A-Techna Stats

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Technophilic, cybernetically enhanced secret cult.





Current Leader

Unknown, believed to be led by a Council

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Ranking System:

Administration or High Level

  • Principa - (Plural Principae) There are 3 of these existing, and they rule the entire Albion Technocracy
  • Praefecti Magitorio - There are maybe 20 of these existing
  • Praefecti Ministri - There are about 100 of these existing in records, but the rank has sort of disappeared
  • Praefecti Vizardi - These ranks were used in addition to a specialist group, if a soldier had a special concentration on magitek
  • Palatini Auxilia - A higher ranking commander of a specialized regiment, usually with an emphasis on some sort of specialty or on magitek
  • Auxilia - Commander of a specialized regiment
  • Comitatus - Commander of a regiment of 50 Knights, Leves Armatures, or Velites
  • Limitarii - Commander of a regiment of 50 Squaieres or Gauntlets


  • Sagittarii - Foot Archers, or long-distance mages, concentrated and selective usage of power
  • Cataphractarii - Heavily armoured, one-man-armies, capable of taking out hundreds on their own, considered the 'Shockers' in the military, breaking enemy lines by concentrating on a section of it
  • Ballistarii - Similar to Cataphractarii, they are generally air-dropped, and could well be considered the 'Heavy'; unlike Cataphractarii, they prefer to use firepower over swordsmanship
  • Exculcatore - Trackers
  • Praeventore - Inceptors
  • Exploratore - Scouts
  • Mauri - Bait
  • Expediti - The swiftest of warriors
  • Candidati - A Scholae who has returned to duty, this title is tacked at the start of their original or new title
  • Scholae - A scholar-warrior, with emphasis on the education and arts, or a warrior who has left his duties in favour of pursuing these studies, with approval of the Principae
  • Barbari - An esteemed warrior who is neither a technomage, nor a part of the A-Techna

Soldier (Called Cohorts)

  • Pilus - A highly ranked 'Soldier'
  • Paladini - A higher ranking of Knight
  • Velite - A low-armoured Knight
  • Leves Armaturae - A low-weaponed Knight
  • Knight - (one of the recent, 'Anglicized' versions of the term)
  • Gauntlet - A well-trained but youthful soldier
  • Squaiere - (a very messed up spelling of 'Squire')


The Albion Technocracy was formed before the Purge, an event where the frightened peasants attempted to drive out the more technologically advanced, particularly those with shocking new ideas, even if they could improve the quality of life, and those who were born with a mystic and unnatural control over such mechanical contrivances. While the A-Techna was open and peaceful, it was forced underground during and in the aftermath of the Purge, taking those who were referred to as technomages or magiteks, but also enforcing rigorous examination and testing to ensure that no spies or fakers were present.

In time, though only a whisper in the underground circles, the A-Techna had built itself into a large and prestigious organization, boasting an excess of 500 families. "Inbreeding" between these families was common, to preserve the traits that would pronounce a child a technomage.


The Albion Technocracy first existed as a place for technomages to come and live peacefully, to learn and practice their crafts, and raise their families without threat of extermination. Over time, however, it was corrupted by more ambitious leaders, who built up a military ranking, and set on a course to take control of Albion.

These leaders, who were known as Technokrats, strove to be the ruination of all that was not of them. It was nearly the destruction of the Albion Technocracy itself. Since its near fatal collapse, it has been a long time that the society has taken to pull itself back together and staunch the wounds, rebuilding families and facilities.

Militarily, the Albion Technocracy exists in an underground form, similar to a terrorist organization, inspiring fear, and taking control by the roots, slowly and insidiously. In more legal forms, however, it was responsible for some of the heights of technological progress that Albion ever saw, in its heyday, both by power, and by the great minds that came out of their training. The A-Techna also continues to exist as a haven for the technomages that reside there.


Soon to Come


  • Casimyr
  • Sasha


  • Chalice Heart - The Albion Technocracy once had a flourishing relationship with the Chalice, and were one of the few that knew exactly what it was. However, some sort of schism severed ties with the Chalice, and currently, the two are firm enemies, set against each other in all accords.