreams: To bring every living creature under his rule, universal perfection, and to bring Shadow to his side forever/make his Black Arms family whole once again.

Theme songs:


Often seen as a ruthless tyrant, Black Doom is a very uncaring, unsympathetic, and sadistic being. He is a firm believer in finding your own way, often finding amusement out of other's pain or weakness. Black Doom possesses the ability to read and control minds, which also feeds his ever-growing sadist side.

He despises planets whose races fight one another for superiority, as well as planets whose races destroy their environment and care nothing for their blessings of life. As a result, when he encounters such "flaws," he sends his army down to put an end to the planet once and for all. Black Doom sees he and his soldiers as saviors for the flawed universe, rather than power-hungry terrorists.

As he is always in constant pursuit of perfection, he expects no less from himself and his children. When something does go amiss, Black Doom has a tendency to unleash his temper and inflict harsh punishment, often physical abuse. Because of this goal, he also is very ambitious, and is detirmined to get what he wants.

Rarely does Black Doom smile out of genuine happiness or make any humorous remark of any kind. He takes life in every aspect very seriously, as he is a very dedicated and hard-worker, and he prefers to not engage in any fun or recreational activities.

He claims to be immune to any type of love or affection, when really, deep in his heart, he cares deeply for his children, including Shadow. He prefers to not discuss his past or family due to his fear of both showing weakeness and revisiting negative memories from the time.

Black Doom can be very possessive, the prime example being Shadow himself. Though he is vengeful against him, he is passionate about keeping Shadow to himself, feeling that since his first creator is deceased, he should have complete ownership over him. He is also extremely protective of his territory, such as the planets he has already conquered or his personal living quarters in the Black Comet.

Hailing from a very divine parentage, Black Doom is also very spiritual, meditating frequently. He still keeps in contact with Nyx, though he tries not to depend too much upon her for assistance. She was, however, involved in restoring the Black Comet after Black Doom's ressurrection.


Controlling, sees flaws in most everything, so is very particular with most things, punctual, is very fond of rules and law, power-hungry/blood-thirsty, carnivorous, merciless/unforgiving, resentful, short-tempered, monotone, apathetic and cold-hearted, dark, quiet/reserved, modest in all senses, quietly intelligent, strong (both emotionally, mentally, physically), determined, vengeful, sees himself as perfect (but at the same time, not over-arrogant), spiritual, possessive, loner, hates physical touch, despises love and joy of any kind, fond of death and bloodshed of others.


Voice: Low, rich, and often described as satiny or velvety. It contrasts highly to his alien form's voice, though its pitch is still nearly identical. He often speaks in monotone, or something close to it, never seeking to show much emotion. Doom only raises his voice when he needs to. Despite he speaking his native language almost all his life, he speaks other languages quite well and with a small accent.

Balance: In the beginning, learning to walk was very rough for him, and his sense of balance was off-kilter. For a week or so he needed a soldier to escort him so he wouldn't fall or harm himself. But as time went by, Black Doom learned to stand and stride on his own and achieved near-perfect balance. Only when his mind is hazy by exhaustion or other ailments is he known to occasionally lose balance and stumble.

Posture: Being an alien/hedgehog of royalty and divinity, Black Doom strives for perfect posture at all times, only loosening up and slouching when he rests. (see below)

Stamina: Can fight for an extended period of time, but because he is still adjusting to his new hedgehog form, he finds it difficult to continue battle for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

  • In addition to his lack of stamina, his hedgehog body hinders him from being able to stay energetic and awake at all times. His sleeping average is one night per week, though, if needed, he rests more often.

Hearing: Piqued, as hearing is increasingly important in unfamiliar territories as he is in almost constantly.

Climbing: Hindered to begin with, as he had no legs to start with as an alien, but now as a hedgehog, he resents climbing or any action having to do with using his new hedgehog legs.

Speed: In running sense, he is able to match Shadow's speed for a good while, but soon tires out. In combat sense, he is consistenly lightning-fast.

Strength: Unlike almost every other physical attributes, Black Doom's incredible strength stuck with him through his resurrection process. He has the ability to kill a person with one strike and knows physical weakness of several species and races of beings.

Swimming: He tends to avoid water, as it is a strange and unfamiliar substance to him, but when he is put in a situation where swimming is needed, he is able to get by.

Computers: Fairly good with them, as his knowledge base in the Black Comet, as well as hailing frequency commanders, are located in computers and other means of technology. He's no professional, but this is mostly because they have never come across any significant problems that need urgent fixing.

