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A shaman-turned-assassin, and the rescuer of his species, Ana gave up much in the way of innocence to become the anti-heroic figure he is today. Primarily, however, it was to find and reunite with his laotong, Turbo. He might possibly abandon his people again should it be to stay with his intended lover, which should inform on his morals more than the initial rescue would...

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Ka'ana Loa (real name)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Birthday: ENTER

Type: ISFJ


Blood Type: R+

Height: 4'0"

Weight: 96 lb.

Build: Tall, and thin, most of his weight dispersed in his shoulders, biceps, thighs, and hips - areas of increased power and muscle growth

Residence: Nomadic, generally lives in his space vessel

Occupation: Assassin, mercenary, and vigilante, depending on the pay rate and the hit

Marital Status: Single, Unmarried

Hobbies/Talents: Ana is strangely musically inclined, given to breaking out in tribal song to keep himself company on his ship or when camping in the desert. He also plays the pan flute, and one of his weapons is capable of being used to make music. Additionally, he knows a great deal about the shamanic customs and rituals of the Saranj, though they are supposed to be secret and kept only by other shamans...

Themesongs: Among the Angels' Debri by Synthetic Dream Foundation


Unlike the majority of the Saranj race, Ana actually seems to enjoy violence, and he goes out of his way to make a profession based around killing people. His contracts mainly revolve around putting an end to oppressive regional warlords, or slavers, and it appears he has a vendetta against those who buy, sell, or capture slaves, probably due to being a slave at some point and time, though this has not been proven.

Though he nested with Turbo for only a short time, he remembers every aspect of the younger Saranj, and has made a point of enquiring about his existence at every stop he makes, looking for his lost friend. His ties appear to be rather strong, though, due to no similar search for his family, it can be assumed that they are dead.




Voice: Can best be described as snake-like, Ana's voice has the rasp of years of poor quality air, perhaps even smoke damage, but is often tempered down to a soft and gentle quality when speaking of or thinking of Turbo.

Balance: ENTER

Posture: ENTER

Stamina: Ana, unlike Turbo, was sent to work instead of running. He has seen his share of mines and prison colonies, never spending more than a few months in each place. The many fights he has been in (what little entertainment the repressed and angered slaves could partake, though certainly not best for keeping them unified) and the hard labour have both prepared him for extensive beatings, and he can take more than he can dish, which is a considerable amount of damage.

Hearing: ENTER

Climbing: ENTER

Speed: ENTER

Strength: Ana makes up for his somewhat slower gait with fists like hammers, none too precise, but certainly packing a punch with each blow that he lands. He generally hopes to knock out his opponent in a few good hits rather than prolong the fight any longer than it need be.

Swimming: Ana knows little more than some basic dog-paddling and how to tread water, but his swimming position is still closer to a quadruped than a biped.

Computers: Ana is able to use onboard navigation, forums, and electronic payment options, but since most of his operations are primarily tactile in nature, he shouldn't be allowed near the internet.

Driving: Ana is adept at flying his stolen ship, having spent enough time in space and avoiding recapture to be proficient at the most minute of actions. However, surface world vehicles leave him highly confused since they work in 2 planes, not three.


Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: Paprika red scales and fur

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): Light Peach

Eye Colour: Cold Stone Blue

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: The nearest of his messy quills actually curve away from the rest of the group, and rest gently on his shoulders, almost framing him. The rest are substantially lower than a normal Saranj's quills, possibly a result of beatings.

Nose: Small and blunted

Ears: None visible

Tail: His tail's 'harpoon hook' has piercings and gauges on it, and about two hands worth of rings cover his tail directly after the hook.

Other Bodily Features: He has bigger hands than Turbo and other captured Saranj because he was taken away/disappeared later than they did, and consequently, he grew more accustomed to quadruped walking... His spine shows acute distress and weight, as if, instead of training and surgery, he was forced into bipedalism by weights on his horizontal form that crushed the predominant curves out of his back...

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: Believed to be a former shaman, Ana has a small amount of tribal paint or markings on his face and down his arms and neck. It is believed that he paints more on before each kill, but these markings, as opposed to the other ones, wash off easily.

Attire: He prefers to only wear a long, maroon coloured scarf, shredded at the ends, which, double-wrapped around his neck, still touches the floor. This is worn in a great deal of manners, especially in assassin work, when he turns it into a cowl and mask... Otherwise, nothing else - no shoes, socks, or gloves. Occasionally, paid with a pretty bauble instead of credits or some other denomination of money, he will wear that and add it to his clothing, but it's quickly traded off.

Items/Weapons: Ana has accumulated a collection of weapons, starting with the tribal and religious ones from Keldeza, and working into illegal guns.

Transportation: Ana travels between worlds on his stolen 'skiff', the Renegade, searching for challenging jobs, and the few remaining Saranj left.


  • Turbo - Best friend and nesting-mate.
  • Saranj - His people, now a few thousand left remaining


  • The Vargz - One of his many owners
  • Black Arms - The species responsible for the death of the hundreds of thousands of Saranj still surviving; these monsters actually ate his people


Ana and Turbo were both dear friends on Keldeza, a relationship that should never have occurred, given their geographic distance and the rulings of their tribes. Additionally, in his studies, Ana was not allowed to be given a mate or a nest-mate. Regardless, the two snuck off with each other as soon as they were old enough to move out of their parents' houses and they lived together in a dwelling they had built for themselves at the halfway point between their tribes.

Turbo was taken to be wedded to Chels though, and he was no longer allowed to live with his friend, regardless of their clearly platonic affections and deep bond. Ana was not invited to the ceremony, despite his high ranking in his own tribe (and, due to the nature of his profession, to some degree, in all tribes), nor to the birth of Sulari, Turbo's daughter. He wasn't even aware that Turbo had been taken away and sold into slavery until he went searching for him and found the awful truth.

He himself was taken shortly afterward, and sent to work in the mining colonies because of his strength and hardiness. He only worked for three years or so before escaping in a violent takeover and insurrection that rocked the entire planet. It was in this encounter that he realised not only how strong he was compared to his captors, but also, that he had an incredible capacity for applied destruction and a mixture of total lack of remorse for the deaths or injuries of the slavemasters and traders, and compassion for those who had worked and died alongside him.

With the knowledge of this he began planet-skipping, searching out clues for the location of Turbo, and freeing the Saranj and other races wherever he found them, often taking contracts for the dispatch of evil or malicious people as a way of paying for his weapons, fuel, and food sources.

Upon finding the travesty that had occurred to his planet, every Saranj there completely consumed by the arrival of the Black Arms, he shifted his attentions to the protection and survival of the remnants of their race (ironically, in their slavery, they assured their continued survival). Regardless of whether there were contracts out, he began to target slave-traders and owners, freeing and taking the Saranj with him and establishing a halfway point planet for them to live and settle until they could retake their planet.

Over the years, he racked up a considerable amount of weaponry of different varieties and rarities, and has installed various modifications on his skiff to make his job easier. Recently, he has landed on the strange planet that the natives call Mobius...

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  • He was a shaman, guys. >O