Driving: He knows his way around Black Arms vehicles, but barely drives them. He has never been in an Earth vehicle before, let alone drive it, but if he was to do so, catastrophe would most likely ensue.


  • Physical: Now in a lighter-weight body, Black Doom is much more agile and able to move freely. He often sees his legs as a nuisance, as he finds himself tripping or catching them on objects more often than desirable. His speed is increased, but finds himself more cautious of his environment.
  • Mental: Though most people question how his mind is truly wired, Black Doom is a very pensive individual who meditates on almost every decision he makes. His mental state of mind is very tranquil, despite his vengeful and malicious actions toward others. In general, he demands respect of his superiority and expects perfection everywhere he goes, especially in his own race. His idea of "good vs. evil" is very foggy; he doesn't see himself as a villain as much as others do, and in fact, Black Doom feels that he is doing what is best for all life.
    • Intelligence: Bluntly speaking, Black Doom is a quiet mastermind. Years of waging war on planets and understanding weaknesses of others have contributed to his great knowledge, but unlike Dr. Eggman, Black Doom doesn't boast his intelligence.
    • Sanity: Late-"childhood" (30 years) trauma involving his mother, Nyx, caused slight damage to his sanity. The amount of death and bloodshed Black Doom has encountered throughout his life has caused him to become unfeeling to most tragic events. Based on percentage, Black Doom is about 90% sane.
    • Learned: At about 20, his mother, Nyx, taught him how to spawn asexually, which is how his army has grown over the millenia that he has been in existence. (Because of this, he finds no use for females and thinks them to be wastes of space and time.)
    • Critical Thinking: Under pressure, Black Doom has a tendency to lash out or become frustrated, but once isolated, his mind is able to come up with complex and intricate ideas.
  • Learned: Black Doom is able to learn, absorb, and retain information very quickly. Though his knowledge is expanding, due to his large age, he can forget details of things he has dealt with in the distant past.
    • Book-smarts: High, although during times of war or invasion he has no time to read. He never reads fiction, but mostly biographies and journals of deceased leaders of other planets.
    • Street-smarts: He knows his way around galaxies' structures, but, ironically, when it comes to smaller-scale places, such as cities or the like, he needs assistance. In addition, Black Doom is fairly clueless when faced with slang or jargon from other languages than his own.
    • Wisdom: Gained mostly by experience.
  • Special: He does use special attacks a lot more frequently than regular physical means, as they can expose his opponent's weaknesses in little time. Though fighting drains his energy, his increased power allows him to defeat weaker enemies in no time flat, using little to no effort. Gradually, he is building stamina to use his special attacks and add more overall energy.
    • Attacks: Chaos attacks are mainly used; Swift Strike, Flame Crescent, Meteor Toss, mind control, telekenisis.
    • Martial Arts: He never is fond of close combat, but when the time comes, he is highly skilled, but not perfect.
      ShadowCG Doomseye

      Doom's Eye

    • Powers: Ability to control streams of dark matter, telepathy. Like his alien form, he can remove his third eye and be able to watch over someone or something while he is away.
  • Instincts/Reflexes: His precise hearing allows him to sense the incoming presence of any being or beings. His reflexes are quite fast.
  • Chaos: Possesses most, if not, all of the Chaos abilities, as he is the biological grandson of Chaos himself. Thus, Black Doom does not need a Chaos Emerald to perform any specialized Chaos attack, save for his Super Transformation, Devil Doom. Noteably, Black Doom can cancel Chaos Control, even when it is in action or in the process.


Black Doom appears to have no weaknesses, as he hides them very well from others. Only he knows of any instabilities, and it takes lots of digging to scratch the surface of them all.

  • Physical: Where blood circulation is the weakest, he is weakest. Sensitive, exposed spots such as his third eye are also part of his main physical downfalls.General: Tail, quills, ears, legs, third eye. He isn't ticklish, per say, but his abdomen can be an effective spot to hit.
      • Be it psychological or through blood-connection, his abdomen's weakness stems from his mother's attempted murder. Her abdomen was seriously injured before her long-lasting coma.
    • Most of all, however, he abhors physical contact. Due to his hedgehog body, he needs to eat at least once every seven days, and sleep at least two.
    • Ailments: Prone to mild migranes in stressful times. When third eye is removed, he is also prone to headaches and "worsened" vision, and he therefore usually keeps in a secluded, familiar place or with a trusted servant when Doom's Eye is out roaming.
    • Allergies: None.
  • Mental: He isn't fond of reflecting on his early past, and when it comes up, his overall disposition is to be feared.
  • Emotional: Love and affection, both towards him and dealing with the feelings himself. If he ever feels love, he often shuts himself in a secluded space and wants no one making any contact with him, as he can be very confused and mentally vulnerable then. He also has a firey temper that can be exposed quite easy and is hard to extinguish.
  • Learned: Has a hard time accepting other's cultures and ways of life or any deviation from his norm, and is therefore resistant to most new ideas.
  • Chaos: None.


Black Doom does not have many key items, as he has learned to detatch himself from material possessions for the most part. What important items he has, though, he normally wears on his person:

  • Scarf - little is known about this article of clothing other than its millenia-old age. It is surprisingly strong as far as fabrics go despite its age, but Black Doom forbids any person from touching it. Thus, it is considered a holy or divine relic. Unlike most of his other accessories, the scarf is constantly worn.
  • Star of Nyx - a necklace resembling Doom's Eye. Though he doesn't always wear it, this piece of jewelry is extremely valuable to Black Doom, as it is proof of his decending of Nyx. (Each of his siblings also received one, Fate being the only one who is no longer in possession of his, as he completely destroyed it after escaping from prison.)
  • Robe/cloak - being a person of physical modesty and decency, Black Doom finds the need to have something covering his body at all times. He isn't fond of fresh air touching his fur.

Black Doom does consider Shadow as one of his items/possessions, especially after Shadow's first creator, Gerald, died; therefore, by right, Shadow is under Black Doom's (second creator's) custody. Being the control-freak that he is, he wishes to keep Shadow under his power as much as possible, and therefore erects high standards and expectations, as well as strict rules for him.

He does not use any weapons to speak of, as he is content with using his Chaos powers in battle or in an undesirable situation. In a desperate time, though, he would equip a sword to fight with; he enjoys both the light weight and the feeling of digging it into the internal organs of his victim.

Shadow was considered a weapon for the Black Arms as well.

  • (If he were to join them, that title most likely would change after Earth was destroyed, as Black Doom would find a sentimental attachment to the hedgehog. [Not only does Shadow have a legitimate conscience, they have not had contact in 50+ years. Black Doom also has a bit of a weak spot for loyalty.])

He does not pilot vehicles, as his favorite means of transportation is teleportation or simply walking. But having manufactured some vehicles for the Black Arms to use, he knows his way around in those particular models, but has no desire to drive them.


  • Professor Gerald (formerly affiliated) - mastermind behind Shadow's creation; called upon Black Doom for assistance
  • Guardian Nyx - biological mother (will not be used in RPs)
  • Keres - biological older brother, hated rival
    • Thanatos (hedgehog form)
    • Oneiroi and Hypnos (hedgehog forms)
    • Hespere (hedgehog form)
    • Oizys and Nemesis (hedgehog forms)
    Thanatos, Hypnos, Oneiroi, Hespere, Oizys, Nemesis, Eris - biological siblings (unimportant, will not be used in RPs)


  • Shadow the Hedgehog - killed Black Doom's alien form and the vast majority of the Black Arms, also refuses to join the Black Arms
  • Earth, and those who inhabit it
  • Anyone who opposes him
  • Fate - attempted to kill Nyx, also pursuing to kill Doom himself and take over his galactic empire


(Alien) Origin: Black Doom's given name is Movri Moros Nyx, commonly shortened to Moros, translating to "Doom". He is the last of ten children, all produced asexually by the guardian of the stars, space, and night, Nyx. She is also the direct offspring of the god Chaos, and had to choose only one of her children to take all of her inherited Chaos powers. Favoring Doom out of all of her children, she passed her Chaos traits to him when he was born and became the Black Doom that is known to this day.

ShadowCG Blackdoom

Black Doom's alien form

His exact birthplace and home are kept strictly confidential because of his mother's divinity, but he and his siblings were raised in villa-like housing and kept isolated from outsiders.

Nyx's children were commonly produced in sets of two; Doom's "twin" was called Movri Keres Nyx, or simply Keres; Fate. (Of the two, Fate is older.) Upon hearing that Nyx's dormant Chaos powers would be passed onto Black Doom, Fate was more than discontent, and began plotting her downfall. Once Doom caught wind of his plan, he attempted to stop Fate, knowing that in killing Nyx, space itself would be thrown off-kilter and made into an irreversable catastrophe. Fate ignored his warnings, and it wasn't long before the plan seemed to die down and fade away.

During his young years, Nyx had taught him how to spawn asexually, which she saw in his future would be of great use somehow, and also granted him a habitable comet out of the future's tellings. What these two gifts would come into use for, neither of them knew, but they waited for the day that was to give them the answer.

Around age 30, Black Doom noticed one night that something odd was happening in the night sky. Out of gut feeling, he began to make his way to Nyx's corridor, only to find her heavily wounded, prominently in the abdomen.

" child...was I...a bad mother...?"

He realized soon, however, that it had to be of Fate's doing, but before he had a chance to question what had occured, she lost consciousness. He understood that this must have been the time to escape his home with the comet, feeling somehow that this place would be in danger in the near future. What he would do out in the vast reaches of space, he did not know, but he piloted out of his home in the comet. Aboard, Black Doom spawned a few children for company's sake, still uncertain about this gift's use, but began to journey through space, feelings unclear of where to go or what to do.

No longer wishing to hold his given name, nor his native language that carried painful memories, he created his own language for he and his few children, called Shiimari. Now going by the name of "Zeio", Doom began to fly through the stars with a few developing children. After seeing planets' "flaws", such as war against their own kind, pollution, and disrespect toward gods, however, his focus shifted from aimlessly going about space to perfecting its inhabitants. He put his asexual-reproducing skills to use, creating a fleet of his spawn to help him accomplish his new goal.

After approximately 1,000 years, Black Doom received word of Nyx's recovery. Calloused to his tragic memories, and any caring emotion at that, he promised that he would never pay mind to her ever again, but secretly prayed to her occasionally for strength and revitalization. He also learned of Fate's imprisonment shortly after Nyx had been attacked, but also that Fate had escaped and was loose in space, seeking to create his own empire and destroy Black Doom's. Though this once was a concern of his, Black Doom tried not to pay much heed to it, as he wanted to keep full attention to his own matters.

Around age 4,450, Black Doom was contacted by Professor Gerald Robotnik, who resided on the Space Colony ARK. He and Black Doom agreed to cooperate in the production of Shadow the Hedgehog in exchange for the seven Chaos Emeralds, and secretly, Black Doom conspired to enslave and devour the human race when the Black Comet made its next round in half a century. Unfortunately, fifty years later, the alien leader was killed by Shadow himself.

(Hedgehog) Origin: Immediately following his death, three of his most trusted officers (also the only survivors of the Black Arms) found Black Doom's lifeless, tattered body in a forest and quickly got to work in reviving him through their specially-granted powers. However, the resurrection process needed utmost concentration, and one failed to think constantly of Black Doom's alien form, beginning to internally rant and curse Shadow with all his might. Thus, when the process was complete, a battered and bruised three-eyed hedgehog emerged from the smoke.

Though incredibly outraged at his appearance, Black Doom accepted the weakened form, though his new legs were very hard to adapt to. They hid themselves for the night, resting after attending to Black Doom's wounds. Before he himself rested, Black Doom prayed to Nyx, for once in quite some time, for strength, and to restore the Black Comet, as it now was called.

The next morning, much to the officers' joy, the Black Comet was restored, though concealed from any humans from seeing it. Black Doom was relieved to see that Nyx had heard and answered his prayer, but the matter of revenge upon Shadow still lingered in his mind. He vowed to avenge his children, even if it meant killing one of his own.

HEARTS: In the AU HEARTS, Black Doom is one of the first, independent Nobodies, significant in that he was established about 2400 years before Asura began his campaign of creating and experimenting with Heartless and Nobodies, and building up an Organization of the best. Black Doom, and his Heartless, Shadow, both joined the Organization as one of the original 13 members, and were incredibly influential in feeding off hearts and spreading corruption.

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Mobius Encyclopaedia Entry(canon information)

Black shiimari ref by lazlotitan-d3823vf

Shiimari, the language of the Black Arms.

  • Black Doom and the Black Arms speak a language known as Shiimari (literally, "black.") While the lingual portion tends to be rather complex and difficult to learn, much like a code, the writing is, comparatively, a great deal easier to translate out, particularly because each letter in their language has a glyph, instead of words, or sounds. So while it looks similar to Japanese or Korean, in principle, it is more similar to English.